The Gifts of the Spirit in Communication

The church is made of group of gifts (1 Corinthians 12:1). As followers of Jesus Christ, we must ensure that the brethren uses their gifts for the advancement of the kingdom. Churches must be, then, less political and position its members, according to their gifts, to positions where they can exercise their godly gifts for the Lord in the church.

Discovering the gifts of the spirit can be a daunting task for the brethren, because they are not located in one single location in scripture. This post’s goal is to assist you with locating and discovering your godly gift so that you can make a difference in your church — for doing God’s work. Please keep in mind that no gift is better than another and that all gifts come from only one spirit (1 Corinthians 12:4).

To be exact, the gifts of the spirit are found in Romans 12, Ephesians 4, and 1 Corinthians 12. Romans 12 talks about the operations of these gifts. Ephesians 4 on how these gifts can be used for administration purposes and 1 Corinthians 12 is addresses literally how the holy spirit manifests Himself in us.

Which the former now revealed, let’s put God’s gifts to us as well as the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in a table so we can visualize what God’s gifts to the body of Christ.

Romans 12  Operations  (Ways To Ministering)Ephesians 4 Administrations (Types Of Gifts)1 Corinthians 12 Manifestations  (For Every Man)
Proclaiming Apostles Tongues 
Serving Prophets Interpretations 
Teaching Evangelists Prophesy 
Exhorting Pastors Word/Knowledge
Giving Teachers Word/Wisdom 
Discern Spirits, working miracles, faith and healing.
Showing Mercy

Ways To Ministering

If you don’t know, ministering simply means attending to the needs (Physical and spiritual) of someone. We can minister in so many ways in life. In communication fields, the reality ain’t any different. There are multiple ways for communicators to serve the Lord with their gifts including…

  1. Sergeant-at-arms are great examples of the proclaiming ministering gift to an assembly. This God’s gift is often seen in political communicators who decide to make a living in politics. They minister by proclaiming the law for the advancement of democracy. 
  2. Journalists are great examples of the serving ministering gift to society. This God’s gift is often seen in broadcast journalists who decide to make a living in mainstream media. They minister by serving their country by finding the truth.   
  3. Corporate Trainers are great examples of the teaching ministering gift to an organization.  This God’s gift is often seen in instructional communicators who decide to make a living teaching others in organizations. They minister by teaching content for the advancement of the enterprise. 
  4. Rhetoricians are great examples of the exhorting ministering gift to a person or a community of faith. This God’s gift is often seen in rhetoric communicators who decide to make a living using their arguments to make others take action in life. They minister by using rhetoric for the advancement of a fellow person or the organization.      
  5. Philanthropists are great examples of the giving ministering gift to a non-profit organization. This God’s gift is often seen in communicators who decide to make a living assisting others to grow. They minister by giving funds for the advancement of causes.  Other Majors: Intercultural Communicators.      
  6. General Managers are great examples of the ruling ministering gift to media enterprises. This God’s gift is often seen in Corporate Communications who decide to be in-charge of an advertising agency. They minister by managing the organization to full capacity. Other Majors: PR, Advertising, IMC.
  7. Visual Communicators are great examples of the showing mercy ministering gift to the business world. This God’s gift is often seen in visual communicators who decide to show their feelings in art form for the advancement of the corporation. They minister by creating visual communication pieces with care for products and audiences. Other Majors: Cinema.          

Administrations Definitions 

People gifted in communications can also serve in a wide variety of roles, using biblical definitions in their own lives. Some are apostles, others prophets, evangelists… Therefore, understanding what these ministerial roles are of paramount importance.

  1. Apostles: These administrators are missionaries. They take the word of God to the nations of the world. 
  2. Prophets: These administrators come to fix the broken and bring them back to the word. 
  3. Evangelists: These administrators bring the message of God to the unconverted. He teaches others how to win people for Christ. 
  4. Pastors: These administrators look after a flock or a number of people… feed the flock, teach the word of God, fence the flock so that the flock don’t get lost in the peril ways of live. 
  5. Exhorter: These administrators estimate someone’s faith. They are goal oriented. 
  6. Teachers: These administrators explain the word of God.    

How can you serve the field with your administrative gift?

Manifestations Of The Holy Spirit 

The holy spirit manifests itself in so many ways. Understanding the manifestation of how the holy spirit and how it manifests in you can be of value to better understand what you can do with the faith and your life. Let’s refer to the definitions and understandings below for clarity.

  • Tongues can be divided into tongues of men and tongues of angels.  Unknown (not structured) but structured for God. Tongues are used either for praise or prayer. 
  • The manifestation of word/knowledge is a Godly given manifestation when the person doesn’t have word or knowledge. 
  • Discern spirits as holy, demonic, angelic, human spirits. 
  • Tongues, interpretations and prophesy are gifts of the word. 
  • Knowledge, wisdom and discern spirits are gifts of revelation. 
  • Working miracles? Financial miracle, etc. 

What is your dominant spiritual gift? Which other gifts do you posses? Which areas of communication do you see yourself fitting in with the content presented above?

No matter your gift, you will fit somewhere in the body. Spend sometime today discovering your true self and the gifts that the Lord has given you. It is totally worthwhile.

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