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I am a scholar of communication and education technologies investigating the effects of modern computer technologies for the effects of different educational objectives, highly experimental in design quantitative in nature, usually from using video games as either an independent variable or research context. 


 In my career, I have published articles relating to communication technologies in the British Journal of Education Technology, Tech Trends, Journal of Communications Media, among many other media journals including the the DiGRA Japan journal. 


 Some of the conferences that I have presented concurrent sessions in include: MEDCOM, The American Education Research Association, Association for Education Communications and Technology, The Original, Lilly Conference on College Teaching, and the National Holmes Scholars Conference. 

I’m now experiencing a second academic renaissance which for many years have been a bit formant due to my personal development in media production with focus on competing in international awards and my quest to lead academic units. 

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Claflin University Hosting Dr. Watts on Campus, Center for Community News Director at the University ofg Vermont. I obtainted a small grant ($6000) for Claflin and received the Faculty Champions Award recognition for working in local news.

White Papers

In my career, I wrote a white paper that was accepted and listed as a publication by Omicron Delta Kappa. The white paper is titled, “Advice to Parents on Limiting and Monitoring Child Internet Access: Implications for Human Trafficking” In order to access the document, please click at the pages below. 

Sample Books

In my career, I have authored five books that have been published by a national publisher with Pearson and independently (i.e., CEO of Break Free Publishing) that have been reviewed and appreciated in regard to following subjects: (1) Landscape photography from an immigrant’s perspective, (2) How to write qualitative researching dissertations, (3) Scriptwriting, (4) Education technology for teacher training, (5) Technomoderation. Furthermore, I contributed to the Handbook of Latino Education in America — the leading publication for Latino Education in the United States. Please find below two sample books I’ve written. 

Photo of Dr. A's Step-by-Step Book On Research

Video Game Research

Even though I have spent 14 years working in institutions of higher learning where I had to teach a minimum of four classes a semester, I managed to have a research agenda which led me to have published a number of peer review academic articles in my career, a number of them relating to the area of video game research as it pertains to different educational objectives. Below are examples of an educational game I created, a grant that I acquired to test animations in teacher training, and an immersive game to teach students how to be acquainted with college life.      

Latest Conference Presentations

I have delivered local, regional, state, national and international peer-reviewed concurrent conference presentations. All of them have been related to technology, education or both. Below you will find sample keynotes I have given in my career, ranging from a local conference in Cleveland Tennessee to the big city of Colombo in Sri Lanka… To the Digital Citizenship summit in California and the nation cities that host the Association for Education Communications and Technology (AECT) Conference. 

Photo of Dr. A Being Featured In The Digital Media Summit
This photo was take at the AECT Convention, the leading research conference for Communication Educators worldwide. In this photo, we have a number of heavy weight scholars including Charles Reigeluth, the author of many influential books in the field of Education technology and Dave Perkins from then Boise State in Idaho. Also in the photo there is me, Charlie's daughterm and a school superintendent.

Sample Research Articles & Awards

Research Article 1 User Design: An Enabling Method of Video Game Making — READ 

Research Article 2: The Effect of a Computer Game For The Achievement of Knowledge Acquisition — READ

Research Article 3: The Effect of an Educational Computer Game for Achievement of Factual and Simple Conceptual Knowledge acquisition — READ

Research Article 4: Empowering gifted students to learn through game design — READ

Research Article 5:  The Effects of Games Between Gender for the Acquisition of Factual Knowledge — READ

Research Article 6: An investigation of social media strategies and authenticity as they relate to engagement rate increase — READ

Research Article 7: The effects of audio narration and feedback used in a video game environment for the acquisition of conceptual knowledge — READ

Research Article 8: User-Design: An Enabling Method of Video ?Game Making — READ 

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