Choosing To Be Succesful Is A Habit

Choosing To Be Succesful Is A Habit

Success is a habit. Like any other life habits, it is a process that involves hard work, perseverance, and will power. Success is what we should shoot for but before I elaborate on it, let’s define what success is.

Success isn’t money, status, or anything that superficial. Success is a habit! It is a way of being and thinking about the world. To me, success is being able to live a life that you want to live without having to compromise your values and beliefs for the selfish desires of others.

In this life, you will meet people who will put you down and degrade your accomplishments because of insecurities. It part of life. It comes with being successful. It’s the result of making success a habit and being able to live your dreams without compromising who you are.

I find no other way to live my life than to strive to be successful. We live in the empire of the world. In the United States, we pay a big price if we choose to be unsuccessful.

These are some of the side effects people feel by choosing to ignore success.

  1. They die earlier
  1. They live a more stressful life
  1. They grow cynical about the workforce

Just don’t. Choose success! Make the pursuit of success a life goal worth pursuing. Success is a habit! Success isn’t anything superficial like money or status. Success is a way of being worth pursuing. It is living your life without having to compromise your values and beliefs.


You Need A Mentor Even If You Have To Buy Him

You Need A Mentor Even If You Have To Buy Him

No matter where you were born or which language you speak, you need a mentor even if you need to buy him. A mentor, whether he is paid or not, help you in these unique ways.

  1. He tells you things you need to know, the way they are. We all must live In the moment and have others helping us to see our behaviors.
  2. He listen to what you have to say. Sometimes, you just have to speak your frustrations out.
  3. He is patient with you. In this life, you will make mistakes. Having a person who knows you is key to continuing growing. A mentor can help you with that.

Don’t underestimate the power of mentors. We need them in order to grow. Who is your mentor? Do you need to buy one? You just be prepared to be a extraordinary.

You Must Make Yourself Scarce And Therefore Rare

You Must Make Yourself Scarce And Therefore Rare

In the age when the abnormal is the new norm, you have to be rare in whatever you do. You must be the only option, the only alternative, the only one, the only thing, really.

Quite simply you must be:

– The guy who chooses to create.

– The guy who skateboards when nobody does

– The guy who take risks when everybody is afraid

– The guy who is genuine generous with others

– The guy who disconnects when others don’t.

– The guy who wants to make change.

If you have to create your own category of “other,” to be able to accomplish the former, do it. It’s okay to position yourself three standard deviations from the mean. Be different.

We celebrate the new. Go out there and create! We are hungry for it…

Choose Off-Line Communication

Choose Off-Line Communication

I would rather converse with people off-line rather than online. Why? Because when we make the decision to speak with others face-to-face, we tell relational stories and engage in meaningful conversations together both verbally and non-verbally.

This is John, a student in my social media class. He understands the value of a great chat which I find it awesome. Good for him! I suspect that he will live a long life with this mentality. We all must communicate with others in order to live in community.

Engaging in interpersonal communication is a necessity. It is good for the soul to speak and listen to what others have to say. I most definitely do and you should, as well.

In the tech age, to err is still human


I don’t know about you, but I am imperfect. This fellow here isn’t always right, has faults like anyone else, and is above all — human.

Have you heard the phrase, “To err is human.” I am that human.

Why am I saying this to you here in the Cleveland Daily Banner, a public outlet that is read by tens of thousands of readers? It is because I want you to know something. Machine thinking is so ingrained in us that even when a person makes a little tiny error, some are quick to point out, “Hey, you made a mistake!”

It’s much like when computer programmers misplace a semicolon in a system and get a syntax error.

Look, I get it. Not everybody points out other people’s faults or pitfalls out of jealously. Some do, but not all. The majority of people who can’t stand an incorrect comma on an essay or a person mispronouncing “let’s pray” in a public event probably say it out of pride and because of technology overuse. Some might actually be ignorant and socially inept, but they are a minority.

Read very carefully: We live in a technopoly. Machine thinking is a widespread phenomenon in America. The machine has, in a number of domains, achieved perfection.

Every time we use a calculator we get an exact and accurate response. We can now create a word cloud online perfectly based on word frequency. I play chess with a machine that knows the very best move among the many that are available.

No wonder people are so picky about making things so perfect. After all, this is how a computer behaves. We need to forgive them and help them to realize that only the Lord is perfect. We are imperfect.

Let me go a bit deeper about this topic. Let me see if I can convey a quite complex issue to you quickly using simple words. Here we go.

Since computerized devices are a human creation, it is only fair to assume that some machine functions will be performed in a very human way. I am not aware of a totally secure network out there. Even the most secure systems can be infiltrated by a back-door protocol. They have vulnerabilities! They are imperfect. No wonder. These systems were created by people.

Let’s not forget the fact that we created the machine, not the other way around. Of course, even computers have imperfections. Just because some people perceive the machine to be perfect doesn’t mean that machines are.

In 2018, there is a driving force to produce computerized systems that can think like humans, in order to replace us. Nobody is saying the upcoming American Fedora will be a perfect robot, though. Even in the realm of emerging technology, there is room for error and revision.

Don’t believe me? Have you installed an operating system patch lately? How about an update on your smartphone?

What we are experiencing right now is machine revenge. Since the machine is almost perfect in many areas, we are then asked to be like one and operate under similar standards of perfection.

How ironic, isn’t it? It is comical. Man created the machine and made microsystems work to perfection, like a calculator.  Man surrounded himself with machines. These machines made him more like one, yet he can’t be one. The perfect ideal isn’t attainable. What a tragedy, I must add.

Consequence: Some now judge the work of others based on an algorithm that is humanly unattainable. Are people going mad these days? I think people are going insane, actually.

Do this for me: Next time somebody comes and points out one of your many faults, tell them that life is imperfect — that you enjoy being imperfect because it makes you unique. I am boldly unique, but full of faults.

Dr. A is not God. He loves the Lord and believes that only through the blood of Jesus he will be clean from his imperfections.

To summarize, Dr. A believes that to err is human. What do you believe?

——— (Column published previously in the Cleveland Daily Banner)

(About the writer: Dr. Luis C. Almeida is an associate professor of communication at Lee University and a TEDx speaker. He is the author of the book “Becoming a Brand: The Rise of Technomoderation,” and a devoted Christian. He can be reached via his website at 

We Need To Survive The Transition


Let me break some news to you: We are approaching the fourth industrial revolution. Energy, transportation, health and communication will change drastically in the coming years.

Get ready!

The life of tomorrow won’t be anything like living how we live today in 2018. Our living systems are evolving at light speed. Isn’t it true that we now have alternative methods for generating energy, new ways of transporting ourselves, receiving health care and communicating? Open your eyes. The future of humanity is already here.

We are going to witness a boom in smart power, or the technology that is able to self-manage, in our lifetime. Don’t be surprised if you get a smart roof next time you change yours.

Some of the ways we have traditionally moved tangible products in the past is already changing. We are seeing a peak in the adoption of labor robots in companies like Amazon and Walmart, and a plethora of self-driven cars being introduced into the market. This trend won’t go away, by the way.

 Telemedicine will explode within a decade, I bet. The technology is already here. Our systems are robust enough to accommodate this obvious trend. Medicine is expensive! We need an alternative to the high costs of health care. Can technology help us with making care more affordable? Probably, but at what cost to the local economy?

 The way we are going to communicate with each other in the near future will make us laugh about how we used to communicate in the past. Do you remember the movie “Superman” back in the late 1970s? Many of the things we saw in that movie, such as holographic images, will be mundane for most, if not all, of us.

Get ready for the idea of wearing third-party mechanical parts in your body. People are going to need them in order to make a decent living in the future. Some are predicting that we are going to increase our economic growth in the years to come, probably because of wearable technologies. I don’t know about that.

Sure, technology in this instance is good because it may help us to make a better living. Would you be comfortable wearing an RFID chip in your arm? I’m not comfortable with that. How about you?

I am skeptical that human labor alone will be a big part of this boom in productivity. We may see an overall increase in our gross national product because of technology advancements, but in an age where the natural and the artificial are merging, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that companies will look for the superhuman employee or the perfect robot.

The employee of the future is going to perhaps be a merge of digital and biological.

Klaus Schwab, founder and chairman of the world economic forum, goes further to state, “The fourth revolution won’t change what we are doing. It changes us.” I concur.

We are living in a period of transition where the unknown will meet innovation. Don’t be anxious about what is about to happen tomorrow in regard to technology and employment in our society. Focus on today’s problems and trust that God will take care of you regardless of how much you may think that technology is taking over. Don’t lose focus on what is important. Everything in life is changing, including you. God is in control. You are not God.

 Change is imminent. Citizens of Cleveland, you will eventually be affected by the fourth industrial revolution and everything that is associated with it. Four of our most fundamental systems we have — energy, transportation, health and communication — will evolve.

You will be transformed in one way or another. You may become a hybrid of man and machine, for your own sake.

The machine is expanding its lead. We are becoming an obsolete commodity in this old world of ours. I am not sure if the future will be necessarily promising for us. It will certainly be a technological one.

 We live in a wild world.

——— (Column published previously in the Cleveland Daily Banner)

(About the writer: Dr. Luis C. Almeida is an associate professor of communication at Lee University and a TEDx speaker. He is the author of the book “Becoming a Brand: The Rise of Technomoderation,” and a devoted Christian. He can be reached via his website at

Music Pleases God.

Music Pleases God.


“He says, “I will declare your name to my brothers and sisters; in the assembly I will sing your praises.”

Brothers and sisters, we are to pray daily and sing hymns to the Lord. Only God saves! We must proclaim the good news of the gospel to others so that we can advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ. We are called to preach and sing “louvores” to God through music. God loves when we glorify Him. This is our duty brethren! God first — every time.

God bless, Luis.



Do No Evil…

Do No Evil…


“Now finally, all of you should be likeminded and sympathetic, should love believers, and be compassionate and humble, not paying back evil for evil or insult for insult but, on the contrary, giving a blessing since you were called for this, so that you can inherit a blessing” (1 Peter 3:8-9).  

Under any circumstances, do no evil. In this life, we must live a life for the Lord not for men. God is pretty clear about how He wants us to behave and live our lives. Acting evil in either words spoken or behaviors is to be forbidden. Don’t insult others — Be sympathetic, be compassionate, and humble, as Peter has taught us. In every opportunity, do what you can do make others feel good and above all, obey God’s law. The former is our task.

The world is full of injustice, mean spirited people and arrogant individuals who think they are wonderful. Be different today! Be a Christian! Be the salt of the world and by your actions… be a testimony of the love of Jesus Christ to the nations. We need to show others that only God saves and is merciful. Without God, we aren’t anything.

That God be glorified!

Advice: Stick With Your Talent

Advice: Stick With Your Talent

The Lord has given you a gift for a very good reason — to glorify Him with it. We all are good in something and brothers and sisters… we need to make sure that we stick with the talent (or talents) that God has given us. The actual gifts given by God to us are many. So the question is… What is your gift? Seek to find what you are good at and use it! Keep in mind though that the gift that you have received came from the creator of the universe. 

God be glorified, always. Be blessed, 🙂

Listen Carefully: The Lord Will Never Abandon You.

Listen Carefully: The Lord Will Never Abandon You.


“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you whenever you go” (Joshua 1:9).  

Tomorrow, I will officially starting my job at Lee University which in itself has been an answer to prayer. Our family isn’t in Cleveland, TN because of an academic promotion or anything financial. In fact, a lot of our friends questioned why our family decided to move to another institution in another state making less money and with me losing two university tenures… “Professor, did you lose your mind?”

Well, our family decided to handle the former with the following response, “We didn’t lose our mind, no. Our family literally lives life by faith.” We don’t own anything — The Lord does. God will provide… The Lord has called us to move to Lee University for a very good reason.

We are not afraid of our move and you shouldn’t be afraid to move to a new place when God calls you to move either. Life isn’t about living in fear. The purpose of life is to glorify God and to follow His commands. What we do is judged by others but I can assure you that God won’t leave you alone in your life journey. There is a reason for everything under the sun as we learn in Ecclesiastes 3.

The time is now not tomorrow. We are all terminal as my pastor once said. Time is running out to do the great things that the Lord has called you to do. Question: Are you doing what the Lord has called you to do? Don’t wait! It is time to serve and be with Him. God won’t abandon you.

He will be with you whenever you go! God’s blessings brothers and sisters. Only God is to be glorified. In His name we pray… Amen.

