Peer Testimonials

More peer testimonials...

Dr. Michael Smith

When you go to Dr. A’s office, you see notes of affection from students. He is first class. 

Gena Carter-Simmers

It was a pleasure working with you on programming… 

Don Spann

” Dr. Almeida is someone who is genuine… he brings a lot of knowledge and experience to any organization. He is open to share what he knows.”​

Dr. Jose Valentino-Ruiz

” Dr. A is a very unique professor. He is passionate and relational with students, collegial, and with an innovative mentality. He is able to help people. As a colleague and as a friend, this guy is top notch.”

“I’m particularly impressed with your total renovation of the Games And Simulations Center. You are among our finest faculty members in our college.” Dr. Rafouth. 

“I have noticed your hard work. I agree with the department chair. You are a valuable faculty member and I’m glad that you are part of Waynesburg University.” Dr. Graham. 

“Luis went above and beyond what was necessary. Not to impress anyone not to his own gain — but because he knew that the department needed him.” Dr. Stiegler.