People Who Are Legitimately Interested Will Make The First Move

People Who Are Legitimately Interested Will Make The First Move

Whenever a student is interested in learning, he/she takes the initiative to come to class early and raise his/her hand first. When colleges and universities are interested in an applicant for a job, they initiate the communication process and follow up first with a finalist. When an organization wants to hire a potential employee, the organization also makes the first move and keep the candidate aware of their intentions to hire him/her. Initiative means interest. Lack of initiative doesn’t.

I’m always a bit weary when people say they are interested in something but they don’t make an attempt to make the first move. In the back of my mind, I wonder — Are they really interested if they hesitate? Let me go even further. It worries me when I see, for example, students lacking initiative because lack thereof may mean something much more than just initiative.

When I’m interested in something, I take the initiative to make things happen. I make the first move to make an impact and show interest. we You should do the same.


Because by showing interest and stepping up first to make a stance is rare. In an abundant economy that is so cluttered with supply and output, taking the initiative is int itself a rare behavior. We cannot afford to be average anymore.

Taking the initiative and being first in something makes you an outlier by default. It ain’t a bad place to be, I must add. My recommendation: When in doubt, take the lead and initiate.




You Can Get Out Of The Hole If You Are Determined

Life Is A Transaction.

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No matter which industry you are in, Life is a transaction. The best way to position yourself well in your industry is by understanding your industry. In my industry, the traded commodity is knowledge. What is your transaction? What is your industry’s commodity? Go out there and get better at understanding your environment. You need to answer these questions! This is critical for your success. Remember to be gracious for the opportunity to engage in your quest! #positioning #gracious #personaldevelopment #polymathproftips #graciouslivinglifestyle #gratitude🙏 #understandinglife #understanding #lifequest #lifelessons #successtips #adviceoftheday #knowledgeispower #lifeskills

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Don’t be just strategizing. Do it!

Choose Happiness Over The Alternative

Sometimes breaking it will make it better


Let me shock some of you today: Sometimes, pain and suffering are good for you.

Wait! Don’t go crazy and damage your body before reading what I am going to write next. We need to be reasonable, OK?

Let me explain: Many times, people get better by experiencing a traumatic event such as getting trigger-point treatment in a massage session, by re-breaking a bone or burning out from the computer after years of engaging in bad behavior. Pain and suffering are necessary for things to get better in life. Don’t believe me? Go ask an economist if reducing interest rates is always the best course of action in an economic recession.

Let’s not forget how pain and suffering can help students. Without reading books and spending countless hours memorizing and applying knowledge gained, students won’t complete their college degrees, and guess what? They won’t build the necessary skill sets they must have in order to succeed in life.

When students go to a college or university, they aren’t only learning course content. The better ones understand that by pain and suffering, they are building resilience to face adversity in life, which is, in my opinion, worth $15,000 a year.

Most PhDs have to experience pain and suffering when pursuing their degrees in graduate school, when going through the process of tenure, and when writing a book or two in their careers.

When we use technology excessively, we get both positive and negative feelings. Back in 2011, I got a severe burnout from using tech devices nonstop. Although I got clinically sick from it, I’ve come to learn that experiencing pain and suffering from overusing computerized devices was actually good for me. It has helped me to wake up from this modern-day nightmare and create a research agenda addressing the danger of these tools in society.

Since then, I have spoken on the topic with over 22 million people, including you! Experiencing pain and suffering, as far as technology use is concerned, may be good for you.

Do you think that I don’t know? What I am writing right now isn’t popular, but I know that some of you agree with me. Why? Because what I am writing here is real. Read carefully: Failing to “keep things real” backfires. Remember, pain and suffering are part of life.

Do me a favor. Get a copy of this column and give it to your grandkids. They need to read this.

Many people have to break an old wound in order to make it heal better and stronger than before. It is no different when it comes to technology. People aren’t facing the pain and suffering that are required for them to stop using their smartphones excessively.

If we break a bone in our body and this bone doesn’t set correctly, many doctors would recommend re-breaking the bone in order to fix it. In the end, induced pain and suffering will be better for the person, as his leg won’t hurt as much anymore. Facing our addiction to technology head-on is a must if we are to live a good life. It will hurt less in the long run.

Very few people in our society want to face smartphone pain and suffering today. How can we fix our TechnoCrazy problem, then? We won’t, I bet.