God And Possessions

God And Possessions


“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy,[a] your whole body will be full of light. 23 But if your eyes are unhealthy,[b] your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness! “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money” (Matthew 6:19-24). 

We must focus on the Lord or what we say in Brazil, “Nos temos que concentrar no Senhor.” Believers and unbelievers, God is wonderful and worth abdicating possessions for being close to God. We don’t need treasures. All we need in God on our side! Either we glorify God or we make money our God or shall we say… Idol.  Don’t love your possessions. Instead, choose to love the God of the universe.


The Importance of Good Works.

The Importance of Good Works.


“Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to obey, to be ready for every good work, to slander no one, to avoid fighting, and to be kind, always showing gentleness to all people. For we too were once foolish, disobedient, deceived, captives of various passions and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, detesting one another” (Timothy 3:1-3).

We Christians understand the importance of following orders and to do good much in the same way that we understand how to lead many times and how to do better things when God calls us to the task. There is no wisdom in fighting with others for nothing or to slander anyone. A believer must be gentle to his neighbor even if that person doesn’t like him. The former isn’s to say that we (Christians) need to always accept what others have to say or accept how they behave towards us but in our core… we should be gentle with others and be understanding.

There are too many people out there who live life to be malicious, envious and hateful towards others. We need to pray to God so that they can see the light. It is our duty yesterday, today and tomorrow. Being with God is a gift.

God bless.

Words of a Godly Man, Age 92: The Problem Of Self Denial.

Words of a Godly Man, Age 92: The Problem Of Self Denial.

“Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life[a]will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?” (Matthew 16:24-26). 

Only God knows the right way. We just have to follow… Life isn’t about us — Life is about God in Jesus Christ.

Don’t Be Afraid: God is In Control.

Don’t Be Afraid: God is In Control.


“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7.  Our goal in life is to follow God’s instruction and live in Him who grants us all the power, love and a mind to glorify Him and live the good life. Don’t be afraid! Rejoice, instead because the Lord is good.

They Say, “Minimize your Weaknesses…” I say, “Wrong! Maximize your strengths!”

They Say, “Minimize your Weaknesses…” I say, “Wrong! Maximize your strengths!”
“Now about the gifts of the Spirit, brothers and sisters, I do not want you to be uninformed. You know that when you were pagans, somehow or other you were influenced and led astray to mute idols. Therefore I want you to know that no one who is speaking by the Spirit of God says, “Jesus be cursed,” and no one can say, “Jesus is Lord,” except by the Holy Spirit. There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work.  Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. To one there is given through the Spirit a message of wisdom, to another a message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, to another miraculous powers, to another prophecy, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues, and to still another the interpretation of tongues. All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he distributes them to each one, just as he determines” (1 Corinthians 12:1-11). 

…They say, “Minimize your weaknesses…” I say, “Wrong! Maximize your strengths!” We all have weaknesses and strengths. Some of us are great communicators with a high degree of energy but possess a low tolerance for inefficiencies. Others are excellent in the art of managing people but are too rigid when treating others. A few are geniuses in the science of making money but sometimes can be heartless. Your goal is to get better at what you do best, not to bring your weaknesses from a D to a C grade. You won’t be a perfect employee because perfection is only achieved by God. Since you (and I) aren’t God, we can’t be perfect. You might as well be known for what you do best. Makes sense?

By the way, you can be outstanding in what you do, have weaknesses, and still have a successful career in 2017 — Celebrate! As long as you focus on your strengths not your weaknesses. Let me make something very clear for you. In the professional world, excellence is expected and required for maintaining long-term employment. There is no room for mediocrity. Attempting to minimize your weakness at the expense of shaping your biggest talents is a deadly strategic error as “B” and “C” employees are often the first ones to go, if ceteris paribus of course.

So, the million dollar questions then are — what is your biggest strength? What are you great at? Or better yet… what do others tell you you are great at? Finding the answers to these former questions can make or break your career. Salaries and positions come and go but your ability to perform at your very best stands and transcends organizations. You need to know the answers to these former questions. In my career, I have helped over 800 students to answer these former questions which is why they have gotten tremendous job offers after graduation ranging from being a media producer at the Chicago Bears to a leader at Lockheed Martin.

Let me be redundant but caring. Chances are high that others (not yourself) will find what you are truly great at. Listen carefully: Don’t dismiss what others say about you especially if they approach you with a caring voice. Their assessments are often right on. Put your pride to the side, humble yourself and do what needs to be done to be spectacular.

If your talent is public speaking, learn more about your craft, practice and practice more. Are you a great accountant? Innovate! Do what most accountants can’t do to near perfection quality. Is your talent computer science? My question for you is, “What are you doing to make your coding talent better everyday?” Combine your strengths with God’s will and you hit a home run!

Don’t be satisfied with being mediocre, as a former professor of mine used to tell us back when I was an undergraduate student, it’s how you act, react, do your work and interact with others. I say, “maximize your strengths!” You can do it.

Are you A Great Leader?

Are you A Great Leader?


Leadership is action not position. You can be a great “leader” simply by acting like one. Great leaders don’t “need” titles, a big salary, a secretary, or a bunch of groupies following them around in order to do what leaders do best — to lead and solve problems. A great leader understands that actions speak much louder than any given title especially when the topic is influence. They also understand that compensation is a consequence of great and consistent work done overtime not as a result of having the title, “Director of Operations” necessarily. When given administrative support, great leaders never delegate tasks that they can’t complete themselves because asking someone to complete their own work is evidence of their own hidden incompetence. Great leaders are also aware that groupies tend to be more interested in advancing their own agendas at someone else’s expense than to truly listen to what a great leader has to say. Therefore, great leaders don’t always cater to groupies’ self-centered tactics of self-advancement due to their known and predictable behavioral nature. Before I go any further, let me summarize what I just told you so that you never forget…

Just because an individual is placed in a position of leadership doesn’t automatically turn him into a “great leader”. Authority is part of leadership but leadership that works isn’t always authoritative.

By the way, just because some leaders are given the authority to make decisions over a person or a team of people don’t mean that they have the “right” to scream at or belittle them. A great leader doesn’t need to scream at others in order to have his voice heard. The moment that an authoritative figure starts screaming at you and your peers, or make you feel small, its time for you to start looking for another opportunity. There is nothing worse than working in a toxic working environment long-term. It ain’t worth it, trust me.

I am not saying that a leader shouldn’t have a distinctive job title, be well compensated or lack administrative support. I am not saying that a leader shouldn’t have people interested in following in his footsteps during his tenure at a particular position, either. Leaders can (and often deserve) having such benefits. However, one of the main jobs of a great leader is to hire and retain talent. Without talent, the leader is dead… or shall we say, “Alone.” Great leaders need to be very careful to not abuse their own “benefits.”

Again: The job of a great leader is, among many things, to hire and retain talent. If a leader acts like a follower or is too self-centered, then they won’t be able to retain talent overtime. The former is, de facto, evidence of leadership incompetence.

You might be asking, “How do you act like a great leader?” Let me share with you a few tips on how to act like one.

1) Be a man (or woman) of integrity: If you say that you are going to do something, do it.. It is plain and simple. DO NOT gossip about anyone. If a work relationship isn’t working, don’t pretend that it is. Always tell the truth.

2) Be loyal to your company’s brand: As long as your company is writing you a paycheck every month, be loyal to them. Here are my ways to show loyalty to the universities I’ve worked for: First, I share posts on social media about their events, accomplishments, recruiting efforts… for thousands of people to see. It shows them that I care about them — which I do. Second, I immediately buy a school’s t-shirt, take photos with it, and make sure that my colleagues, family and friends see me wearing the t-shirt in public and in social media. Lastly, be yourself and be creative. You only live once so you might as well have fun in the process and do what you like.

3) Do the work yourself with the assistance of others: The moment that you need others to do your work, its time for you to retire or look for another career. Great leaders work very hard and often work alone with the input of others in order to complete challenging tasks. If your plan is to be a great leader, do the former.

4) Don’t be afraid to listen to the ideas of others: It is impossible to do everything as a leader no matter where you work at. Listen to your team, put your ego aside and make well thought decisions taking into account the opinion of others. The former builds trust and leadership klout. You are going to need both in order to be a great leader.

5) Trash the idea that title and popularity equals leadership. Just because a person is given the title of a Manager, Director, VP, or Trustee doesn’t mean that they are a leader per se. The same can be said about folks who are well know in their communities… Popularity isn’t synonymous with leadership. Although a great leader knows how to communicate with constituents, and can be charismatic, he knows that popularity by itself won’t make anyone into a great leader. In fact, pretending that popularity and charisma equals great leadership can be quite destructive overtime. Jim Collins, in his best selling book, “From Good to Great” talks about the former in great detail. I recommend you to start reading his book today, if you can. It is a great resource to have without a doubt.. if your goal is to be a great leader.

Leadership is action not position. You can be a quite influential “leader” simply by acting like one. Leaders don’t “need” titles, a big salary, a secretary, or a bunch of groupies following them around in order to do what leaders should do best — to lead and solve problems. A true leader understands that actions speak much louder than any given title especially when dealing with influence. In this article, we spoke a bit about great leadership. Hope that the content written in this article was useful to you. What is great leadership to you?

Carpe Diem — Live Your Lives Extraordinary.

Carpe Diem — Live Your Lives Extraordinary.


“The righteous, the wise, and their works are in God’s hands. People don’t know whether to expect love or hate. Everything lies ahead of them; everything is the same for everyone” (Ecclesiastes 9:1); “…for the one who takes the oath and for the one who fears an oath” (Ecclesiastes 9:2).  

Enjoy your life and do wonderful things in this world even though you (and I) will die one day. Just remember that “the heart of the people is filled with the desire to commit crime” (Ecclesiastes 8:1). Maneuver yourself away from them and keep the faith in Jesus Christ. Be good and do good in God’s eyes because it is good. Smile, give and receive hugs, laugh, eat and enjoy your family and friends — Work hard! As it is written, “There is nothing better for man than to eat, drink, and enjoy his work” (Ecclesiastes 2:24). This life is temporary. Our biggest reward is in heaven. Carpe Diem — Live your lives extraordinary.

Never forget that, brothers and sisters. God is in control.

Sermo In Monte — The Beatitudes…

Sermo In Monte — The Beatitudes…


The Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-11). 

He said:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn,
    for they will be comforted.
Blessed are the meek,
    for they will inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
    for they will be filled.
Blessed are the merciful,
    for they will be shown mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart,
    for they will see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they will be called children of God.
10 Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

11 “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

If you are getting persecuted because of Jesus Christ, rejoice as it has been written that you and me would be persecuted. The former isn’t to say that we should accept being punished for persecution. It is more than okay to fight back and defend what you believe in. In ceteris paribus… we are to be peacemakers.

Blessed are the pure of heart because they will see God. Let’s be hunger and thirst for righteousness… 

Don’t Be Surprised To See Oppression In This World.

Don’t Be Surprised To See Oppression In This World.


“If you see oppression of the poor and persecution of justice and righteousness in the province, don’t be astonished at the situation because one official protects another official and higher officials protect them. The profit from the land is taken by all” (Ecclesiastics 5:9).

We won’t fix poverty and the many injustices that we witness under the sun. Those in power will protect themselves at the expense of the oppressed, you and me. Don’t forget that this world is evil and that things come and go. Only our God isn’t evil and is loyal, consistent and secure. Remember: “The one who loves money is never satisfied with money and whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with wealth” (Ecclesiastics 5:10). You will see people increasing in wealth at the expense of others and very little if nothing shall be done about it. All of the former is short-lived and quick passing.

We are to focus on glorifying the Lord and enjoying what he has given us to enjoy. Never forget, “All come from dust and all return to dust” (Ecclesiastics 3:20); “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?” (Matthew 16:26).   

There Is No Room For Egoism In A Christian’s Life.

There Is No Room For Egoism In A Christian’s Life.


Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else” (Galatians 6:4); “But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble” (James 4:6); “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up” (James 4:10).

There is no room for egoism in a christian’s life. A true Christian doesn’t spend his or her journey comparing themselves to others or worse — putting themselves ahead of others. We put others ahead of us. Listen carefully: Flee from egoism and embrace a humble and godly life of service and humility. Whenever possible, help kids to laugh so that they have fun, even if you have to sacrifice your weekend for their benefit. God blesses those who help others and put others ahead of themselves. 

We are to glorify God al the days of our lives. One of the ways we can glorify Him is by being a man or woman of service.


