Social Media Marketing

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I have been using and teaching professional social media accounts for four years. In the period of three years, I have received 1.5 million views on my google+ account, using the topic of photography for viewership. In addition, I have also designed and developed an Instagram account averaging over one hundred likes per post and follow ship base in the five thousands to receive literally thousands of likes and comments. Students in my classes or seminarians learn ways to build social media fellowship organically and responsibly. I average 500 new visitors on my Dr. A blog and is growing.

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I have developed a series of techniques to increase youtube viewership. The graphic below illustrates the result of my latest targeted campaign to increase youtube viewership. In a period of one month, I have doubled the number of views of a TEDx talk organically. I can train students and clients to do precisely what I am doing for Dr. A Photography and my own brand for your organization. It is working. Give me a buzz. Let’s converse.


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The graph below is evidence of organic increases in WordPress engagement and traffic, where daily updates, along with communication exchange has resulted in an increase in interaction with one of my blogs, “Blog Of A Christian Man.”

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It is a work in progress but nonetheless, progress is being made slowly. This former graph was generated June 22, 2017.