From this standpoint, burning out from the computer doesn’t seem to be a bad idea. I know, and you know, as well. Not too many people will be able to deal with this idea that experiencing the pain and suffering of a burnout will be good for them in the long run. I understand. Yet, I bet this solution will be more beneficial to them than the alternative.

We all experience pain and suffering in life. In 2018, we need to realize this more than ever.

It is OK to experience some pain, suffering, or both, in order to gain control of your life over technology – or regain control.

A burnout is a small price to pay for regaining control of yourself. If we have to pay this price to regain our humanity, so be it.

——— (Column previously published in the Cleveland Daily Banner)

(About the writer: Dr. Luis C. Almeida is an associate professor of communication at Lee University and a TEDx speaker. He is the author of the book “Becoming a Brand: The Rise of Technomoderation,” and a devoted Christian. He can be reached via his website at

Understand First — Judge Second.

Understand First — Judge Second.


Blind judgements are overrated. Understanding is a necessity. A world without reason and goodwill will only result in chaos and misunderstandings. You don’t want to live life this way. The principle behind treating others well is quite simple. We need to understand people first and judge them second. Isn’t that simple? We can agree to disagree. In which ways? In this life, some say tomayto — others, they say tomahto. Do you say Eether or eyether. I say neether do you say nyther? The reality of the matter is that we are very different from each other often and that’s okay. The former is precisely what makes living on this earth so interesting and unpredictable. Despite our differences, we have many similarities.

Forcing beliefs on others is a dangerous practice because we all have our own unique set of experiences. The moment you try to force others to believe what you want them to believe, an eminent defeat is heading your way. Ideas and words can be used to convince people about a topic or a thing. Forcing anyone to see the world the way you do without taking the time to better understanding their circumstances will backfire. Be careful with assuming things about others without really knowing what they know or their circumstances. Preconceived judgements just makes you less noble and more difficult to get along with in the long run. You need to look at life for what life is. Trying to live a life of fantasy or a make believe one will only hurt you in the long run. Be very careful when misjudging anyone who can really help you to better understand yourself.

Listen carefully: Nobody is perfect in this life, not even you or me. Only God is perfect. Don’t forget this: God is paying attention.  Are you giving yourself a chance to be helped by God by being reasonable with others? I am. I hope you are, as well. You can’t always get what you want. That is just a fact. Complaining and blaming others for your misfortunes and lack of luck will not change the fact that we need to work with others in order to operate with distinction. We need to keep trying and believing and avoid judging too quickly. Act that way, if you please.

Be extremely careful to not lose the good people around you because of pride. If someone is helping you out, you have to be careful not to mock them or make them angry — or make left hand judgements directly or indirectly. What am I trying to say to you is that you can’t keep having fun forever without control, judge and think that life will run like a disorganized mess forever. Eventually the fun will stop and reality will be made transparent. Remember: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Never forget that.

Rather than passing judgements, make an effort to understand. Don’t be mean, ever. Be a happy camper and celebrate. Understand first, judge last… don’t judge if you can. Honesty is the best policy. There is no reason to lie. You can gain the world with a happy smile. As the proverb says, “There is no time like the present.” Do it now! Don’t wait until tomorrow to do good and to be understanding. Strive to be a better person now. Learn how to value others as much as you value yourself. In the end, we are all in this boat together trying to make solid societal sometimes educational contributions and glorifying God. We might look different but in our core, we are more similar than dissimilar.  We are all part of one race — the human race.

Why judge? Be sure to understand first. This is my motto.

Don’t Be Upset: Learn To Deal With Ambiguity.

Don’t Be Upset: Learn To Deal With Ambiguity.


Don’t be upset. Learn how to deal with ambiguity and celebrate the fact that you have a good life after all. Be positive! In this world, you will find in your path to success both uplifting and nagging individuals in which you are gonna have to learn from and live with. It is part of the life that God has planned for you. Somedays, people will make your life heaven; Other days, they will make your life a living hell. It is a rollercoaster. Don’t forget this, though. Stress, celebrations, non-sense frustrations and victories is all good and part of the game. Listen carefully: Most people are self-centered and could care less about your thoughts or feelings. You have to learn how to deal with them and move on. Your days will be many if you choose to live a nonchalant and happy life journey.