Listening Before Speaking.

Listening Before Speaking.

“To answer before listening — that is folly and shame” (Proverbs 18:13).” 

We are to listen first then answer after. This is what God teaches us. Fellow brothers and sisters, before making any assumptions about anyone or anything, make sure that you listen and listen carefully. The good God teaches us to do just that and goes one step further to say that if the brethren answer before listening… it is a shameful and a folly act. So, before answering before listening to a friend, family member or co-worker, remember Proverbs 18:13.

God be with us. In His name…



Silence Is Golden.

Silence Is Golden.


“A fool does not delight in understanding but only wants to show off his opinions” (Proverbs 18:2). Be cautious to always want to be heard and share your opinions at the expense of others. God clearly advised us about the dangers of foolishness. There is no room for selfishness and non-sense behavior in the live of a devoted Christian leader.

Excessive speech isn’t appropriate and should be avoided whenever possible, as the bible teaches us. “The intelligent man retrains his words,” as stated in Proverbs 17:27. We have learned in Ecclesiastics 3 that there is a time for everything… “A time to be silent and a time to speak” (Ecclesiastics 3:7). Clearly, the one who is constantly speaking lacks understanding and isn’t following God’s advise found in the book of proverbs.

Brethren, let’s be different and make God the center of your lives. Keep some of your opinions to yourself. It is worth your time.   

Children Are A Heritage From The Lord.

Children Are A Heritage From The Lord.


Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court” (Psalm 127:3-5); “Then Esau looked up and saw the women and children. “Who are these with you?” he asked. Jacob answered, “They are the children God has graciously given your servant” (Genesis 33-5); “Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger” (Psalm 8:2). 

Children are a heritage from the Lord. It is good to have children, people. If you are married thinking about having a kid, pray about it. If you believe that God wants you to have a kid, don’t delay the call. Having your own kid is a joy that can’t be described unless you have and/or raise your own. God is pretty clear about the benefits of having kids. We are to focus on them:  “a stronghold against your enemies,” “silence the foe and the avenger.” There will be challenges, too many of them but it is worth it. In the end, a child makes you quickly realize that life isn’t about you — that life is about others. What an important lesson for all of us to learn. Parenthood is a gift from God, that’s for sure.

If You See Danger Coming Your Way… Take Cover!

If You See Danger Coming Your Way… Take Cover!

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 9.21.56 PM

“A sensible person sees danger and takes cover, but the inexperienced keep going and are punished” (Proverbs 22:3). Remember this and never forget brethren — If you see danger coming your way, the very best thing to do is to protect yourself. Don’t wait or try to remediate a dangerous situation because chances are pretty high that things won’t work out the way you planned. In my life, I have seen too much evidence that supports the former.

If you are going to protect yourself by finding a hiding place below a dining table at your house, by leaving your place of employment due to a bad situation, or simply by avoiding and isolating an evil person, it doesn’t matter as long as action is taken. Too many Christian brothers and sisters pay a high price for being naive and thinking that things will change overtime when danger heads their way. The eminent effects of danger often proves them otherwise overtime. If danger is heading your way, pray that God takes you out of that dangerous situation. “A sensible person sees danger and takes cover, but the inexperienced keep going and are punished” (Proverbs 22:3).

Ecclesiastics 3 teaches us that there is a time for everything. Sometimes, there is a time to uproot and a time for refrain… or a time from embracing or give up. If something appears to be, it often is — don’t forget that.

A Time for Everything

There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:

    a time to be born and a time to die,
    a time to plant and a time to uproot,
    a time to kill and a time to heal,
    a time to tear down and a time to build,
    a time to weep and a time to laugh,
    a time to mourn and a time to dance,
    a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
    a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
    a time to search and a time to give up,
    a time to keep and a time to throw away,
    a time to tear and a time to mend,
    a time to be silent and a time to speak,
    a time to love and a time to hate,
    a time for war and a time for peace.

Remember: “There is a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing.” Don’t embrace anything that puts you in danger. If silence helps you to get away from danger, do it. Always, in prayer, we shall live. Glory be to God. 

Media Addiction Isn’t A Kid Thing Anymore.

Media Addiction Isn’t A Kid Thing Anymore.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 9.21.56 PM

“For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world” (1 John 2:16); “It teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age” (Titus 2:12); “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak” (Matthew 26:41). 

Do not be tempted to live life according to the world. We are to live life according to the Lord. Say no to addiction, temptations of the flesh, e.g., drinking, smoking, lust, the love of money, and other vanities that won’t help you to see the light. Not everything that feels good or right is in fact good for you in God’s eyes. We need to life a moral life that puts God first and we second.

The case of technology addiction or what I like to call… “Technological Conditioning” these days is a serious issue that isn’t a kid thing anymore. Remember what Matthew 26:41 has taught us — The flesh is weak. Let me remind you — God is stronger than the flesh and we can do anything by Him who strengthen us (Philippians 4:13). Say no to technology addiction and realize that the former can be argued to be a form of worldly passion that can turn into prideful behavior. It ain’t worth falling into the enemy’s temptation brethren. Don’t do it.

Let me share you you an interview I gave in a local NPR affiliate talking about this issue. It might enlighten this topic one step further for our benefit. Here it is.

Remember: God is to whom we must live for not us. Media addiction isn’t a kid thing anymore. Be careful with it.

Without A Strong a Mentor, You Will Fail To Reach Your Career Potential.

Without A Strong a Mentor, You Will Fail To Reach Your Career Potential.


One of my favorite books in the bible is the book of proverbs. The main reason why I love this book is because of the many practical lessons we learn by reading this piece of scripture. In the book of proverbs we learn that, “Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety” (Proverbs 11:14); “Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future” (Proverbs 19:20); “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice” (Proverbs 12:15); “For by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory” (Proverbs 24:6). It doesn’t take too long for anybody to realize that a Christian leader must have an abundance of counselors in order to bring glory back to God.

In my life, I have had many counselors who have played a critical role in my development as a professional but one in particular has made a tremendous impact on how I see both life from God’s point of view and higher education. His name is Kurt Dudt, a former United States Marine combat veteran who taught me how to lead academic departments with a heart and ways to shoot guns competitively. The immense amount of wisdom that I’ve learned from Kurt can’t be paid back. I am indebted forever to him. During the literally hundreds of walks that we had for five days a week (sometimes more than once a day) for two years, Kurt has shown me why most higher education leaders fail and only a few de facto succeed. In this article, I will share with you some of the many secrets that Kurt has shared with me throughout our daily 2:00pm walk conversations. Are you ready for this? The content you are about to read is pretty revolutionary and critical if your goal is to lead others with success.

Here are twelve (out of the 100) pieces of advices that Kurt has taught me on how to become an academic unit leader.

1) Before any major decision, pray.

2) Let the members of the team have a say but implement your vision. You were elected to lead and it is your job to get things done. Implementing your vision is your job.

3) Before making any major decision, ask faculty about their concerns and prepare for them, to ensure your goal is accomplished.

4) Let faculty teach the classes they want so that you can have your final decision when you need.

5) Be proactive and defend the department and faculty members if necessary, especially if the faculty member is too inexperienced or there is faculty conflicts involved.

6) Make time to speak with students, be available.

7) Speak with faculty on a regular basis. Invite them to lunch sometimes.

8) If a faculty member faults, try to bring him back.

9) Listen to the non-mainstream faculty memberʼs contribution. They often provide wisdom in their responses.

10) Donʼt be afraid to tell you are not happy with something.

11) Recruit talent. Every time “Luis” is doing something well, Kurt Dudt receives praise.

12)  If a colleague is in trouble, help him even if it is 3:00am. If a colleague is in the hospital, go to the hospital… if a colleagueʼs mother dies, go to the funeral/viewing. Address faculty as a body (he is one of us) and defend the faculty member.

Without a strong a mentor, you will fail to reach your career potential. Nobody is born knowing the operation of leadership. The bible provides tremendous help in this regard along with a friend who is willing to coach you. Be aware: A leader canʼt have an evil stream otherwise, problems occur. A leader bring (unite) people together, as much as possible. Remember: Donʼt expect followers to be leaders. The moment you see an organization empowering non-leaders to positions of absolute authority, flee from them quickly because disaster then becomes inevitable and eminent.

When undecided, pray… When in question, ask… When in trouble, resolve… When you know, share. Never under any circumstances, forget that. Pray often! Pray for an advisor! Remember: The almighty God listens to your prayers. “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7).

Rejoice Always, Pray Constantly, Give Thanks In Everything! Work Is Good.

Rejoice Always, Pray Constantly, Give Thanks In Everything! Work Is Good.


“Rejoice Always, Pray Constantly, Give Thanks In Everything” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-17). “Don’t stifle the spirit, don’t despise the prophesies, but test all things, hold on what is good” (1 Thessalonians 5:19-21). Don’t be irresponsible in behavior and don’t forget that work is good. Laziness should never be a part of you, regardless of what many might say. Brothers, don’t grow tired of doing what is good.

Rejoice my brethren because life is short. Be with God all the days of your lives. Be thankful for the opportunities that others give you. Don’t hate but in love respect and listen as Christ has done it before. “Keep yourself pure” (1 Timothy 5:22). 

Make sure to pursue “righteousness, godliness, faith, endurance, and gentleness (1 Timothy 6:11) but pay attention eternally. Never cease to work for what is right. God be praised in heaven. Never forget the following, “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6). Whatever you do, do it with humility.  

God Blesses The Humble — God Gets The Glory.

God Blesses The Humble — God Gets The Glory.
“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love” (Ephesians 4:2); “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves” (Philippians 2:3); “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves” (James 4:10). “Pride brings a person low,
but the lowly in spirit gain honor” (Proverbs 29:23).  

We are to live our lives for the Lord and to always give thanks for everything that He gives us. Remember: Every good and perfect gift comes from above” (James 1:17). We are to live for God not man and to God shall the glory be given all the time. God is worthy of praise. We are to serve Him as his witnesses in this world by being humble and gentle.

As most of you know, I am a media professional who enjoys great conversations about “The media” with others. In my short journey here in Jackson, Mississippi, I had the privilege to speak with a number of very nice “media folks.” One of them, in particular — was Brad Smith! A gentle, nice, patient and above all… humble man who is de facto a quite talented film maker. Ladies and gentleman, this is Brad Smith below.

Brad Smith

Sure, you can find him at Deville Camera and Video near interstate 55 in Jackson, MS but you can also see him producing cool video clips (and films) around the city, as well. The clip below is just a tiny example of the amazing work that he does. One thing is for certain —“Blessed are the pure of heart, for they will see God” (Matthew 5:8). 

Brad, as we say in colloquial English… is the man. He is the man because he is humble. He has the common sense to realize that God gets the glory for his talent not him, you or me. Brad is nice and wise and above all humble. Listen carefully: God Blesses The Humble — God gets the glory. Be like Brad, be humble and be nice. Never, under any circumstances, be prideful because “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble” (James 4:6).  It pays off to be humble and kind. Brad knows it! Now, it is your turn.


Your Greatness Is Judged By Others.

Your Greatness Is Judged By Others.


“Do you see a man who is wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him” (Proverbs 26:12). Greatness isn’t measured by the person. Greatness is without a doubt measured by the perception of others. Never, under any circumstances, hold the belief that you can be wise on your own. God, the creator of the universe, is the Wise One. We are mortal sinners in great need of God’s grace and salvation. The former is precisely what we are.

“Don’t answer a fool according to his foolishness or you will be like him yourself” (Proverbs 26:4).  Your trust should always be in the Lord. Be a fair man (or woman), full of integrity and show love towards your neighbor. In this life, you don’t need to be the center of attention or be wise in your own eye. Rather, humility should be your norm and others, not yourself, should complement the work that you do. Don’t be a fool and have high expectations about anything in this world. Life isn’t about you or me. Life is about God. All glory is to be given to God, anyways… Be careful to not associate yourself with those who think that they themselves are the center of the universe. “Don’t speak to a fool for he will despise the insight of your words” (Proverbs 23:9). 

“There is a time to be silent and a time to speak” (Ecclesiastes 3:7) but there is always the need to be more like God by obeying His commands. “For man certainly does not know his time” (Ecclesiastes 9:12). Let me leave you with this advice. Listen carefully: “Even when the fool walks along the road, his heart lacks sense, and he shows everyone he is a fool” (Ecclesiastes 10:3). Your greatness is judged by others. Be very careful to not appear wise in your own eyes. God will surely punish you for it. It is not worth the hassle. Be humble and glorify God all the days of your life.


