The Emptiness of Pleasure and the limitations of Wisdom

The Lord, the maker of everything under the sun… the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob…. have taught us everything that we are to know in this life in his word, the Holy Bible. In this piece, we are going to biblically illustrate the position that pleasure is an empty pursuit and that wisdom, even wisdom…has limitations.

“Enjoy what is good but it turned out to be futile.” Ecclesiastes 1:2. I’m approaching 50 years of age and can attest that what Solomon write in the book of Ecclesiastes is true and wise. Many of us seek increase in wealth and achievements, we plant and eat fruits, pay for expensive entertainment, give and receive fancy gifts from this world, work, work and more work to what? Die like anyone who didn’t achieve near the same things? It’s futile! What is the point?

It’s the pursuit of the wind, ladies and gentleman. Both the wise and the fool die and go back to dirt. No matter how good or evil you and I were. Although the after life will be different for those who chose to live or reject Christ, our terminal nature is univocally predictable. Even the work of able hands go to the hands of fools, overtime as Solomon put eloquently in Ecclesiasties 2:19.

What is wisdom then? How can we bypass the emptiness of pleasure? The answer couldn’t be more clear and simple, like the advice given by Solomon in antiquity! “There is nothing better for man to eat, drink, and enjoy his work.”

Give yourself a chance to be happy by being honest at work, help others with the Godly gifts that the Lord has given you, Realize that this is an imperfect world where the fool is given regalias as much as the wise. The wise understands that the wisdom of the world is wordly not divine.

Smile! Be with the Lord. Life for Him and enjoy your journey, whatever that journey is. Be careful with seeking treasures ahead of your faith because for latter stays with you for an eternity yet the former is temporary and often passes to others, at will.

God bless you and have a wonderful weekend.

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