A Quiet Time With The Lord

Having a daily chat with God is great for your soul. A sense of peace, hope and tranquility is felt when we decide to go in prayer to the Lord. Spending some time alone with the Lord each week is good for us all.

The Lord wired us to have a relationship with Him through faith. We were truly made to glorify God and live our lives according to His will not ours. I am overwhelmed with God’s grace, I must admit.

When you have a bad stressful day at work, a difficult night at home with your family in New York or a rough conversation with a friend who just betrayed you, just remember that the Lord is there for you. Spend some quiet time with Him in order to find your peace in difficult times.

Remember: We all get hurt. We all get disappointed. We all pass through rough times in our lives, multiple times. The great news is that the Lord is always there for us when we need Him or not.

In revelation 22:13 we learn, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” With God, we can do literally anything because everything is His. Believe! Believe! Believe! He is there for you.

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