Inappropriate Content Paradise For Teens

220px-Musical.ly_vector_logo.svg.png is a a great app for adults wanting to create videos/messages and engage in live broadcasting. The app comes with a number of functions that people can choose from including a great choice of clip soundtracks. Its media filters are also a great feature in this app. I like using this all, personally. A teen shouldn’t use this one unless he/she is under adult supervision. Inappropriate hashtags (porn ones) can pop up which I find it problematic for a teen audience. Great app but not for teens, in my opinion.

PD Rating: Low Risk




ShamChat: Don’t Be Yourself? Well, I have A Big Problem With That.


I don’t like this app, period. Not even for us adults! Which app you know asks people to not be themselves? I do know one. It is called SHAMCHAT! Look, I can only imagine the type of conversations that occur in this platform, on a daily basis. Research has associated this app with porn chats and sexualized behavior. Go figure. Parents, avoid this one.

PD Rating: High Risk

Snapchat: Ok For You To Use But Not Your Kids.


All right. Let me start this one by revealing this to you. I use snapchat. Why? Because I can share tidbits of information with my audience at ease, throughout the day, several times a week. However, I’m 44 years of age and know a bit about the consequences of technology overuse. Snapchat, in the hands of 13 year old kids, can be devastating. The first thing that comes to my mind when it comes to this app is cyberbullying. Even though the system is based on a self-destructing media policy, much damage can be done to a child by allowing him to be exposed to hateful messages at age 12 multiple times a day. This is what I think: It is appropriate for you to use. It isn’t appropriate for your kids to use it.

PD Rating: High Risk

Poof: How About Hiding Apps So Your (Parent) Just Don’t Know?


Poof is an interesting app as it hides apps from your phone. This app literally hides applications’ icons so users can’t find these hidden apps with ease. Hmmm, for an adult, I can see why they would use this app but note for children. I would be quite uncomfortable if I were to find out that my daughter was hiding apps from me. A youngster hiding content from their parents isn’t cool and can be a sign that something isn’t right, don’t you think? Be careful with this one.

PD Rating: Medium Risk

Voxer: Digital Walkie Talkie Used In Cyberbullying.


Voxer can be a good app for anyone who is trying to exchange short voice messages with friends and family. What is particularly attractive about this app for an adult is that people can leave voice messages to multiple people at the same time with ease. They just have to tap the play button and bingo! people can get your messages. My issue with this app is that it is a playground for cyberbullying. Leaving hurtful messages is way too easy which makes this app inappropriate for kids.

PD Rating: Medium Risk

Tinder: Anonymous Hook-Up Tool… Parents, be Aware!


Tinder is an app designed to connect people with other people in their vicinities.  However, Tinder has been associated with anonymous hook-ups and dating tool. Many people who use this app is looking for a one night stand in their region especially college students. Although the app is only to be used by 17+ users, there has been indication that younger kids have been using this tool. Parents, be ware of this app. If you find this tool in your kid’s smartphone, uninstall it immediately.

PD Rating: High Risk



askfm: Don’t Let Your Daughter Use This One For A While.


I see the value of asking questions anonymously sometimes as an adult. Timid adults may have a more difficult time asking uncomfortable questions to others face-to-face which makes this app good in this area. That’s the good thing about this app. My issue with this app relates to how children are going to use it. This app can be particularly dangerous to teenagers because of cyberbullying and suicide talk and share. askfm has been linked to suicide. My daughter won’t be using this one until she is much older, that’s for sure. I think that yours shouldn’t use this one, either. My two cents.

PD Rating: High Risk

Burn Note: Erasing Messages Away In Their DNA.


Secret messaging seems to be this app’s second name. Participating in secret chats is part of the culture of this app. How dangerous! I can see this App being used for cyberbully on a global scale. Like any app that erases things overtime, Burn Note erases content after a while but it doesn’t stop kids from capture screens shots of their actions. This app may be good for people who like to share content and let the system erase it after a while. Not sure if this if it is a good idea for kids to use this one.

PD Rating: High Risk.

Vaulty App: Storing Photos And Videos Away from You Parent.


Vaulty is a good app for protecting your privacy. Hiding things there are easy to do. My issue with this app is that kids can store photos and videos away from their parents. What is your children hiding from you if they are using this app? Not sure if I would be comfortable having my daughter having this app installed in her phone.

PD Rating: Moderate Risk.

HouseParty App: It Can Give You A Lot Of Headaches As A Parent.


Houseparty is a video chatting app that a lot of young teens use these days. It is a good group video for adults, I would say. For children — No. My issue with this app is that it doesn’t require kids to verify their age, it can be used for sexting and cyberbullying. Even if their private chats are locked, risk for sexual content and privacy issues can be significant.

PD Rating: Moderate Risk.

The Kik App: It Is A Good App But Not For Teens.


Kik: Any app that allows teens to create anonymous accounts and/or does not require minors to verify their age makes me unease. In addition, Kik comes with web camera capabilities which can be bad when used by 15 year olds under supervision. The app comes with many other functions like a built in web browser and game capabilities.

PD Rating: High Risk.