Dr. Luis Camillo Almeida is an expert in multimedia technology and knows higher education inside out. He assists small businesses and students to connect the dots between technology development and human behavior. A small business owner himself, Dr. “A” works in a collaborative, fact-driven, creative thinking manner along with a keen human and business instinct to assist small businesses and students with positioning themselves using technology in the emergent and chaotic contemporary market. Dr. Almeida is detailed oriented and multifaceted holding training in leadership from Harvard University and featured in the Wall Street Journal for his work in leadership.


A well read scholar versed with strategies of systemic thinking, Dr. Almeida find creative ways to further advance the branding of a product, service or a person and using the rapid prototyping method to create solutions to his clients using technology. He designs and develops step-by-step plans of action to advance enterprises and the person with care and detail. His recommendations incorporate a wide variety of new media solutions as a means to promote businesses and persons towards achieving success. Professional photography, public speaking/sales representation, social media, SEO, graphic design, curriculum analysis, course selection and the web are just a few ways in which Dr. Almeida can help his clients to be seen today by potential clients.

screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-7-34-57-pmIn our over-communicated society, less is more. Dr. “A” can assist you with positioning and putting in practice campaigns that work in the twenty first century. Possessing qualities of exhortation, he can be your best cheerleader. His enthusiasm towards your product, service or career is evident after only a few minutes of consulting. His knowledge of the positioning and strategy is contagious. His consulting  programs leave clients thinking about ways to bring him back.

Dr. A has a history of helping students who are undecided and in assisting parents with saving thousands of dollars by narrowing choices and protecting higher educational investments. In another words, Dr. A helps people get on the right path, helps people find their path, and offer side-by-side mentoring.  Dr. A, on average, saves students between 5 to 10K in four years.

Do you want to graduate from college in six years or four? Why spend $10,000 more thousand dollars in college tuition when you could use this money to buy a brand new car after graduation? You don’t know what you are really good at… your talent? Dr. A can put you in the right path.

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