Teach The Youth About The Way He Should Go.

Teach The Youth About The Way He Should Go.


“Teach a youth about the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). The former proverb is our goal, indeed. College professors are to serve in this capacity, regardless of whether they teach courses in a teaching or research university.  Our main goal is to show the way to our students, “God’s way.”  


The kids depend on us to show them our humility and fear of the Lord. We are to inspire pupils to understand God’s word and his generous mission sometimes by applying God’s grace on earth, “A generous person will be blessed for he shares his food with the poor” (Proverbs 22:11). It is by modeling that we teach the brethren and by acquiring knowledge that we are equipped to fulfill the God’s plan for us, “Apply yourself to instruction and listen to words of knowledge” (Proverbs 23: 12). 

The good God has blessed me to help others. He blesses you to fulfill your mission, if you listen to your true talent. Pray, learn, and pray more. Ask God for guidance and you shall receive. The youth depends on you and me. Let’s do our part! it is our duty.

The Humble Will Have Joy After Joy In The Lord.

The Humble Will Have Joy After Joy In The Lord.

The humble will have joy after joy in the Lord, and the poor people will rejoice in the Holy One of Israel. For the ruthless one will vanish, the scorner will disappear, and all those who lie in wait with evil intent will be killed — Those who, with their speech, accuse a person of wrongdoing who set a trap at the gate for the mediator, and without cause deprive the righteous of justice” (Isaiah 29:19-21); “Jacob no longer will be ashamed and his face will no longer be pale” (Isaiah 29:22);

Annihilation of the Assyrians…

“Look, Yahweh comes from far away, His anger burning and heavy with smoke. His lips are full of fury, and His tongue is like a consuming fire. His breath is like an overflowing torrent that rises to the neck. He comes to sift the nations in a sieve of destruction and to put a bridle on the jaws of the peoples to lead them astray” (Isaiah 30:27-28);

“Assyria will be shattered by the voice of the Lord. He will strike with a rod” (Isaiah, 30:31). 

YAWEH! YAWEH! Bring justice. The house has a firm foundation and longevity. By little we live and rejoice with much adversity. They bring canons; we have the armor of God. They fire, God rebukes, we win. “The end of all things is near” (1 Peter 4:7).

I am crying for what I see… I pray that God be merciful with you as the ocean’s waters are now dim. The skies have darkened… the waters have risen and the moon is full of blood. The Lord has played the flute and I see your destruction but you don’t repent. The great command I say to you but you chose disdain. You plotted against your own. Now, Yaweh will cease you. Repent! But you don’t.

“The LORD will send upon you curses, confusion, and rebuke, in all you undertake to do, until you are destroyed and until you perish quickly, on account of the evil of your deeds” (Deuteronomy 28:20).  

Love Is More Important Than Hate.

Love Is More Important Than Hate.


“Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31). Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good” (Romans 12:9). “The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these” (Mark 12:31). “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love” (1 John 4:8). 

I lose one — you lose 10. He gets 3 you lose 30. You lost the gold forever because of your vanity. Lack of love, I say. Love wins but never hate. You shall pay a big price for your transgressions. Never forget this: God is in control and will punish you. Whoever does evil, by evil they shall be destroyed. “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before stumbling” (Proverbs 16:18).    

I say to you — learn to Love. And never forget, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12). You are called to love, at all times.


God Works In Mysterious Ways.

God Works In Mysterious Ways.


“You are treasured to God. So consider the message and understand the vision: Seventy weeks are decreed about your people and your holy city — to bring the rebellion to an end, to put a stop to sin, to wipe away injustice, to bring in everlasting righteousness to seal up vision and prophesy…” (Daniel 9:23-24); “The people of the coming prince will destroy the city and the sanctuary” (Daniel 9:26); “You will be covered with shame and destroyed forever because of violence done to your brother” (Obadiah 1:10). 

If you have ears listen. I have heard the message and listened to the Lord. Praise I say to you the most high. Among you lived the just and the unjust. Malice, arrogance and self aggrandizement was found in the fields and the sands of the land. Only ashes I see along with sentiments of confusion and delusion. The time is past and the future is certain and predictable. New horizons we shall see; Old beings in sin you shall never be.  The prophecy has been fulfilled. Only through the glory of the most high that we understand and live. God takes care of His people. Tomorrow is a brand new day…

We shall proclaim the mystery of God as He works in mysterious ways. What is logical to us is illogical to God. “Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not come to know God, God was well-pleased through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe” (1 Corinthians 1:20-21). Who are we to attempt to understand the one who is in heaven?

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:6-7). Everything in this world happens for a reason. Don’t be mad or sad but rejoice. It is God’s plan after all.  God is just and will always do justice to evil doers in His time. If you have ears listen…

Say Goodbye To The Job Fat — Be Multidisciplinary.

Say Goodbye To The Job Fat — Be Multidisciplinary.


For years, people were able to get good jobs by simply fulfilling the requirements for a bachelors degree in any field which meant that college training in egyptology, nautical archeology, popular culture, leisure studies, and many other cool but weird college majors were viable options for employment despite of the skillset students gained in these obscure majors. The system has changed drastically — both inside but also outside of a college campus.  Listen carefully: Say goodbye to the job fat. Are you really ready to compete globally for a high paying position job?

I don’t think you are. Chances are high that you are behind in this quest and is likely to be missing a clear cut path or plan towards contemporary success in the contemporary American job market landscape. How do I know that? Because human beings are creatures of habit. We only change when is absolutely necessary for us to do so. Many graduates or graduates to be are literally sleeping or refuse to accept reality. Let me explain. Yesterday, we were told that the service industry was the future of the American economy. The lack of jobs found in post-industrial cities like Buffalo, NY or Detroit, MI would be short lived as manufacturing jobs were to be replaced with service jobs, anyways. Hmmm… That backfired.

Today, Macy layed off almost 10,000 retail employees. Sears and K-Mart also closed its stores nationwide laying off too many service industry workers. Staples reported a 548 million loss and is closing 70 more stores resulting in more job loss. Where is Circuit City? Where is H.H Greg? They are bankrupt because of the advent of Amazon. I like to add, “They closed because of the advent of an on-line retail giant and their low cost technology driven infrastructure or shall we simply say due to their advancements in technology.” The service industry era is dead. Our country is driven by information not manufacturing or the service industries. 

By the way, the industrial age ended in the year 2000. I honestly don’t know where retail workers are going to work at in the years to come. What I do know is that they will make less per hour due to supply and demand rules and logic. In my opinion, retail workers won’t be the only bunch to make less and struggle to make a living in the United States this century, unfortunately. Not sure if I would recommend my daughter Sophia to study career such as accounting, print journalism, law, or be a sales professional. As Gitomer once said, “We don’t like to be sold but we like to buy.” The former makes the job of a salesman obsolete. With Lex Machima technology, the field of law will never be the same again. The machine is already doing the job of dozens of lawyers for much less. When was the last time that you hired an accountant to do anything to you other than your taxes? By the way, have you head of turbo tax? Journalism, as we understand, is near extinction but the skillsets that a journalist has, e.g., reporting, writing, editing will never die which is the saving grace for folks pursuing a degree in journalism. Print journalism is not dead but it will be near death in a decade, I bet. 

If you major in certain areas of Mass Communications, you will struggle. Radio isn’t dead yet but it has its sentence set. Communication (singular) will be a viable option for students in the social science as speaking interpersonally, across culture, non-verbally and through mediated communication will de facto exist in this new and challenging upcoming job era. Film production will rise as a logical alternative to broadcast media production as the opportunity to create and produce new, relevant, and engaging media artifacts is higher. I am not saying that film in itself will help students to find jobs, necessarily. What I am saying is that film students will have a higher chance of producing a high quality piece of art that could indeed be seen by potential buyers as a true media asset or what I like to call, “an intellectual stock” potentially generating a sizable return over a film producer’s investment of their time and resources. Art will be an important variable in the upcoming job revolution as one’s ability to think critically is already a necessity. Public Relations will not die and shall be seen by many as a saving grace for students of Mass Communicators along with traditional Communication (singular).

The employee of the present is multidisciplinary. If you are in media, for example, it will payoff to know how to deliver a speech publicly, learn ways to talk with people of different cultures and backgrounds, design and develop deliverables, write well, know a bit about modern languages, how business enterprises function and operate, how history connects the economic dots and much more. Trash the idea that mediocrity (simply completing a bachelors degree) will help you and in itself will sustain yourself and your family economically. The former is farther from the truth. Even when you have more education than 1% of the world’s population, if you are not careful… can backfire and put yourself in a vulnerable position which could lead to job unemployment or a severe pay cut. We are seeing too many phd’s jobless out there, especially in the humanities. 

We have no option but to be excellent. We must be eclectic in order to fully contribute meaningfully in the current economy and defend ourselves against the woes of our modern times — uncertainty and unemployment. If you are graduating from college right now, my advise to you is for you to take what I just wrote in this article very seriously and understand that the game has changed. The excess job “fat” is gone. If you are graduating with a degree in Mass Communication, read the former paragraphs closer as some of these examples will definitely apply to you and your future. Under any circunstances, do not think about buying a house anytime soon. Scarce jobs lead to lower wages — extreme competition and advances in technology lead to unexpected layoffs. Unless you can buy a house cash, choose to rent. You can’t afford to lose your credit in an economy where we can only survive long-term on credit. Don’t be tempted. It is okay to buy a nice car, though. It is much easier to trade a car loan in than to sell a mortgage. Well, a car you take with you when you move. You can’t take a house with you. 

Learn to be ready to quit your job at anytime, if necessary. Be prepared to make a bold move to keep going forward. Be alert and observe trends. The over abundance of jobs in America is gone. Our reality is much different from the reality lived by our parents when they were our age. It is much more difficult for us, these days. Never forget that, okay? Be very careful with every decision that you make as our current circumstances don’t allow us to make too many errors without paying a tremendous price for making them.  Be versatile and learn continuously. Be a productive citizen of the USA in 2017 not 1917. You will thank me later — Just do it! 




What The Lord Hates. Flee From Them All! Today Not Tomorrow.

What The Lord Hates. Flee From Them All! Today Not Tomorrow.


“Six strings the Lord hates; in fact, seven are detestable to Him: Arrogant eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that plots wicked schemes, feet eager to run to evil, a lying witness who gives false testimony, and one who stirs up trouble among brothers” (Psalm 6:16-19).

It is written that a worthless person, a wicked man (or women) who goes around speaking dishonestly will eventually be struck by the Lord hard and suddenly. We don’t need to be angry about them or anything like that. Trust God because he will do justice. “He (or she) will be shattered instantly beyond recovery” (Psalms 6:15), says the Lord.  There is more hope for a dead men than for a malicious man.  You have nothing to worry about. In reality, I have pity for those who are arrogant in behaviors and actions, verbal and non-verbal because God does justice in His own time. I am sick of malicious people. They think I don’t know them. God shows me everything I need to see. Just because I don’t say doesn’t mean I don’t know…

A lying tongue, a blow to the innocent of heart, wicked schemes and gossip… evil plans and desires and those who bear false witness will be judged. Anyone who stirs up trouble among brothers will perish in a capacity or another, “For a man’s way are before the Lord’s eyes” (Psalm 5:21). “The good obtain favor from the Lord, but He condemns a man (or women) who schemes” (Proverbs 11:2). God is fair and will do justice. Be upright, loyal, and have a pure heart. God will take care of you — not to worry. “You can be sure that God will take care of everything you need” (Philippians 4:19).  

Remember: “I will not violate my covenant or change what my lips have said” (Psalm 89:34).  

Do Not Neglect The Gift You Have.

Do Not Neglect The Gift You Have.


“Do not neglect the gift you have, which was given you by prophecy when the council of elders laid their hands on you.” 1 Timothy 4:14. 

We are all good at something. Some of us are fine engineers, others are good with numbers, some are excellent speakers or nurses and a few are indeed awesome photographers or graphic designers. One of our main goals in life is to find out what that “something” we are great at is and go deep so that we can glorify God all the days of our lives with it. Our gifts aren’t to be used for man, like many do in the music industry. Our godly gifts are to be used, without question, for God’s glory.

Who are we without God? We are nobody, I say. Spend some time this week to find your true talent so that you can glorify the almighty with distinction. Remember: You work for God not man. Once you find that special gift, dedicate your life to that talent so that the Lord is glorified continuously. If God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31).

