Dr. A is a college professor of the present who maximizes the use of technology for educational purposes. He has produced a number of classroom video games including the “Almeida Wheel” a 3soft based plugin in order to help students to maximize course content, rehearse for tests and transfer knowledge.

Dr. A believes that the use of video games in the classroom changes the education experience of the students in his classes. He is a proponent of Game-Based Learning (GBL) in the classroom and its direct applications in the acquisition of factual and conceptual knowledge between and among subjects.

Talented Graduate Students
Dr. A and Study Abroad Group
Dr. A and Great Graduate Students
Homecoming Booth – Class project
Dr. A With Students of Psychology
Dr. A and Undergraduate Students


Photo of Dr. A’s Class

Dr. Luis Camillo Almeida has taught almost 1500 students and have trained 35 different business owners in his career as a professor and trainer.  Dr. “A” is an educator of present who inspires students and clients to think critically about the need to disconnect and live a balanced life in the workplace. Dr. A’s knowledge of technology is vast which has helped him to train thousands of college students with understanding the importance of living a life of moderation in the 21st century. Dr. A’s has experience in leadership positions.  He has served as a Unit leader of two university departments in his career as a college professor and has helped a start-up to be profitable in two years after its inception leading to the sale of that business. He was mentored by a former Ohio State University upper administrator and a longtime time department chair (25 years) which has shaped the way Dr. A operates in higher education.

Master of Ceremonies
Master of Ceremonies

In his career, Dr. “A” has served as Master of Ceremonies in college graduations, has published books, 20 academic articles and over 60 conference presentations in conferences, and has distinctively served all his employers (Penn State, Waynesburg University, IUP, and Jackson State) in a number of college committees and university sponsored events. He is a caring professor who also takes pride in attending student’s graduations and ceremonies and teaching courses with excellence -> evidence_teaching.

Dr. A Standing with a Recent Graduate
Dr. A Standing with a Recent Graduate

Always ready to help, Dr. “A” is a college professor of the present who currently teaches courses in Mass Communications at Lee University. Dr. A teaches students to critically think about both the positives and negatives of technology from a cognitive constructivist perspective. He attends technology and teaching conferences and presentations on a regular basis. Dr. A has been praised by a number of his colleagues and higher academic administrators as well as two directors of continuing education for his work with Summer camps.

Summer Game Making Camp, Middle School Students
Senior High School Students Photography Seminar


President’s Letter of Tenure August 22, 2015.
What People Say About Dr. A
Photo of Dr. A and Intern
Photo of Dr. A and Intern

Dr. “A” has placed students in a wide variety of industries ranging from marketing firms, media corporations, training companies, universities, sport franchises, telecommunication industries and health organizations to name a few. The list below represents just a a fraction of the companies Dr. A’s students get jobs in.