The Call to Make God Numero Uno

Everything that we do, the income that we earn in our jobs, the clothes than we wear, the cars that we own and drive… from a Christian perspective at least, they belong to God not us. God comes first, we are a far second. The Lord does give us the ability to think critically and ask questions, at the least.

In the New Testament of the Bible, John the Baptist, after his first-hand experience with the Messiah, stated that he as a person must decrease so that the Lord can increase (John 3:30). He understood his need to get away from the spotlight and follow the naturally called divine hierarchy whose Jesus is the main lead.

Human beings are notorious for making illogical decisions in life, ranging from marital choices to buying food which might explain why many choose to sin over obeying God. It’s a tragic reality that has been happening for a millennium.

Long story short: Make God number one despite of the resistance introduced by others or the egoistic pursuits of the self. When we strive to make God number one, we don’t make Him number two. We elevate and give glory to the creator.

Thanks be to God.

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