A True Believer Don’t Show Favoritism.

A True Believer Don’t Show Favoritism.
Clarence has a great heart. He helps homeless veterans. What a great brother in Christ.

A true believer don’t show favoritism. He treats everybody the same regardless of how much he has, which clothes he dresses or where he lives. A brother (or sister) in Christ deserves to be treated with respect regardless of how much he has. The color of one’s skin (regardless of ethnicity) shouldn’t determine to which person you should address your speech to first, either. Don’t be judgmental, use good discernments and be fair. Reminder: There will be both white and black believers in heaven. Love them both…

“My brothers and sisters, believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ must not show favoritism. Suppose a man comes into your meeting wearing a gold ring and fine clothes, and a poor man in filthy old clothes also comes in. If you show special attention to the man wearing fine clothes and say, “Here’s a good seat for you,” but say to the poor man, “You stand there” or “Sit on the floor by my feet,” have you not discriminated among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts?” (James 2:1-4). If you have ears listen… 

Don’t dishonor the poor man. “…Love your neighbor as yourself.” (James 2:8). If you show favoritism, God will judge you sooner or later because it is written He will. Be careful with whom you show favoritism to. God is paying very close attention to your actions and mine.

Man Will Not Last — God Will.

Man Will Not Last — God Will.


“For all can see that the wise die, that the foolish and the senseless also perish, leaving their wealth to others. Their tombs will remain their houses forever, their dwellings for endless generations, though they had named lands after themselves. People, despite their wealth, do not endure; they are like the beasts that perish. This is the way of those who are arrogant and their followers who approve of their words” (Psalm 49:10-13).

Don’t be like them. Valuable possessions without understanding is meaningless. We shall be gracious to everything that the good God has given us and not live to collect gold in this world alone. We are called to love God and not use our mouths for evil or our tongues for deceit. We are to edify our parents and do what is right in God’s eyes. We need to be gracious to God and for everything that He has given us. God will last but not man. Whatever you do, do it for God.

“Do not give the life of your dove to the beasts” (Psalm 74:19).

Life is a journey, God is the pilot, and we are the passenger.

Life is a journey, God is the pilot, and we are the passenger.


“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6. 
The moment we try to guide our lives and “command our destiny…” is when we get into trouble. Christians are to trust God and be obedient to Him never trusting our own understanding. Don’t fall into the “I can control my own future” temptation — Listen to the Holy Spirit when He talks to you. What is to come is God’s call not your call or mine. Remember: Everything in to be done in God’s time and to His glory not on our own time and to our own glory. In Matthew 10:30, the Lord teaches us, “And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered…” Very true, indeed but who among us can count how many hairs we have on our head? See.
Life is a journey, God is the pilot, and we are the passenger. Enjoy the ride and trust. It is my call and yours. Courage! Courage! God is in control. Be obedient and trust. Never forget, “God takes care of His people…” the moment you realize that God (not you) is in control.
“What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31. 

Life Is Illogical — Get Used To It.

Life Is Illogical — Get Used To It.


Forget logic… Life is illogical. If you operate under the assumption that you need more common sense in order to better understand your circumstances, think again because the former can in fact be a handicap instead of an edge for you. The moment you think that logic is what you need in order to advance your mission in life, I bet you that you will struggle over and over again pretty bad. The reality of the matter is that most people are crazy and there is nothing that you and I can do that will ever change this reality. It is only by being able to deal with the illogical that you will find sanity in your world.

In my life, I have seen a painter and a nurse buy a three thousand thousand dollar home with a sixty five thousand dollar combined income with maxed out credit cards yet they thought they deserved to have that kind of property and many friends assumed that they were wealthy because of their estate. What do I Say? Craziness! Life is illogical. I have also seen real estate professionals trying to put blame on their own clients for their own misfortunes. Yet, many people believe these ludicrous professionals and blame the innocent. Again… Illogical.

I have seen many blaming others for their own incompetence. How illogical is that? Yet, the former happens more often than you may think. Today, I was told that some areas in central Mississippi will start charging five thousand dollars for a small piece of commercial real estate because developers want to make the region into the next Beverly Hills with huge hotels and such. Illogical, I say. I love central Mississippi but this region will never compete heads on with southern California in wealth.

I have seen too many misunderstandings that could have been avoided due to either unsubstantiated thoughts and biases, people trying to be wealthy when in trueness they don’t have anything, priests treating their own people with disrespect yet asking them to fund their churches, colleges seeking accreditation at all costs without having the funding to recruit enough staff to complete the work, and even people eating in fancy places yet they don’t have a sustainable place to live. All of this? Illogical.

Check this irony out! You live a responsible life according to your means, treat others with respect, do your job with care, respect others, celebrate other people’s victories, make others look good, help others when they are sick, pray for them and in return you get — They try to screw you in every opportunity they can; They lie about you and your family; they elevate their lies and reduce your accomplishments… and in the end? Many people believe these lunatics many times over you without hearing both sides of the story! Isn’t the former so illogical?  Yet these former things happen more often than you may think. Illogical right? I say so.

Human beings are so illogical all over the world. In India, for example, many men work their whole lives, save up what they have made but often spend more than half of what they have acquired in one night at their daughter’s weeding. In Brazil, many have very little money sometimes having nothing or little to eat but during carnival, they go nuts on spending what they don’t have in a costume that they use for two maybe three days. The British system of education (the German, Portuguese…) assumes that by age 18, you are ready to choose what you want to do for the rest of your life. In Brazil, winning what is yours in court may take a lifetime. Don’t believe me? Go ask my family about it! We have been fighting for a piece of real estate we have paid taxes religiously for the past 37 years… Things are just illogical everywhere!

Do yourself a favor — just realize that life is illogical. Get used to it. If it makes too much sense, be skeptical. I am learning to accept this absolute reality. You should do the same.



Speaking Your Mind With Reason Is Critical In Life.

Speaking Your Mind With Reason Is Critical In Life.


Let me tell you this straight: Your end is near if you decide to stop sharing what you know and learning new things due to fear of retaliation or simply because of arrogance. I am not aware of any quality professional who lacks generosity and/or avoids engaging in timely professional development. Life, my friends, isn’t about you or me. Life is de facto about others and how we share and learn overtime. Don’t get me started — if you think that you know everything under the sun, you are heading towards imminent disaster and a huge awakening in the near future. Nobody knows everything… not even you. We need to be prepared, thats for sure. We need to keep learning and sharing.  We need lifelong learning! We need lifelong sharing!  Be ready to speak your mind with reason once is a while as the former is certainly critical to your success in life.

All that I ask you is: Be reasonable. We already live in a world that is so unreasonable.  We most definitely need to be vocal about the former because acting without reason is dangerous and always backfire. In fact, being unreasonable is both dangerous and oppressive as it can silence the voices of people who might otherwise change the world for the better. Our goal is to make things better not worse in this world. It is to carry and advance honorable agendas in a timely fashion. Be patient, be kind, be loving and strive to be great in the eyes of others. Speak your mind with reason and defend what is right and honorable once in a while. Remember: Being impartial or overly judgmental of others, especially if your life depends on the same people you criticize, isn’t wise. One thing is for sure — Your goals are not that different than mine. it is to move forwards in life by being a reasonable person. Is it that complicated? I don’t think so.

There are many ways people can speak their minds reasonably. In this life, I will share with you three ways I speak my mind with reason. Here we go.

  1.  I write. Well, the former shouldn’t come a surprise to anybody, right? I write my blog on a daily basis in order to communicate my thoughts to the masses with a tough of reason. Writing allows me to speak my mind in symbolically through language. What is my overall goal you may be asking. My goal is simply to speak my mind to others so that engagement takes place as I believe that sharing what I know and hearing what others have to say is a critical to my own professional development and with succeeding in life. This is my advice to you — You should de the same and write daily. Writing is a wonderful tool to tell others about how you feel, as long as it is done with reason. It is a way to keep yourself sane in this insane world that we live in.
  2. I photograph. Drawing with lights allow us to speak our minds visually. Differently from writing, a well taken photograph is art in itself with no symbolism. We all need art to be reasonable. Life is art and without question… life without art isn’t life as we know it. The whole idea of being critical is tied to the field of photography. Have you ever met a professional photographer who wasn’t critical of his/her photography work? Are you critical of your photography? Tom Petty once said, “Sell your computer and buy a guitar.” I say, “Sell your computer (or guitar) and buy a DSLR!”
  3.  I speak. Speaking in public allows me to speak my mind orally. When was the last time that you delivered a public speech? If you haven’t done one in a while, I would strongly suggest that you make plans to deliver one by next week. In order to speak your mind with reason, you need to be versed in public speaking. I bet Dale Carnegie would agree with me on this one! Get yourself a good public speaking training program and start developing your repertoire of speeches so that you also have the ability to change the world for the better by speaking and being reasonable! We need more people like you, that’s foe sure.

Your end is near if you decide to stop sharing what you know and learning new things due to fear of retaliation or simply because of arrogance. I am not aware of any quality professional who lacks generosity and/or avoids engaging in timely professional development in this world. If you think that you know everything under the sun, you are heading towards imminent disaster and a huge awakening in the future. Nobody knows everything… not even you. Be patient, be kind, be loving… take time to write, photograph, and speak so that you also have a chance to speak your mind with reason. Are you ready for the challenge? I hope so.

The Importance Of Renewing Your Mind.

The Importance Of Renewing Your Mind.


God has instructed us in Romans 12:2 to renew our minds. Let me clarify this — It is absolutely imperative that we all read scripture on a daily basis as by reading His word, we read His thoughts. It is amazing what you can accomplish in your life when you get closer to God in scripture. The act of reading the bible is both a blessing for those who read and the ones who receives God’s message. We are called to read the bible, pray and engage in the great commission everyday. We might as well do the former often, without regrets… early on in our lives.

Paul said, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed.” As believers, we are from this world but we are not of this world. We don’t need to act and react in “human” terms necessarily and we should most definitely engage in biblical testing. Also, we need to renew our minds by transforming our minds with what God has said and taught us not what we want to think or not think. Life isn’t about you or me — Life is most certainly about God and what God wants us to do, as King and Blackaby eloquently write in their best selling book, “Experiencing God.”

Be careful to not be molded by this world, brothers and sisters. You were born for a reason and the main one is to do great things in life for God’s glorification. Being close to scripture and listening to the word of God is an important and necessary condition for God’s will to be done in this life. You were called to be a part of God’s army. We all need to act accordingly. Let me tell you something: The time for advancing the kingdom is now fellas not tomorrow. We all need to renew our minds for God’s glory. Life is too short for us to be constantly waiting for a divine sign/call given by God so we can start doing the work of God.

I am 43. You might be 27 maybe 37 or 19, I don’t know. What I do know is that we all need to be immersed in scripture and defending the word of God on a daily basis. It is our duty, it is our task — it is most definitely our call. Renew you mind by getting closer to God’s word/thoughts. This is your primary responsibility in life. I am in 100% and won’t abandon God. You should take the same stance, as well. God is counting on your help and mine in order to help others see the light and truth of God Almighty.

What a privilege that we have. It comes down to that.

Keep Calm And Trust God.

Keep Calm And Trust God.


There is no need to worry, put pressure on yourself, or be constantly seeking approval from others. The former only causes anxiety, frustrations and unnecessary worry which you really don’t need in your life. Keep calm and trust God. Everything in this life happens for a reason. Remember this: The Lord shall fight for you. Therefore, you shall hold your peace, Exodus 14:14. You have no control of your life. I have no control of mine and I bet you that your parents and friends don’t have control of theirs, either.

Live a life of no regrets making your own decisions about your future. People, for the most part, are egoistic and self serving.  Don’t live your life based on how they live theirs. Don’t ever quit trying to make somebody laugh or making a friend smile. Life is too short for anyone to hold anger and wanting to call every shot without the blessings from God. Failing to smile and trust God can make you depressed. Why would you do this to yourself? You deserve so much better.

Keep calm and trust God. Be careful not to let your pride go ahead of the wishes and wants of God. You don’t live for you. I don’t live for me — We both live for God. Remember, the Lord can help you to overcome anything you just have to trust Him. As Jake Provance once said, “When purpose feels questionable, your strength fades.”  What are your reasons? Whatever they are, you will be in a better position if you make the decision to put your faith in the Creator. Why would you make your life more complicated than what it needs to be?

