49 Pieces of Advice for the Youth and not so Young

Every seven years, all of our body’s cells change, every single one of them. This in itself is an extraordinary fact. what you are today isn’t what you were seven years ago physiologically. As a species, we evolve at the micro level.

Thank goodness, we also learn important lessons along the way, some being truly life changing like serving the Lord or investing in friendships, among many others.

The list below are a collection of 49 of my most in depth beliefs perhaps principles that I’ve learned in my adult life. Hope you find them useful in your own quest to living a good life, as well.

1. Read the fine print.

2. Good car is a new car.

3. Marry and have kids.

4. Floss your teeth everyday.

5. Have a hobby.

6. Don’t buy luxury, by quality.

7. Eat to live not live to eat.

8. Go to sleep early.

9. Own a suit and tie

10. Tell the truth

11. Pray everyday

12. Smile

13. Forgive

14. Go for a walk.

15. Honesty above all.

16. Have a pet.

17. Don’t take drugs.

18. Help the poor.

19. Be fair and just.

20. Own a house.

21. Read everyday.

22. Go for a road trip.

23. Feel the waters before committing.

24. Learn to say no to others.

25. Revenge is the Lord’s.

26. Drink plenty of water.

27. Go to the theatre.

28. Don’t hate, love.

29. Take vitamins.

30. Do a puzzle.

31. Own a gun.

32. Be frugal.

33. Use silence wisely.

34. Own a nice pair of shoes.

35. Always do your best.

36. Celebrate Christmas.

37. Visit your parents.

38. Get a massage.

39. Protect the kids.

40. Reject the free gift.

41. Be incorruptible.

42. Good name over wealth.

43. Learn to play a musical instrument.

44. Pack your own lunch.

45. Invest in your friendships.

46. Be careful with whom you trust.

47. Don’t gossip.

48. Tell a joke.

49. Be yourself.

Blessings to all.

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