About teaching

Dr. A is a college professor teaching students how to better communicate no matter the media but creating balance with technomoderation. He is actively involved in the learning of his students by engaging in active learning activities, by using simple lectures, games, teams and even flipping the classroom.

Keeping up with the market and what companies are really looking for drives his classroom experience so that students may have an edge up and stand out for potential employers. His classrooms very rarely have a dull moment with incorporated guest speakers, videos and his biggest asset, his charisma. Dr. A is the Students’ Professor.

“Quite simply, you must be genuine generous with others.” Dr. A


Teaching Days Left

Dr. A teaches students 365 days a year.


Shaping your future

Dr. Luis Camillo Almeida has taught over 1500 students and have trained 35 different business owners in his career as a professor and trainer.  Dr. “A” is an educator of present who inspires students and clients to think critically about the need to disconnect and live a balanced life in the workplace. Dr. A’s knowledge of technology is vast which has helped him to train thousands of college students with understanding the importance of living a life of moderation in the 21st century.


He teaches students to better communicate inter culturally and to visually communicate messages through writing and photographs.

Media Tech

He teaches students to design and develop webpages and media artifacts that help them to get jobs in the real world.


He works with students to isolate research projects that are both relevant and on demand. He often conduct studies with students

These are a sample of classes taught by Dr. A throughout his career


  • Communications Media in American Society, Undergraduate Course, COMM 101
  • Web Design, Undergraduate Course, COMM 270
  • Introduction to Photography, Undergraduate Course, COMM 271
  • Communication Research Methods, Undergraduate Course COMM 300
  • Short Document Design, Undergraduate Course, COM 308
  • Intercultural Communication, Undergraduate Course COMM 354
  • Innovation and Social Media, Undergraduate Course, DIGM 365
  • Multimedia I: Theory and Practice, Undergraduate Course, COM 319
  • Digital Media Seminar, Undergraduate Course, COM 495


  • Seminar in Communications Media, Graduate Course, MC 550
  • Independent Research Project, Graduate Course, MC 598
  • Thesis Writing, Graduate Course MC 599
  • Applied Qualitative Research Methods, Graduate course, INSYS 574
  • Instructional Design and Development, Graduate Course, COMM 600
  • Instructional Multimedia, Graduate Course, COMM 630
  • Storytelling Photography, PHD Course COMM 832
  • Instructional Media Solutions, PHD course, COMM 846

  • Culture of Cyberspace, PHD Course, COMM 900
  • Advanced Research Methods in Communications Media, PHD Course, COMM 910

It is my duty to shape and assist students to reach their full potential. I live by this philosophy. During my classes, I have been assisting students to grow intellectually and professionally. It has been a delightful experience for which I have been quite grateful.

The Tech Professor

Teaches via office hours

He is constantly speaking with students in his office and inspiring them to learn more.

Teaches remotely via dropbox

He collaborates with students and uses dropbox to revise documents, especially research papers. 

Teaches via txt

He teaches students much via txt, almost on a daily basis.

Teach via email

He answers emails on a daily basis. Much teaching is done via email.

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Advanced Social media
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Photo journalism
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Inter cultural Comm.


Most frequent questions and answers

Postmodern style, constructivist in nature. 

They are practical. Production classes tend to be polytechnic in nature.  

Many classes. Some of the classes he is teaching right now are — Innovations and social media, web design, intercultural communication, and research methods.  

Group work, role playing, scavenger hunts, group brainstorming.

Absolutely yes. He uses LMS technologies, pools, tutorials, video games, and more.  


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