Cross Culture Communication

Skill Level


A portion of Almeida’s work lies in the what we call cross culture communication in the United States. He has extensive experience speaking verbally and non-verbally with people of different cultures. His primary cross culture expertise is in Brazilian culture, its language, costumes, and folklore.

In the United States, He has significant experience in both mainstream and African American cultures. Having being a former college professor in both primary white institutions (PWI) and historic black colleges and universities (HBCU), Dr. “A” can speak with authority about American culture in most of not all American universities.

Photo of Dr. A And Ms. Mignon Clyburn, Head of FCC.
Dr. A And Ms. Mignon Clyburn, Head of FCC.


Photo of Dr. A And Two African American Colleagues From Jackson State.
Dr. A And Two African American Colleagues From Jackson State

Due to the nature of his doctoral training, Dr. “A” has also secondary cross culture expertise with Asian population, its culture and costumes along with expertise in his home country of Brazil. He is familiar with codes of conduct for East Asians, as well as its culture and philosophies. The photo below was taken in a restaurant in Indianapolis, Indiana with some of his friends from India and Japan.

AECT Photo With Friends
Dr. “A” and Friends from India and Japan

He is pretty familiar with the anthropological work of Edward Hall along with a number of cross cultural content including the following:

  • Monolithic and Reflexive Force
  • Etic and Emic distinctions
  • Hymes Speaking Framework
  • Proxemics, Paralanguage, Kinetics
  • Ethnocentrism and stereotypes
  • Cross Cultural Approaches to conflict
  • The U-Curve Model
  • Kim’s Adaptation Model
  • Critical and Traditional perspectives.

The photos below are samples of his interactions with a number of students and colleagues from different cultures and costumes within the United States. The Lord has put in his path a number of very good and diverse people and he is so thankful for it. Thanks be to God!

Dr. A And Student Photo
Dr. A And Student Photo
Photo of Dr. "A" and Students from AKA Sorority.
Dr. A And Students from AKA Sorority
Dr. Beaty Photo
Dr. A And James Beaty, Founder Of The Pentecostal Seminary Training In Haiti


Photo of
Dr. A And Ole Miss’s First African American Student In History — Dr. Meredith
Photo of Southern Person
Photo Of Dr. A And Southeast American
Photo of Dr. "A" and African-American Fraternity members
Dr. A And African-American Fraternity Members
Dr. A And Americans
Dr. A And Americans
Dr. "A" and two scholars from the Middle East at AECT
Dr. A And Two Scholars From The Middle East At AECT
Dr. A AT WAPT With Mississippian
Dr. A AT WAPT With Mississippian
Dr. A and CBS Anchor, DeMarco Morgan.
Dr. A And CBS Anchor, DeMarco Morgan