Nikon Z fc or not? I say maybe

Nikon extended me a 30 day free trial of its Nikon Z fc, with no obligation to purchase it after the trial period ends. I’m considering…

Having an updated vintage Nikon style body in mirrorless format would be cool, even though the the Nikon Z fc system doesn’t have an IBIS system. Besides having an APS-C sensor, this camera, like my advanced DSLRs, still rely on lens vibration reduction to capture outstanding photo and video in motion.

I’m considering this camera because the Z mount’s throat is significantly larger than the F mount bodies that I currently own, like the Nikon D750. I’m also aware of the Z mount lens quality against their DSLR counterparts. They are more contrasty, colorful and sharp.

However, not everything in photography is contract, color or sharpness… it’s also about look and what the photographer and his clients like.

I shot mirrorless at school. To me, however, the DSLR F mount lens system still holds its quality and reliability against the current Z mount Nikon Lenses.

Nikon D2X body on Tripod

This above camera body is a monster, heavy and old. However, I’m using a tripod with top quality lens. Thank God! Look at the photos that I get!

Photo of the Riverwalk, Columbia SC

I don’t know, I’m still considering ordering the Nikon Z fc. Maybe I should do a Astro photography photoshoot to determine! Only God knows… Man I’m becoming a laggard!

How did that happen?

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