The person in this photo is Ms. Mignon Clyburn, the head of the Federal Communications Commission, a very clever woman from South Carolina. I didn’t ever make plans to meet her yet we met and had a great quick chat. You don’t know exactly what will happen in your life therefore, trusting God is imperative both for you and me. The blessings that God has planned for you will appear when you least expect, as long as you allow God to bless you in this world.

Be slow to anger, be happy and forgiving. Be and act like the salt of the world. If you are a true Christian, this is what you do on a daily basis. By the way, you don’t need to be your worst critic. All you need to do is to be reasonably critical for your own good and trust God. Don’t forget to keep calm. The good God is in control. God loves you and me. Make sure that you love God in return and do what you can to glorify Him. Life isn’t about you and me but about God.

Life can be filled with frustrations and annoyances. You need to learn how to control your emotions and trust that God will take care of you and your circumstances. The former isn’t to say that you shouldn’t work or do what you can to better your circumstances. What it does say, however, is that God will take care of His people , as long as you follow God’s commands. God loves work. Never forget this important truth.

Keep calm and trust God. It is all that you can do, I say.

Be Thankful, Always.

Be Thankful, Always.


Be thankful, always. Celebrate what you have and give thanks to God because life in its essence is about the memories that you collect and the moments that you will remember with nostalgia forever. Why make things complicated and make life more difficult than what it should be. I say live a simple life and without question… live your life to the fullest because our days on this earth are counted and temporary. There is no need to build four businesses, working 17 hours a day and taking no vacation. Not even the mighty government cares about what you spend and live for. Be wise: Live small, focus on your job, and be thankful, aways.

My life is much more precious than any award I’ve received for doing professional work. If we deeply investigate our own circumstances, in the end friends… we are all very average and sometimes below average in what we do and how we live. Everything is meaningless in this life as the good God has once said in Ecclesiastics 1. If you die tomorrow, how many people will be attending your funeral? Maybe a couple dozen if you are lucky… At mine, I can tell you, won’t be many and I am fine with it. I don’t live a beat the Jone’s type of life and find elitism to be both fickle and unnecessary but that’s just me.

There are so many ways that we can live a thankful life. In this article, I will share with you three ways I live my thankful one.

  1. I say no to elitism. There is no room for elitism in my life book. It is very difficult to be thankful to God and live life thinking about money and what others think of you. Maybe you can live your life this way. I can’t. When I was 14 years old, I chose to live a simple life, despite of my family upbringings and recommendations. In the end, what a person brings to the table is so much more important than what a small group of preppy kids who think they are wonderful have to offer. Get a life, man. A polo shirt, fine wine and a pair of sneakers will never define who I am. I don’t need to wear or appear wealthy to have value in this world. Life is to be lived for God not men. Elitism is a cancer that often backfires, especially if you want to live a thankful life, always.
  2. Play with your kids. There is nothing more satisfying to me than seeing my daughter grow up. Playing ponies with daddy, cabana at night, reading books and occasionally going to a bouncy place means the world to me.  All these former activities either costs us no money or are very cheap to pursue. Having fun with your kids is a blessing that isn’t tied to monetary power. It is a good way to be thankful, always. Let me share something with you, before I forget — make sure that you marry and have kids. You will thank me later.  Playing with your kids is perhaps one of the very best ways for anybody to grow thankful and happy, I think. Smile at your child before bed. I bet you will enjoy the moment.
  3. Tell others you are thankful for them. You don’t make your life great. Others do in fact with a touch of God. Moral of the story? Make sure you tell others that you are thankful for having them. If you really analyze your life in detail, you will quickly realize that the impact that others have on you are much higher than the impact that you have on yourself. We are members of only one race — the human race. Human beings were made to live in community and celebrate with others. Language and societal symbols are two means that we use to live a thankful life with others. Practice the former every time you can and do what you can to get better at it. Nobody is perfect and we all can improve. Make someone happy tomorrow. This is your duty and mine.

Be thankful, always. Celebrate what you have and give thanks to God because life in its essence is about the memories that you collect and the moments that you will remember with nostalgia forever. I say live a simple life and without question… live your life to the fullest. There are so many ways that we can live a thankful life — I say no to elitism, play with my kid, and tell others I am thankful for them once in a while but that’s just me. Don’t forget… Make someone happy. This is your duty and mine in this world.

The Faces Of The Homeless. How Can So Many People Be So Heartless?

The Faces Of The Homeless. How Can So Many People Be So Heartless?

According to the National Alliance To End Homelessness, there are more than 500,000 homeless people living in the United States today with a large number of them being children. The Housing and Urban Development office estimates that this number is likely to be an under estimation as many homeless men and women (and children) don’t have the means to fill out census surveys. Lack of affordable housing and low pay are the two main variables that contribute to the large number of homeless living in the streets in America. We need to do what we can to reduce this number exponentially and keep helping those who need our help the most. It is the Christian think to do.

By the way, can you spot a homeless man or woman? I bet you can but just keep in mind that they are more diverse than you may think. The Rethink Homelessness campaign has enlighten many of us to the true “face” of homelessness in the American empire.  Many homeless folks are college educated, have played sports in college with a scholarship, and some have even gone to modeling school. There are homeless who can speak multiple languages, including the language of personal training.

Rethink Homelessness

You might be asking, “What happened to them?” “How can this be?” Well, there are so many answers to these questions. Let me offer some for you. When medicine is so expensive and only a few can afford and if you get really sick… it becomes really expensive for anyone to pay for those medical or prescription bills. What a shame, I say. I have known a number of clever, nice and hard working professionals who had their lives destroyed because of health care. How can the former happen in the United States of America!

In other cases, homelessness might be due to addiction to prescription drugs or sometimes due to financial bankruptcy. Sure, lack of affordable housing and low pay are two big variables that impact homelessness but they are not the only two. In my opinion, we need to do what we can to help each other out and redesign the system to at least give Americans the right to live without having to pass through this kind of hardship. Don’t you think? By the way, if you live in Mississippi, look for Clarence from He is a nice guy who cares for Veteran Homeless living in Jackson, Mississippi.


When I see images like the one we are seeing above, I can’t stop thinking about when I thought about going to medical school back in the 00’s with plans to work as a general practitioner in small town USA assisting folks with little funding to see a doctor.  I ended up becoming a different kind of doctor by my care for the poor (especially the homeless) will never go away, that’s for sure. Seeing a man (or woman) being homeless really bothers me especially if the person is in this position because of lack of health care. We can do so much better in this country, I argue.


Appearances can be deceiving sometimes, especially within the poor and disenfranchised. Forget gender, ethnicity, places of origin, language, location… the homeless are as diverse as you can think of and can be found everywhere in the union. Some have even created robots and have extensive knowledge of electronics. Surprised? Don’t be. They re everywhere. Next time you see a homeless asking for help, stop and think. You have the power to make a difference in the life of another fellow human being. Don’t forget — Jesus Christ called us to help the poor. Helping those in need is our duty a Christians.


The Amite Street Dilemma! Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

The Amite Street Dilemma! Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

Jackson.pngIn your life, you are going to eventually hit a bifurcation point in your professional career which in turn will force you to make what we call, “A life decision.” It will go a little bit like this — You can’t go right, left deviates from the plan, you may need to hold in order to go forward… Long story short: Many times, the best thing to do is to just wait and reflect. Just remember that the prize awaits you at the end of the tunnel so embrace the unknown adventure and celebrate the journey that the good God has given to you.

RED LIGHT! Two minutes and twenty five seconds of waiting and then going… Calm down and be patient. Life is about giving time to time and seeing what the Lord wants you to do next. Don’t be emotional and make an thoughtless decision. We are all different. Lets celebrate that! I am a college professor, you might be an accountant or perhaps a physician. Some of you might work in real estate and I know that many of you work with your hands on a daily basis. Regardless of how you make a living, never lose track of what is the most important of all — loving God and identifying the “Amite Street” moments you will eventually have in your life’s journey.

Decisions, decisions, decisions… this is what life is really all about! We make them everyday for better or for worse. Perfecting our decisions is a skill set that we all need to master and reflect constantly. Don’t forget: Living is decision making. My day is all about making decisions. I am sure that your day isn’t that different. Our days are both about making the very best decisions we need to make under the circumstances we are in. How many life changing decisions have to made today? I am sure that you have made as many tough decisions as I have had to make. Keep making them! Learn to see how close you are to “Amite Street.”

The beauty of life depends on it.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Money Can’t Buy Happiness


Money can’t buy happiness. I don’t remember where I read this but I have no option but to write it for our own benefit  — between zero and fifty thousand, money might buy happiness. Between fifty thousand and fifty million… it won’t. What is the moral of the story? Never, under any circunstances, live your life thinking that a lot of money alone will make you happy because it won’t. What tends to make people happy are the following: Loving God above anything; Having a supportive wife/husband; your desire to financially help others; your willingness to put other’s needs ahead of yours; being true to yourself and to the things that you value the most in this life… being forgiving and understanding.

The love of money is the root of all evil, as the bible teaches us. Insisting that money in itself will save you from hell is both a dangerous and unbiblical philosophy. Never forget this: You won’t be able to take to the grave all the millions of dollars (marks, pounds, liras) that you have accumulated in your banking account, regardless of what you others may have told you. When I was a teenager, an old and well known Brazilian magnate once told me this, “I would rather be dead and rich than being alive and poor. I am wealthy and powerful and happy” he once told me.” In reality, he wasn’t and both him and I knew it. “Mr. Wealthy” used to drink pretty heavily every Friday, Saturday and Sunday complaining about life and his family. Mr. Wealthy didn’t believe in God. God has pity on his soul.

Look, now that I am not that young anymore and have a mind of my own, I can better measure the level of this fellow’s life miscalculations. What is scary to me is that too many people think very much like “Mr. Wealthy” and simply can’t get away from this idea that money is everything in life. Let me remind you again: It isn’t. If you live for money you are never going to have enough of it and chances are pretty high that money will indeed control you and your actions. Nothing, about the former, is really about happiness, isn’t it? Absolutely, I say. By the way, can money revive you from the dead? Can money alone save you from an incurable illness? Even if you have money and think that money is your life shield… without God, you have nothing, especially happiness.

My advice: Live life to the fullest and enjoy your days in this world. Live a celebratory life where money isn’t a top priority in your life. If you love God and do good to others on a regular basis, enough money will eventually go your way to help you to living a happy life. Life, in its essence, is quite simple. Celebrate the simplicity of life by making God a top priority and be careful to not complicate your life journey with what I like to call the “money scam.” Happiness is about knowing God and loving others. It isn’t about accumulating wealth for its own sake.  Got it?

God Takes Care Of His People.

God Takes Care Of His People.


If God is with you, who can be against you? Nobody can, I say. Don’t worry brother or sister, the good God is in control and won’t leave you alone in the darkness. Everything that happens in this life happens for a reason and there is nothing that you and me can do about it. The love that God has for us is not only contagious but literally impossible to describe. We all need the grace of God as we don’t deserve the air that we breathe and the food that we eat. Who is perfect among you? Nobody is, I scream! Life is about development, mercy and having a smile on your face. The Lord takes care of His people, that’s for sure. He puts people in your path to teach you lessons and to develop yourself for Godly service. Are you doing what God has asked you to do?

Don’t be jealous of others because God’s people complement them. Be patient because your time of glory will come. Life isn’t about getting attention all the time. Sometimes, God takes care of His people by making them live a low profile life. Nobody is perfect and sometimes, things are not what they seem. Be careful to not hold hate or discord. Most people are self-centered, egoistic and quick to temper.  Be different! Be a true Christian and chose love over hate. It is amazing what God can do in your life when you make Christ your priority not people. It is in fact shocking what comes your way when you don’t even expect or plan for it.  God will open your eyes to the beauty of this world if you ask Him to. God takes care of His people — In the morning, in the afternoon, in November or during the Summer months. Learn to trust God, live a life of no regrets, and make an effort to see the world with positive eyes. In the end, you will quickly realize that in this world, the Lord is in control not you or me.

There are a lot of ways in which God takes care of His people. In this article, I will share with you three ways God does take care of me and you.

