When God Calls You To Make The Most Important Decision of Your Life

What I’m going to write in this blog post is perhaps the most important realization I’ve come to truly understand in my whole adult life. I hope that you feel impacted in some way for what I’m about to write.

There is a time in a man’s life where he has to make a very important decision, either to live for the world or to live for God. If a person decides to live for the world, preoccupations relating to wealth, a focus on accumulating a wide variety of diverse riches, vanity, and world knowledge about how secular societies operate and evolve become of great importance to those who want to live such lifestyle. Contrary to the popular belief that worldly people can follow the principles and tenets of Christianity and still live a luxurious life, disrespecting others, swearing here and there, being self-centered and lovers of the self… driving ultra expensive cars and gambling their own integrity for the pleasures of this life. The former is’t living for God. The former is living for man.

If a person lives for God, he is preoccupied with Godly things including humility, experiences that lead themselves to become even closer to God like living a life of prayer, legitimately leading Sunday school without seeking a financial gain in everything they do under the sun in order to show to others what they have. Loving the world is the complete opposite to what the Lord wants from His people. A man who claims to be a Christian but only respects or associates himself with others for self-gain or idolizes the “great pleasures of an exuberant life” in order to enjoy the world for what it offers, isn’t living his life for God.

In the end of the day, the vast majority of us are a spec in this immense universe that the Lord has made. Don’t be offended! When you die, I bet that almost 10/10 of you won’t be remembered or featured in the media or have a big funeral that will stop New York City from operating for a day. The seductions that the world offers including especially power and influence corrupts many. Worldly living is fueled by enticing temptations. You can’t live a life for God and for man simultaneously. You have to choose. And remember, living a lukewarm life pretending to be a Christian is very dangerous. Scripture is quite clear about that.

Are you going to live for God or are you going to live for man? Your choice.

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