Media Appearances

Dr. “A” has been featured in a number of national and international media outlets because of his work in technology criticism and leadership.  He has participated in a number of special reports and media packages especially in  Jackson, Mississippi. His work in technology has been instrumental is taking Dr. Almeida to the public media.

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Dr. Almeida has also participated in a number of radio shows to talk about @escthemachine and how the overuse of technology, a central mission of his public brand, can have an impact on technostress. Venues such as WJSU-FM (NPR affiliate), Voice of America, and Radio CBN have aired his thoughts about @escthemachine and the impacts of media in society. Dwain Doty, former New York producer at Good Morning America has invited Dr. “A” three times to his show, “The Full Spectrum.”


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Dr. Almeida has written a number of columns related to @escthemachine in his career as a media professional.  He has written articles for the Cleveland Daily Banner, Indiana gazette, Observer Reporter, and Investimentos and Noticias in Brazil. Back in 2015, Dr. Almeida was featured in the largest Brazilian newspaper, O Globo, for his work on @escthemachine.

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He has also served as a sport management analyst for WAPT an ABC affiliate in Jackson, MS.