Media Kit

1. One Page

Photo of Dr. A's One Page For The Media
Dr. A’s One Page For The Media

2. Condensed Biography

Dr. A Fun Photo
Photograph Of Dr. Luis Almeida, TEDx Speaker

Dr. A is a multitalented Associate Professor of Communication at Lee University who has taught over a thousand students (undergraduate and graduate) in five institutions ranging from division 3, 2, and 1 levels in his career. Dr. “A” has taught courses in both Primarily White Institutions (PWI) and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) with both teaching and research focus serving as Interim Department Chair with tenure status (Associate Professor) in two institutions. Dr. A has served as a critic of technology and leadership contributor in a number of national outlets including the Wall Street Journal, NPR, ABC-Jackson, TEDxPhoenixville, Voice of America (VOA), Cleveland Daily Banner, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Digital Citizenship Summit, Indiana Gazette, and The Vindicator. Internationally, Dr. Almeida has been featured in the highly prestigious O Globo Newspaper, Radio CBN, Investmentos e Noticias (Brazil), and Voice of America (Nigeria). He has contributed to the Prattler Handbook of Latino Education in the U.S., was acclaimed by the Pittsburgh Tribune Review as “Newsmaker” for his work with technology, and has served as a quantitative researcher for the multi-million dollar Classrooms For the Future (CFF) and Enhancing Education Through Technology grants. He has presented over 70 conference presentations and published articles in three continents relating to media. He is the author of multiple books including the Amazon’s best selling book, “Becoming a Brand: The Rise of Technomoderation.”

3. Mission

Dr. A is a unique college professor who is serious about educating the public about the advantages of living a TechnoModerated life. The Dr. A brand ignites action with fun along with strong presentations about innovative ways to disconnect once in a while. By providing a model for people to TechnoModerate,  Dr. A helps people of all ages to better understand the benefits of living a life without the many side effects of technology overuse.

4. Testimonials

 5. Sample Television Appearance

6. Sample Radio Appearance

7. Sample Newspaper Article

Sample Article CDB
One Out Of Many Newspaper Articles.

8. Sample Public Performance

9. Sample Press Release

Almeida Press Release

10. Tip Sheet

  1. Is technology making us dumber?
  2. What is the best way to technomoderate?
  3. What are the systemic consequences of technology overuse?
  4. Will robots take over the world?
  5. Why do you defend old technologies?
  6. Is print media dead?
  7. Could you explain to us the Human Robot Cycle?
  8. What is the future of education as it relates to technology?
  9. Is technology overload affecting creativity?
  10. Are you against video games?
  11.  What is your position on social media?
  12. You talk about technological conditioning. Could you explain that to us?

11. Media Appearances

12. List Of Previous and Upcoming Clients

  • Cleveland Media Association (upcoming)
  • Ridgeland/Madison Rotary Club
  • Indiana Rotary Club
  • Dollaport Consulting
  • Cambria County School District
  • Indiana County School District
  • E-Center of Mississippi
  • Indiana University of PA’s International office
  • Jackson State Athletics
  • I Do Therapy

13. Services Offered

  • TV and Radio Appearances
  • Print Media Interviews
  • Guess Lectures/Visiting Professorships

14. Packages and Rates

Please contact Amanda Almeida for details, 601-667-9067.

15. FAQ

  1. Is Dr. A Anti-technology? Answer: No, he isn’t.  He is a proponent of people using technology but in moderation. 
  2. How many years have Dr. A been a college professor? Answer: 10 Years. 
  3. Have Dr. A ever given a TEDx talk? Answer: Yes, he has delivered a TEDx back in 2013 at TEDxPhoenixville. 
  4. When did Dr. A start speaking about technology moderation? Answer: Back in 2011 when he experienced a severe technology related physiological illness. 
  5. Would Dr. A give a speech on technomoderation internationally? Answer: Yes. Please contact his agent Amanda Almeida at 601-667-9067. 
  6. Where can I buy Dr. A’s books? Answer: You are welcome to buy Dr. A’s book in his website or on  
  7. Why should I book Dr. A to be a speaker in my event? Answer: He will make you rethink technology. 
  8. Does Dr. A speak with independent reporters? Answer: Dr. A speaks with all reporters. 
  9. How can I schedule an interview with Dr. A? Answer: Please contact him directly at  
  10. Does Dr. A partner with entrepreneurs?Answer: Depends on the entrepreneur. Please contact Amanda Almeida at 601-667-9067 for more details. 

16. Contact Information

Dr. Luis C. Almeida,