The End of Age and 666

Do you know that only two-fifths of Americans used cash in 2022? Back in 2015, by contrast, fewer than one-quarter of consumers went cashless, according to the pew research center. What if I told you, based on biblical Christian scripture, that these former events could be in alignment with end time prophesies of premileenial Christianity and 666.

End time biblical scripture, found in the book of revelations, teaches us that during the great tribulation (Revelation 7:14), a false prophet will be in the forefront of the implementation of the mark of the beast aka 666 on earth and deceive many. Those who don’t accept the mark of the beast during that time will die or be completely isolated or both. We learn the former in Revelation 13:16-18, in fact.

Only those with the mark of the beast will be able to buy products, operate and maneuver in society in the era of the anti-Christ. If a person doesn’t have the mark of the beast either in their foreheads or right hand, they won’t be able to do anything including having money to eat! It’s going to be the anti-christ reign on earth and it will be horrible according to disciple John. I suspect that by then, all monetary transactions are going to be digital. We certainly are moving in this direction, along with a one global government. Ecumenicism is everywhere in the church… We are also moving towards the age of Aquarius, the new age of religion universalism. Just pay attention… It’s everywhere.

But what is the mark of the beast?

It’s a sign charagma in greek, a tatoo like… stamp. It could be a mark on the skin or below the skin… Could it be something like a microchip implanted below the skin that lets people pay bills with their hands, digitally? I am from the position that it can be, much like the technology that the BBC has reported that is already available in sporadic places in Europe.

I don’t think that those who decided to implement a ship in their hands right now accepted the mark of the beast. We aren’t there yet… But it is coming. The technology already exists. The globalists own its patents, apparently.

This conversation is at the minimum intriguing. The number 666 corresponds to the letters WWW in Hebrew and when translated into english, its “vav vav vav.” If what its written in the book of revelation is true, its plausible to believe that perhaps, somehow the www will be related to the great tribulation? Think about it.

We are near the end, I do think. More than ever, we need to live our lives extraordinary and love the Lord! Why out of nowhere we have to reset everything in the USA, the great reset? From a biblical Christianity standpoint, these events are at the minimum suspicious. I’m paying very close attention to the decrease of paper money in our society.

You should, as well.

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