Audio Production

Dr. A is fluent with audio software (Garage Band & Logic Pro X), basic edits and adjustments and knows how to structure pop music. He has an understanding of dynamics and arrangement, pitch, and how to create lyrics.

Intro — Verse 1 — Chorus — Verse 2 — Chorus  — Bridge — Chorus — Ending 

He has helped to produce the Jazz CD, “A New Standard,” along with Flute extraordinaire, Jose Valentino EMMY® Award Winner. He is also a spoken word artist who has co-produced his own EP titled, “Let’s Do Better.”

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 8.09.36 PM

He has recently composed, produced, and mastered the spoken word single, “What’s Important Is God.”

Dr. A is a baritone who has basics of piano who can play the acoustic guitar. The samples below are a tiny collection of what he can do with Logic Pro X.



Dr. A: The Talented Photographer

Let’s start this page by saying that he has his own style of photography — DigiVibrado, or a digital vibrant bravado, a bold manner of showing vibrant boldness through photographs digitally. A style that has been featured in clothing and digitally. 

Dr. “A” is versed in a wide variety of technological tools and procedures. The Visual Mississippi photo book, a recently released photo book illustrating the beauty of the state of Mississippi, is evidence of his work in contemporary communication art. He has also designed and developed two photo calendars about the state of Mississippi and has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and churches for his work in high definition photography. He is also a trained photojournalist who understands how to capture great shots for media purposes.

In order to better understand the power of social media, Dr. A keeps his photography skill-sets sharp in order to be able to share the connection between the role that photography plays in the process of social media development.

Public Speaking

Dr. Luis Camillo Almeida has given a number of speeches in his career as a college professor. Dr. A has served as the keynote speaker for the C-CUE Conference, an undergraduate consortium of educational institutions with the goal of advancing computers in education, served as gala award speaker at Jackson State University, have delivered a TEDx in Phoenixville, PA, among many others.

new flyer

Dr. Luis Camillo Almeida delivers keynotes and sell training programs relating to social media and technology overuse, leadership and development, career and higher education with a touch of storytelling.

He can change how people think about media in one hour. Why should you hire Dr. A to speak? What has he done? What has he accomplished? Why should anyone listen to him?

  • Dr. A is a higher education leader who has served as a Department Chair in two institutions of higher learning.
  • He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal
  • His audience thinks differently about technology when he is done speaking.
  • An author who has written academic articles in three continents.
  • Dr. A has been featured as a Newsmaker by the Pittsburgh Tribune Review for his work on technology leadership.
  • He has appeared twice at ABC, in Jackson, MS to talk about technology.
  • He has been featured as a guest in two CBS-Chattanoouga segments relating to TechnoModeration.
  • He has served as a columnist in four newspapers.
  • He is a published author of three books  on TechnoModeration.
  • Dr. A was interviewed three times by Voice of America in regards to technology. 
  • The prestigious O Globo newspaper in Brazil ran a full page newspaper interview on his @escthemachine brand.
  • He delivered a TEDx talk with success which has thousands of views.
  • Dr. A is a PhD from a public Ivy, Penn State. He has received two letters of academic tenure in five years and has professional development training in leadership from Harvard University.
  • Dr. A has had over 100 million media impressions for his work in technology and leadership.
  • He is a master teacher who has taught over 40 different college courses and over 100 concurrent sessions, including courses on media.

He assists small businesses and students to connect the dots between technology development and human behavior. A former small business owner himself, Dr. A works in a collaborative, fact-driven, creative thinking manner along with a keen human and business instinct to assist small businesses and students with positioning themselves using technology in the emergent and chaotic contemporary market.


Dr. Almeida been writing professionally in a wide variety of media outlets for ten years. Dr. Almeida has been writing about technology in education and society along with leadership for years, both nationally and internationally. He has written articles about ways to implement technology effectively in the classroom as a Columnist for the Observer Reporter in Washington, PA for two years.

Some of Dr. Almeida’s articles include, “Check Out Glogster,” and “Which Computer Should I buy?” “The need to Technomoderate,” and “Extroversion in social media” and others. Currently, he writes for the Cleveland Daily Banner in Cleveland, Tn.

Photo of Dr. A's Column "Techno Moderation", Cleveland Daily Banner.
Dr. A’s Column “Techno Moderation”, Cleveland Daily Banner

Dr. “A” has also written numerous articles for the Brazilian newspaper Investimentos e Noticias as an international columnist on the topic of education technology and higher education in the United States while residing in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  His articles have been read by thousands of subscribers in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil and parts of Paris France.

Sample International Column
Dr. A Being Featured At The Investimentos E Noticias Newspaper