  1. He puts extraordinary people in our paths. A caring God takes care of His people many times by showing to His children that only God is supreme. Nobody is always victorious and along your life journey… you will eventually find other people who have more talent than you. Don’t take the former to heart but as an opportunity to better learn about yourself and be humble. Only God is perfect. I am not perfect. You are not perfect either. God cares about you and me. You are to focus on Him not me and you.
  2. He humbles us by making us different. Simplicity is the name of the game, folks. As a young boy, I was trained in a polymath school where we all had to learn art, science, sports (golf and chess), and linguistics. We were trained to excel in these four areas at the highest level. I chose music and theatre, chemistry, golf/chess, and latin. Others chose dance and drawing, mathematics, soccer and greek. I know latin, you know greek; I make the first move and dominate the chess center board… you close the argument using pure Aristotelian thought.  We both complement what we do by doing what we do best. I am not better than you. You are not better than me. We, however, are better than most. I say, “synergy.” A united people can never be divided.
  3. He performs miracles when you least expect. If you are in hell, don’t stop… keep moving. There must be a very good reason for it. God takes care of His people. The miracles that the good God performs many times can’t be described or understood. Life is a miracle. This former fact, in itself, is worth celebrating the mercy and love of God. What are the odds one can get a hole in one in golf? 1 in 12500. How likely is it? Very unlikely. Do you know how tough it is to live and learn in another country whose language isn’t your own? The mannerisms, culture, values, etc… It isn’t that simple but God opens peoples’ eyes to see reality through love and care. God takes care of His people. Look, sooner or later you will experience a miracle. Ok, I say you have a 1 in 12 chance to see a miracle being performed in your life. Why 12? I don’t know let me see — Jesus had twelve disciples; There are 12 inches in a foot; There are 12 days of Christmas; In English, twelve is the largest number that has just one syllable… Thank you You were my miracle today. Tomorrow, I might be yours.

If God is with you, who can be against you? Nobody can, I say. God takes care of His people. It is amazing what God can do in your life when you make Christ your priority not people. God takes care of His people by putting extraordinary people in your path. He also humbles us to make us different for our own sake. He performs miracles when you least expect it. Keep your eyes wide open. God takes care of His people, all the time.

Do You Want To Succeed? Be Disciplined.

Do You Want To Succeed? Be Disciplined.


If your goal is to become a successful professional, you need to learn how to be more disciplined. Being able to obey the rules of society and your company at all times, understand the codes of behavior of your community and country, and correct disobedience when necessary will make you into a superstar. We all need to keep course and do our very best in order to be disciplined and above all — fair.

Life is all about being able to be reasonable and doing things right. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to be totally disciplined to start being more disciplined. Be disciplined now and accept the fact that we are we all a work in progress, people. If you think you aren’t, I strongly suggest that you reconsider your thoughts and surrender to the fact that you are not wonderful. Only God, my friends, is wonderful. You are not God — You have faults as much as I do.  So, be quiet and live life to the fullest yet accepting that you are not a saint or the next pope. Life is all about development and understanding. Strive for discipline, though.

There are a number of ways one can be more disciplined in this world. I am not going to attempt to explain all the ways that we can achieve this remarkable goal. However, I will show you three ways that you can become more disciplined in this world.

  1. Don’t think you are God. As I said early on in this article, nobody is God. Therefore, don’t act like or think that you are one. Are you omnipotent, omnipresent? All powerful? The answer is no, obviously. Do yourself a favor, be humble, understanding and forgiving. God is watching over your path and heart. Would you like to be outside of God’s blessing? Not me.  Don’t think you are God, nobody is God. Keep living your life simple and recreating yourself once in a while for the better. Ask God for directions. He will give it to you.
  2. Don’t procrastinate.  If you can do something today, do it. Don’t wait until tomorrow. The former can be a cancer in your developing as a discipline superstar. Those who choose to get things done eventually tend to eventually be fired or be laid off. Don’t be like them. Be yourself and do what you can to keep learning and living. Discipline pays off. Not everybody actually has it. Be a person of character and strive to be more disciplined. I can almost guarantee you that you won’t regret your decisions. Those who have ears to hear need to listen.
  3. Be open to criticism.  If you can’t listen, you will never be disciplined enough to make the required changes to achieving success in this world. There is no way out of this. We all can improve and learn, hands down. If you choose not to, sooner or later — you will put yourself out of business naturally. Consequently, the former would then make your chances of being good or shall we say — great in society very small. Closing yourself off from criticism is likely to screw up your future forever, even if you are good in what you do.   We live in tough times. Don’t handicap yourself by avoiding constructive criticism given by others once in a while. It ain’t worth it.

If your goal is to become a successful professional, you need to learn how to be more disciplined. Being able to obey the rules of society and your company at all times, understand the codes of behavior of your community and country, and correct disobedience when necessary will make you into a superstar. Don’t think you are God, though. Nobody is God. Not even you. Don’t procrastinate. Be open to criticism. We live in tough times. Don’t handicap yourself by avoiding constructive criticism given by others once in a while. It ain’t worth it. Give yourself a chance of winning by being open minded and sensitive about the need to be disciplined.


Family Should Always Come First, After God.

Family Should Always Come First, After God.


We have the duty to live our lives for God and our families. God, above all, is to be glorified and always be made a priority. The smile of a child is definitely something we need to take into account when deciding where you need to live. Is your daughter happy living in the state of Texas? Is your son excited and making friends near the city of Chicago, Illinois? These are important questions that we all need to think about and consider when making a decision where to live long term.

Don’t rush, think and analyze. Be critical and examine all the available options. What do you have to lose by being picky? Nothing, I would say. Family should always come first after God. What is God telling you? Listen, test, and be a leader that fears the lessons and teachings of God. When we were kids, we thought like kids. Now that we are grown men and women, we need to think accordingly. Life is always about others not yourself or me. Life is about loving God and doing what is best for our family, I say.

There are too many ways we can love God and do what we can for our children. In this article, I will share with you three ways in which we can love God and advance the wishes of our kids. Let’s maybe get started.

  1. Make God a priority in your life.  Go to church, choose to lead a bible study, be a man or women of character. If you can help the poor financially, do so. By giving we also receive. By praying we definitely learn to love. In this life, God takes precedence. We need to think about life in terms of what God wants us to do, not according to our wishes. Make God your main reason to live and celebrate. In the end, you won’t regret it.
  2. Listen To Your Family. If you are a father or a mother who loves your children, you can attest that listening is perhaps the very best way of making your family second to God.  What are they telling you? You must learn how to listen to them by asking them the tough questions. Nobody is perfect, including your family. Only God is perfect and we need to accept that. This is why God comes first and we all come second. Learn to critically listen to what your heart is telling you.
  3. Pray hard and often. You heard that right. Never forget that God communicates with us through prayer. Having a regiment of prayer is an absolute necessity in this world as it helps us to better connect with God. Prayer also helps with family bonding. Pray hard and often. Family members, listen carefully: It is only through prayer that God will show his glory to you and your family. Be with God and pray. This is your duty.

We have the duty to live our lives for God and our families. God, above all, is to be glorified and always be made a priority. Life is always about others not yourself or me. Life is about loving God and doing what is best for our family, I say. Here is what I recommend. Make God a priority in your life. Listen To Your Family. Pray hard and often.Go to church, choose to lead a bible study, be a man or women of character.  God comes first and we all come second. Never forget: Be with God and pray. This is your duty.

Focus On Things That Really Matter To You.

Focus On Things That Really Matter To You.


Life is full of distractions and can be annoying sometimes but in the end, you need to really focus on things that really matter to you. I live my life thinking, chatting, sometimes chatting too much, interacting, accomplishing and sharing. What matters to me probably won’t matter to you as much and that’s perfectly fine. You have to live investigating, testing and observing… living and learning, standing for what you believe and being reasonable so that you live a long and satisfying life. I personally have little patience for stupidity and love to make people smile by giving them unexpected gifts and surprises. We all have our own desires and needs and that is absolutely fine and expected.

Live your life in the moment. Give a hand to someone, forgive often, listen more and be real. There is no need to pretend or act in disagreement to what you believe in. Life is too short to not live in the moment. We all need to find out what we love the most and stick to it. There is no shame in admitting that the future will be better than the past or that the present is to be celebrated forever.  I focus on the needs of my family and what I perceive God to ask me to live for. In my 43 years, I’ve learned not to give up very easily but history has taught me through experience that reconsidering sometimes is the best thing one can do to experience exactly what God wants us to do. At this point in my life, I don’t need to prove the obvious to anyone anymore.

People are unreasonable, selfish, dramatic, emotional, and often times so ridiculous that all that we can do sometimes is to just move on and investigate what exactly the good God wants us to do in the long run. Who cares if today you work and live in Nebraska in the auto industry as a mechanic. Tomorrow, you might as well be living in Bangladesh as an activist looking for another adventure in the far east. Have you ever asked God what He thinks you should do? It starts with understanding which talent the Lord has given you. Do you know the answer to this very important question?

My wife says that I have the gift of exhortation. Ironically, my parents have said the same thing, indirectly. Today, I know that I have this gift from God… The gift of being a cheerleader and telling others that they can do it! No wonder why I became a college professor! I am often the shoulder for others in need. When folks are sick, I visit them. When situations are difficult, I write prayers on a piece of paper and give them to people in crises. When they cry, I cry. But this is just me. The former might be why my career in higher education has been so heavily influenced by communicating during office hours and student advising. This is what excites me. This is what I live for. I focus on what excites me and you should do the same, as well.

A sense of purpose is what you need. Don’t forget to keep trying and giving yourself a chance to win the big prize. Many times, the big prize isn’t money or anything related to finances but a great attitude towards life. I don’t live life regretting my actions or seeking attention from anyone as I think that these two former life decisions destroy who you really are. You need to be yourself and once in a while look in the mirror. Who are you exactly?  Many have asked me to serve as a Department Chair in my career. I didn’t ask for it. We all have our own beliefs and value system. I certainly have mine and won’t give them up. You have yours and we all have to respect that.

Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. Yesterday? Who cares. I will keep moving forward and thanking all the people who believe in my life mission of goodwill and happiness and pray for those who persecute me. I have no time for pride and unreasonable actions. They can be as far away from me as possible. In fact, I hope they are. This world is too complex for us to live life complicating the obvious. I am here to be me. You should be there to make your own mark with reason. My advice to you?  Focus on things that really matter to you and live your life to the best capacity you can.

Understand First — Judge Second.

Understand First — Judge Second.


Blind judgements are overrated. Understanding is a necessity. A world without reason and goodwill will only result in chaos and misunderstandings. You don’t want to live life this way. The principle behind treating others well is quite simple. We need to understand people first and judge them second. Isn’t that simple? We can agree to disagree. In which ways? In this life, some say tomayto — others, they say tomahto. Do you say Eether or eyether. I say neether do you say nyther? The reality of the matter is that we are very different from each other often and that’s okay. The former is precisely what makes living on this earth so interesting and unpredictable. Despite our differences, we have many similarities.

Forcing beliefs on others is a dangerous practice because we all have our own unique set of experiences. The moment you try to force others to believe what you want them to believe, an eminent defeat is heading your way. Ideas and words can be used to convince people about a topic or a thing. Forcing anyone to see the world the way you do without taking the time to better understanding their circumstances will backfire. Be careful with assuming things about others without really knowing what they know or their circumstances. Preconceived judgements just makes you less noble and more difficult to get along with in the long run. You need to look at life for what life is. Trying to live a life of fantasy or a make believe one will only hurt you in the long run. Be very careful when misjudging anyone who can really help you to better understand yourself.

Listen carefully: Nobody is perfect in this life, not even you or me. Only God is perfect. Don’t forget this: God is paying attention.  Are you giving yourself a chance to be helped by God by being reasonable with others? I am. I hope you are, as well. You can’t always get what you want. That is just a fact. Complaining and blaming others for your misfortunes and lack of luck will not change the fact that we need to work with others in order to operate with distinction. We need to keep trying and believing and avoid judging too quickly. Act that way, if you please.

Be extremely careful to not lose the good people around you because of pride. If someone is helping you out, you have to be careful not to mock them or make them angry — or make left hand judgements directly or indirectly. What am I trying to say to you is that you can’t keep having fun forever without control, judge and think that life will run like a disorganized mess forever. Eventually the fun will stop and reality will be made transparent. Remember: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Never forget that.

Rather than passing judgements, make an effort to understand. Don’t be mean, ever. Be a happy camper and celebrate. Understand first, judge last… don’t judge if you can. Honesty is the best policy. There is no reason to lie. You can gain the world with a happy smile. As the proverb says, “There is no time like the present.” Do it now! Don’t wait until tomorrow to do good and to be understanding. Strive to be a better person now. Learn how to value others as much as you value yourself. In the end, we are all in this boat together trying to make solid societal sometimes educational contributions and glorifying God. We might look different but in our core, we are more similar than dissimilar.  We are all part of one race — the human race.

