Research Methods


Dr. Almeida has helped over a dozen students to complete their graduate degrees in his career. Almeida has served as a research methods professor at all levels and have chaired thesis and dissertations in multiple schools ranging from teaching institutions to research universities. He has experience conceptualizing research studies in any tradition (Cresswell, 2001), assisting students with identifying gaps in the literature, technical writing edits, with producing robust literature reviews, with triangulating data, statistics, protocol design and development, IRB assistance, and more.


He works one on one with students in a wide variety of of roles. Possessing a PhD from Penn State University, Dr. “A” can help you to better understand research methods and complete your graduate degree with ease.  If you are interested in completing a phenomenological doctoral dissertation, Dr. “A” can help you to complete your study step by step using his book, “Writing the Phenomenological Doctoral Dissertations Step-by-Step.” He also has experience in conceptualizing studies, conducting experiments, constructing instruments and calculating reliability and validity in quantitative research studies. Dr. “A” fully understands the mechanics of research along with its processes and procedures.

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Dr. Almeida has also published a number of books in his career, ranging from instructional books to biographical and essay based publications. He is currently working on another book and plans to announce its delivery in the near future. The book will be a collection of commentary articles along with empirical data in order to test a model of human behavior.




Dr. Almeida has also published empirically based research studies including “The Impact of Computerized Devices on College Students Behavior,” “Designing a media literacy college course: an auto-ethnography,” “The effect of an educational game in the achievement of factual knowledge,” among many others. He is versed with study construction, research procedures, data analysis and interpretation, measurement, as well as how to control for threats to the external validity of your study. Dr. “A” has practical academic application of phenomenological research studies, ethnography, experiments, and survey research studies.  He isn’t a statistician but know how to use statistics for social science research. He is versed in interview protocols and observations. He is versed in focus group research, as well.

screen Are you struggling with completing your thesis or doctoral dissertation? Do you need assistance with conducting graduate research projects? Give Dr “A” a buzz. He can help. If you are a graduate student wanting to take a course in research methods, come join us at Lee University! Maybe, you could take Dr. A’s class in research methods yourself. We would be glad to have you.