On Being Dangerous But Not Cruel: The Weak and Harmless Suffer In Their Naiveness

I was watching a video today by a renowned psychologist where he was talking about the need for men to be dangerous, arguing that if men isn’t dangerous, he is ultimately weak. To start with, the opposite of dangerous is harmless not weak but for the sake of conversation, let’s treat them as one.

I must admit that whether or not we agree or disagree on definitions, I am in essence in agreement with him, at least to some degree.

We learn from Jesus in the sermon on the mount (Matthew 5:5) that the meek shall inherited the earth. At first, we might believe that being meek means quiet, easily imposed, submissive. What If this passage wasn’t well translated from Greek to English and has another meaning? Meek in this biblical context actually means that those who have swords but choose not use them will inherit the earth. It means humble.

Clearly, the underlying assumption of the former is that those who will inherit the earth have to be dangerous armed with swords people, be self-aware that they can dangerous, but they exercise self-control to not be cruel yet are peaceful.

Being dangerous is the opposite of being harmless. If a person is harmless, he is weak and is very likelky incapable of standing against the many difficulties of life which might cause people, especially men, to be bitter and vengeful. It is a strong arguments in my opinion.

Being harmless/weak can lead men to being cruel. Joseph Stalin was a seminarian before he authorized millions to die in soviet camps. Hitler was a fine artist before he ordered the killings of millions of Jews. Much cruelty can be generated by those who once were harmless/weak. Human history is filled with stories like that.

Those who inherit the earth should be capable to threaten or hurt others, physically or verbally, but they chose not to by virtue, a lot like a Jiu-Jitsu or Karate black belt. Control is the deciding factor… Capacity for danger and the capacity for self-control is where lies the virtue. This logic might explain why we are called, in Ecclesiastes 7:16 to “Don’t be too good or too bad, and don’t be too wise or too foolish. Why should you die before your time?”

The I’m harmless therefore I’m good is overrated because life is difficult. It takes strength to be good, its not easy. A harmless person isn’t ready for war, which is inevitable in life. One important clarification must be stated before we proceed. Being dangerous carry multiple meanings.

A person’s ability to think and communicate can be very dangerous and is certainly a weapon of war. Undeniably, I argue. That’s why in adult life, clever subjects understand the need to keep their mouths shut, either by choice or necessity but the strong (of shall we say dangerous) open theirs at the right time.

We see evidence of the former in leadership pursuits, especially in rookie leaders. A weak leader always says yes to assignments without measuring it’s consequences on the self. what is often the consequence of this act? Bitterness.

No wonder why so many rappers are mainstream and highly influential these days. Rocks starts were the rappers of today in the past. By articulation and artistic ability, these groups can be very dangerous but rarely cruel by choice. They attract the attention of an army worldwide. They are the voice of the niche valued underclass.

Content might be gold but context is king. Christians, listen carefully: Exercise meekness as it has been required of you and me. Be humble but remember that by being harmless it will certainly make you weak. Your duty is to be flexible and selective for God’s glory.

And never forget this: It wasn’t by being harmless that Archangel Michael and his legions defeated Satan, an angel of higher rank in the heavens. Brethren, “There is a time for war; There is a time for peace.” Ecclesiastes 3.

Be aware.

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