Why judge? Be sure to understand first. This is my motto.

Only You Can Really Define Who You Are.

Only You Can Really Define Who You Are.


Nobody can define who you are. In reality, only you can do that. However, if you don’t define who you are to others, they themselves will define you for you. This is precisely why you must take ownership of your own life journey and strive to live a genuine life that is based on integrity, honor, and a lot of “you” not me or they. In the end, what really matters in this world are the experiences that we acquire based on the thoughts, beliefs ad values that we hold. You can’t afford to have others dictating what you should believe in or the things that you should stand for unless you want to be a slave of your own destiny. It ain’t worth it. If your own life is manipulated by others, which life are you living then? Theirs? Living the dream must be based on your dreams not anybody else’s dreams.

The mystery of the future is often based on the predictability of your past. However, those who live in the past, as my friend Tony would say, end up somewhere locked inside of a museum letting life pass by. Your own self-recreation is a condition maybe even a requisite for taking control of your own definitions and immediate future overtime. Remember: You must define yourself not others. Only you can recreate who you are period. Make sure to take charge of your own destiny my friends and know yourself in great detail because if you don’t, then misery will consume the last small dot of hope you have to living the great life and defining yourself .

There are a number of ways in which you can define who you are in this world. In this article, I will share with you three techniques I use to make it clear to others that I define my persona not anybody else.

  1. I go to war once in a while. If you believe that life is always peace and that compromising is a way of life, reconsider. Consensus, not compromise, is the way to go. In order to have real consensus, both parties involved must end the game with a victory. I live by the former statement. The moment you perceive that others are trying to gain a one-up on you, fight back — go to war. Defend your beliefs and make sure that you are in fact part of the decision making process of your own future. The moment you lose the former and give up in the name of peace, you lose the game and the chance to control your destiny and definitions. The act of going to war isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, going to war is a necessity.
  2. I am truthful and don’t deviate.  Who are you today? Are you who you say you are? You better. Being untruthful is a big violation of integrity. Nobody can afford losing his/her reputation in this life if you plan to control your own life path. When I was 17 years of age, I was a very well respected golfer in my home country of Brazil. When I was 17, I thought like a kid and lived life like a kid. Today, now that I am a grown 43 year old American male living in the United States, I think and live life like a man. Back then, I thought yellow — Today, I think red and that’s okay. I won’t pretend to be what I am not and you shouldn’t either. Be truthful and don’t deviate. Stick to who you are and what you believe in. It is okay to evolve. We all do. Your job is, however, to recognize change and act accordingly.
  3. I live in the moment and smile. The past is glorious. The future? Only God knows… We must live in the present though. We were once young, strong and free. Now, we are grown, wise and full of white hair or no hair. We are who we are. Time flies, things change… we evolve. Don’t forget to live in the moment and enjoy the blessings that the good God has given you. Smile often and be happy. Smile again and reflect. Be careful to not be stuck in past memories and forget that the future is sometimes recreated with new ideas. Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Make sure that you live in the moment and have time to smile. You are gonna need it.

Nobody can define who you are. In reality, only you can do that. However, if you don’t define who you are to others, they themselves will define you to you.The mystery of the future is often based on the predictability of your past. Make sure to create your own definitions not others even if you have to go to war once in a while. Be truthful and don’t deviate. Live in the moment and smile. Never forget this: Only you can really define who you are.

The Secrets of a Great Academic Advisor

The Secrets of a Great Academic Advisor


Listen to students. Let me repeat it again — Listen to students. If you plan and dream to become an outstanding academic advisor, you must make an effort to listen to what students have to say and want to talk about. The secret to being a great academic advisor is mostly listening and caring. I am not aware of any dedicated college professor who wants to make a difference in college students’ lives yet ignore advising. Be inspiring, be “there” for students, strive to provide the very best academic advising sessions you can possibly deliver to your students. Remember: In the end, education is all about students not you anyways.

In my career as a college professor, I’ve advised over one thousand students and the numbers keep increasing. In my academic advising sessions, I chat with students about classes, jobs, victories, defeats, more jobs and of course… careers. I have to admit that helping kids to succeed has been a great ride for both my advisees and I, that’s for sure. Having placed students in a large number of companies all across the United States has been a blessing to both my students and I. I pray that God keeps blessing me with the necessary enthusiasm and caring abilities that is required for advising college students with distinction. They do deserve our best, every time.

There are a number of ways that you can advise college students these days. In this article, I will share with you three ways that I’ve used, which have resulted in tremendous undergraduate and graduate student success. I do realize that my self-made methods are unorthodox but I promise… they work. Are you ready?

  1. Don’t start your advising in “advising” season. Academic advising doesn’t start in pre-registration.  It starts on day one when you decide to have an open door policy and make an effort to chat with students outside the classroom, sometimes even playing ping pong in the cafeteria informally. The idea that great academic advising is to take 15-20 minutes in mid-semester only is erroneous. What do I mean by that? Sure, creating a schedule for a student regardless of rank shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes per student. However, talking about careers many times can take 30 minutes sometimes longer. The former is precisely why “advising” students throughout the semester should be made a priority if you want to be known as an extraordinary academic advisor. I encourage and recommend that you take academic advising seriously and that you make an extra effort to helping pupils to achieve greatness in this world early on in the semester. One of the ways to accomplishing the former is by taking the initiative and being available.
  2. Make an effort to attend student and athletic events. This is exactly what I’ve said. You need to make sure that students realize that you legitimately care about what they do and what they are involved with. Attending campus events and supporting athletes by attending their home games is a great way to connect with students and attract them to having a longer conversation in your office later in the week. Students do appreciate college professors who they perceive care and are invested in their college life and professional development. It ain’t complicated, ladies and gents. If you think about it, excellence in academic advising is a mix of common sense combined with caring attitudes over and over again. You just have to do it! Listen to me: Make an effort to attend student and athletic events. That’s the right thing to do.
  3. Recruit and mentor a few students every semester. Students love to be mentored. Make sure that every semester you select a few students to work with you in your office. Teach and empower them. I guarantee you that by the end of the academic year, there will be a line of students wanting to be a part of your “advising” or shall we say, “mentoring” program. Empowering students to make decisions and learn one-on-one with a caring academic advisor produces big dividends, e.g., free publicity for the department and many times increases in enrollment. Why don’t we have more faculty-advisee advising experiences and mentoring opportunities in college campuses all throughout the United States ? I honestly don’t get it! We should provide these opportunities to our students. I most definitely do. You should strive to do it, as well.

If you plan and dream to become an outstanding academic advisor, you must make an effort to listen to what students want and have to say. The secret to being a great academic advisor is mostly listening. Do yourself a favor: Don’t start your advising in “advising” season. There is not enough time to do a superb job in advising if your advising starts in April or November. Make an effort to attend student and athletic events. Students do appreciate you making an effort to attend some of their events. Make sure to recruit and mentor a few students every semester. Part of our job as academic advisors is to inspire students. If you are serious about your job and care for your students, recruiting and mentoring students should be part of your operating procedures every semester. That’s what I say.

Don’t Be Upset: Learn To Deal With Ambiguity.

Don’t Be Upset: Learn To Deal With Ambiguity.


Don’t be upset. Learn how to deal with ambiguity and celebrate the fact that you have a good life after all. Be positive! In this world, you will find in your path to success both uplifting and nagging individuals in which you are gonna have to learn from and live with. It is part of the life that God has planned for you. Somedays, people will make your life heaven; Other days, they will make your life a living hell. It is a rollercoaster. Don’t forget this, though. Stress, celebrations, non-sense frustrations and victories is all good and part of the game. Listen carefully: Most people are self-centered and could care less about your thoughts or feelings. You have to learn how to deal with them and move on. Your days will be many if you choose to live a nonchalant and happy life journey.

Let me tell you something this Sunday before I go to church. It is literally impossible to control people’s mindsets and values or the decisions they want to make in all levels of society. Do your work with distinction and dream big. Be the very best you can be regardless of what might come after you. Believe God and pray often. Dream big then dream bigger. What do you have to lose in order to think big anyways, right? Nothing. Live your life to the maximum without regrets. Smile often, play with your kid, enjoy your wife and have daily chats with your close friends. God is in control.

Don’t let others poison your thoughts by making you believe that this life sucks or that this world is mostly composed of misery and negativity. Remember: God is in control and things happen for a reason. In the book Experiencing God, Blackaby talks about the importance of living a life that God wants you to live and that God should be the center of your life not you. What a great advice that we all should follow verbatim. Life isn’t about you or me. Life is about glorifying God.

So far in my blog, you have read a large number of articles dealing with a wide variety of topics ranging from technology to workforce tips, discussions and reflections. Of course that my posts aren’t necessarily directed at anyone specifically but as a general rule of what I’ve seen in my life both in the places I’ve worked for and in society. This, folks, is what makes me happy. Self reflection and daily chats about workforce topics, along with critical discussions about technology is what I like. What do you like? Don’t be closed minded. Instead, be open minded. Don’t Be Upset: Learn to deal with ambiguity. Life may not be what you think it is.

Smile. Write a book maybe two. You only live life once anyways. Do what you like.

If You Can’t Inspire, Don’t Be a College Professor.

If You Can’t Inspire, Don’t Be a College Professor.


You must inspire if your plans are to become a college professor one day. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to work in a public or private college or university, you need to be inspiring and have a lot of patience in order to motivate students to take action on their own and eventually help them to achieve greatness.  A college professor who is unable to inspire his/her students will struggle tremendously in the industry of higher education anywhere in the United States because pupils these days must be constantly energized sometimes stimulated to learn literally every day. Being inspirational isn’t a skill that everyone or every professor has in abundance naturally. However, you can learn to be more inspiring by putting into practice a number of systematic and predictable steps.

There are a number of ways that you can be more inspiring in this life. There are a number of “inspiring systems” out there, of course. In this article, I will share with you three ways that I know will help you to inspire others. It is part of my system of student inspiration — Are you ready to read these tips? You may like them.

  1. Stop thinking that life is about you.  Start yesterday making others the focus of your life. Reject any attempt to consider putting yourself first against the needs and wants of your students. If you decide to put yourself ahead of them, chances are pretty high that you won’t inspire too many of them. I am not aware of any college student who celebrates being second when it comes to important priorities. You must make students first priority period. Stop thinking that life is all about you — It isn’t and won’t ever be. As an educator, life must be about serving others and making students your top priority not the other way around. Listen carefully: Deviating from this norm will cost your college career. Don’t do it.
  2. Do what you can to be available. You can’t inspire effectively if you are not around. There is no reverse to this important rule. As my friend Kyle once said, “Be there or be square.” Are you there or “are you square” for your students? You need to be able to answer this question frequently and honestly. If you choose to not be there for them too often, you might as well just quit your aspirations of being an inspiring professor. Students don’t get inspired by educators who choose to have their office door closed constantly or who chooses to make an excuse to not talk with them when they really need to be seen. Make sure that you are available to your students more often than you feel is required. You will thank me later.
  3. Develop the initiatives that they want, with reason.  Take into account what your students want to do and develop the initiatives that they ask for whenever possible. By engaging in what some of us call “user-design,” or the ability for students (in this case) to develop their own systems of learning, I bet that you will develop superhero skills in influence and inspiration. You will become a very inspiring and popular professor if you empower your students to achieve greatness on their own, if you legitimately delegate responsibilities to them. I have never seen a student who doesn’t appreciate having decision making power after doing this kind of work in ten years. By giving power you gain power and as a value added… You become more inspiring especially if you make an attempt to legitimately empower others. I know, I know… What I am asking you to consider doing is unorthodox and can be quite challenging to many — There is some truth to that but man, this micro system works wonders.

You must inspire if your plans are to become a college professor one day. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to work in a public or private college or university, you need to be inspiring and have a lot of patience in order to motivate students to take action on their own and eventually achieve greatness. What are you doing right now to be more inspiring? Is life all about yourself? Are you available for your students to ask you questions? Are you empowering them to develop their own systems of learning? In order to be inspiring, you will need to do the former. At least, it has been my experience in three public universities and a private school. Stop thinking that life is all about you — It isn’t and won’t ever be. As an educator, life must be about serving others and making them your top priority not the other way around.