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Schools Taught:

Penn State University 

Waynesburg University

Indiana University of PA

Jackson State University 

Lee University 

Talladega College

University of Dayton

Claflin University 

The Professor

I, Dr. A, have been teaching college courses in Mass Communications for 15 years, ranging from classes in photojournalism, to media writing, social media applications, video production and website design to name just a few. As a proponent of the learning by doing philosophy as well as learning with technological simulations in conceptual courses, rarely through route learning, my classes are highly innovative.  Advising is central to my philosophy of work as an educator. 

As a professor who believes in wearing a tie and serving as a role model in media to my students, I never ask them to do anything that I haven’t done it. I care and always will because to me at least, a professor is to assist his pupils with developing themselves as both professionals and human beings. Having a caring personality assists a lot with the former, I must add. 

Teaching Awards

To me, the biggest award that a professor can receive is to have the confidence of his or her students. I’m so grateful for having the privilege to work with a number of college students from a wide variety of backgrounds, especially African-Americans coming from low income (at risk) households. 

The award on the left is one of the two awards I received from PRNEWS for the work i did at Talladega College and Claflin University, both institutions being Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) this academic year 2021-2022. It is evidence that I take college teaching seriously especially in HBCU’s. 

 I received, also from PRNEWS, the 2022 Outstanding Educator of the year Honorable mention in a ceremony at the Ritz Carton in Pentagon City, Virginia in a closed gala. I was a runner up for the award… Still a big honor, in my opinion.  

Students are my priority and I take pride in guiding them to success in my field. My kids learn how to speak in front of the camera, how to write for the media, how to conceptualize and develop websites and take professional photographs for social campaigns, along with mastering strategic ways to produce micro and macro social media content at scale.   

I’m a creative media producer with personality who makes my students a priority.  

It was an absolute honor to be a faculty member at Claflin University, a top tier HBCU located in the outskits of Columbia, South Carolina. To be named Faculty member of the Year is a bonus to the already honor of being affiliated with the university. I pray that my tenure at this institution lasts a long time so that I can serve the institution for many years to come and create a much needed change in the Department og Mass Communciations at Claflin Unversity. Onward and upward. Claflin to the top, in every way especially in Mass Communications

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Expect Group Work In My Class

Development of Newsletters

Incorporating written posts, photography, advertisings, interactive QR codes and attached videos and more.

Video Productions

Video testimonials, live covering of events, social and digital media productions, TV packages, and one minute films.

Slideshow Photography

Lots of photojournalistic photographs, event photography, graphic design artifacts, web page design.

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