Media Kit

1. One Page

Dr. A’s One Page For The Media

2. Condensed Biography

Photograph Of Dr. Luis Almeida, TEDx Speaker

Dr. Luis Camillo Almeida is an Associate Professor of Communication Arts at Lee University who takes pride in teaching students practical knowledge. He helps people to turn around from failure and gives hope to those who don’t believe they can do it. Dr. A is the D student who became a PHD with Honors. We happen to be living in one of the most exciting times in human history – The era of the internet. He is a believer of the use of social media platforms as long as it doesn’t take over one’s life.

3. Mission

Help as many people who are discouraged about achievement to believing they can achieve, with or without technology. Dr. A is a college professor who is serious about educating the public about the advantages of living a TechnoModerated life.

4. Books


5. Dr. A’s Empirical Study Sample Results 

  • 7 out of 10 students ignore their own limits these days due to computer use
  • More than 3 out of 4 students reported that their thoughts are often somewhere
  • Almost 50 percent students stated that they use the computer to a limit of mental exhaustion
  • 6 out of 10 students like immediate gratification
  • 50% of the students reported to be always working on something
  • BUT… Only 13% of students believe they are “half-robots.”

Dr. Almeida’s is currently collecting more empirical data in order to better understand the connections between computerized devices and human behavior.

8. Testimonials

9. Sample Television Appearances

Dr. A Giving An Interview About TechnoModeration At CBS Chattanooga.

10. Sample Newspaper Articles


Photo Of Dr. A At The Cleveland Daily Banner

12. Sample Public Performance

13. Symposium Presentation


14. Tip Sheet

  1. What is the best way to technomoderate?
  2. What are the systemic consequences of technology overuse?
  3. Will robots take over the world?
  4. Is print media dead?
  5. Could you explain to us the Human Robot Cycle?
  6. What is the future of education as it relates to technology?
  7. Is technology overload affecting creativity?
  8. Are you against video games?
  9.  What is your position on social media?
  10. You talk about technological conditioning. Could you explain that to us?

16. Media Appearances

17. List Of Previous and Upcoming Clients/Keynotes

  • Advertising Federation of Chattanooga
  • House Hope International
  • Bradley County School District
  • United Way Ocoee Region
  • Lee University
  • Sunrise Rotary Club
  • Cleveland Media Association
  • Ridgeland/Madison Rotary Club
  • Indiana Rotary Club
  • Dollaport Consulting
  • Cambria County School District
  • Indiana County School District
  • E-Center of Mississippi
  • Indiana University of PA’s International office
  • Jackson State Athletics
  • I Do Therapy

18. Services Offered

  • Social Media Interviews
  • TV and Radio Appearances
  • Print Media Interviews
  • Guess Lectures/Visiting Professorships

19. FAQ

  1. Is Dr. A Anti-technology? Answer: No, he isn’t.  He is a proponent of people using technology but in moderation. 
  2. How many years have Dr. A been a college professor? Answer: 10 Years. 
  3. Have Dr. A ever given a TEDx talk? Answer: Yes, he has delivered a TEDx back in 2013 at TEDxPhoenixville. 
  4. When did Dr. A start speaking about technology moderation? Answer: Back in 2011 when he experienced a severe technology related physiological illness. 
  5. Would Dr. A give a speech on technomoderation internationally? Answer: Yes. Please contact his agent Amanda Almeida at 601-667-9067. 
  6. Where can I buy Dr. A’s books? Answer: You are welcome to buy Dr. A’s book in his website or on  
  7. Why should I book Dr. A to be a speaker in my event? Answer: He will make you rethink technology use. 
  8. Does Dr. A speak with independent reporters? Answer: Dr. A speaks with all reporters. 
  9. How can I schedule an interview with Dr. A? Answer: Please contact him directly at  
  10. Does Dr. A partner with entrepreneurs? Answer: Depends on the entrepreneur. Please contact Amanda Almeida at 601-667-9067 for more details. 

21. Contact Information

Dr. Luis C. Almeida,