Student Testimonials

Dr. Almeida is a professor/trainer of the present who takes pride in training students to have the required skill-sets in order to make a living in the field of media and beyond. For almost a decade, Dr. “A” has been that caring and enthusiastic professor/trainer that students/clients celebrate and learn a lot from. The videos below are a small representation of Dr. A’s work with undergraduate and graduate students, along with clients.

It is no accident that Dr. Almeida has received two letters of tenure in his career as a college professor and has had almost one hundred written notes about his impact in his student’s lives throughout his career. This is what peoplearesaying and not being shy about it.


Dr. Almeida is a professor of the present who understands what students’ needs are and is proud to share that he take the necessary time to help and assist students when they need help the most whether is on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or face-to-face.


Student Received Job Offer Within a Month of Graduation.
Student Received A Job Offer Within Two Months of Graduation.
Another Student Placement Example

If students need direction, a letter of recommendation, or simply caring help… Dr. “A” is always there to help them. This has been the trend for four straight universities and will continue to be at Lee University. Students recognize his efforts and sometimes recommend him for awards, like the student athlete advisor’s award recently given at Jackson State University. Students aren’t shy to write appreciative and/or nice notes to him. Distance hasn’t been an obstacle in Dr. “A’s communication with students and vice-versa.


Student Currently Pursuing a PhD at the University of Pennsylvania.
Lead Designer
Top MBA Candidate

“Raise your hand if you like to learn practical work in a college class?” This was the question asked to this group of bright students during the Spring semester of 2016 photojournalism class. Dr. Almeida’s classes are very often practical in nature and prescriptive which results in students completing course work in his courses and having both college credit and the necessary practical media field knowledge students need.


Industry leaders have also shared opinions and support for Dr. A’s excellence in higher education, public speaking and community service. Ranging from being an involved Rotary Club Member (Secretary Emeritus) to a conscientious scholar, Dr. A decided to live a life of excellence in all parts of life.