Injustice Is Predicted In Scripture

In the book of Ecclesiastes we learn that everything in vain under the sun other than being with God. The unjust and just are treated the same despite of how they behave or live in this world, it states. It is part of life, it is part of being alive. Justice is difficult to find in life. out in this life.

I didn’t receive the teacher of the year award here at Talladega College, despite having attended all but one student activity this academic year. My competition haven’t got even near that number but hey… life can be unfair? You know?

It’s all good. “There is a time for everything.” Ecclesiastes 3. It wasn’t my time to receive the award this year. The Lord has other places s to me. It’s all right. My enthusiasm for developing at risk college students continue. It won’t cease…

Keep the faith and remember… it is always God’s time not ours…


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