Shooting Nikon 2Dx: In 2023?

You read it right! This weekend I spent an afternoon photographing the Columbia Riverfront with my vintage yet powerful 12MP Nikon D2x, a king of portraits with capable functionalities in landscape.

Couples with a perfect weather for the genre, I captured a large number of intriguing shots at the bottom of the Columbia Bridge, a location that I will return for more shots.

This is was the setting and one of the photos I took from the photoshoot. f22; SS: 1/30sec ISO: 100, ND 8 filter… Cloudy day

Copyright (c) 2023 Dr. A Photo LLC

With the advent of AI photo tools, like the Topaz products, this photo can easily be scaled to larger prints, even though 12MP is enough resolution to print such captures.

The Nikon D2x costed me $150. Holy cow! it is worth every penny.

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