Let me tell you something this Sunday before I go to church. It is literally impossible to control people’s mindsets and values or the decisions they want to make in all levels of society. Do your work with distinction and dream big. Be the very best you can be regardless of what might come after you. Believe God and pray often. Dream big then dream bigger. What do you have to lose in order to think big anyways, right? Nothing. Live your life to the maximum without regrets. Smile often, play with your kid, enjoy your wife and have daily chats with your close friends. God is in control.

Don’t let others poison your thoughts by making you believe that this life sucks or that this world is mostly composed of misery and negativity. Remember: God is in control and things happen for a reason. In the book Experiencing God, Blackaby talks about the importance of living a life that God wants you to live and that God should be the center of your life not you. What a great advice that we all should follow verbatim. Life isn’t about you or me. Life is about glorifying God.

So far in my blog, you have read a large number of articles dealing with a wide variety of topics ranging from technology to workforce tips, discussions and reflections. Of course that my posts aren’t necessarily directed at anyone specifically but as a general rule of what I’ve seen in my life both in the places I’ve worked for and in society. This, folks, is what makes me happy. Self reflection and daily chats about workforce topics, along with critical discussions about technology is what I like. What do you like? Don’t be closed minded. Instead, be open minded. Don’t Be Upset: Learn to deal with ambiguity. Life may not be what you think it is.

Smile. Write a book maybe two. You only live life once anyways. Do what you like.

Either you stand for something or you don’t stand for anything.  

Either you stand for something or you don’t stand for anything.  


Either you stand for something or you don’t stand for anything. If blue makes you happy, don’t tell others that you love red, with reason of course. You might like blue cars and red roses and that’s okay. What isn’t okay is to publicly advance a democratic agenda and privately defend self interest or the interests and wishes of a few. It isn’t cool and only shows a lack of integrity on the part of the leader. Strive to be different, kind, and helpful, loyal and have a stance. You have to believe and defend something if you are to form an army, create coalitions, build support or fight an enemy.  What are you core beliefs? Do you stand by them? You better.

We only live once. Our ability to influence meaningful outcomes depend on how we act and what we believe in. There isn’t honor in being so secretive and dry for political sake as such characteristics only result is discord and disappointments. Stick to what you believe and play the game right. Most politicians are so predictable and so easy to understand. They claim to be greater than the universe, bigger than mars yet truthful. In time, we find them to be less than mediocre, small and fearful. Don’t believe me? Look at Trump.

In this life, there are many ways we can play the game right and stand for something, as Aristotle has once showed us. In this article, I will share with you three out of the many ways I play the game to win. Let’s maybe get started.

1. Make sure you know the rules of the game.  There is nothing more dangerous than taking a position on an important matter without knowing both the intended and unintended consequences. We all must play the game. We all must play by the rules and guidelines of the game. You are to know literally everything there is to know about a system in order to come up with a stance and stick to it. How can anybody craft a stance and live by it if they haven’t investigated the available choices? Maybe a few can craft their strategy and stand for something long term without knowing rules and regulations of a field. I just don’t know who they are. If you don’t know the game, you will dance, sooner or later.

2. Stick to your guns. If you believe that your position is right and you have data to back it up, don’t deviate from it even if you can predict backlashes at first. It is better to stick to your senses 9/10 times and deal with the consequences up front than prematurely adapting to a movable and unpredictable target. In the end, life is like Vegas, the house always wins. Aim straight and keep course. You might as well play by the odds and give yourself a chance of winning 90% of the time by sticking to your guns. If you think you can win every time, clearly you don’t know how to play the game. Just never forget that.

3. Play by the odds. As I just said, “Life is like Vegas, the house always wins.” You might as well play the game smart by understanding — sometimes calculating — your odds of success and qualifying your maneuverability in the game board. The secret, of course, is to match your critical assessment of position against the odds of success and standing firm to what you believe. I don’t recommend ignoring your chances of success for the sake of emotion. The former is, in fact, quite a myopic strategy which will only lead to disaster.

Either you stand for something or you don’t stand for anything. What are you doing to craft your stance?  Remember: We only live once. Our ability to influence meaningful outcomes depend on how we act and what we believe in. It is directly related to how we implement and spread our stance. Make sure you know the rules of the game, Stick to your guns, and play by the odds. Be who you are and have character. The former are two priceless commodities of adult life. That’s for sure.