Don’t Take Insults Personally

The Lord has taught us two important lessons through scripture. First, we are too be obedient to our masters on earth (Colossians 3:22) and give to Cesar what is Cesar and God what is God’s (Mark 12:17).

Don’t be angry, revengeful, mean or ill spirited against anyone regardless of what they may have done to you. Typically, when a person acts inappropriately towards you, it’s almost always because they have experienced something inappropriate before in their own lives. Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung has written extensively on this topic.

The bully who decides to make others feel small are often the ones who were once bullied before. The mean, ill spirited aggressor seeking revengeful is likely to have born in a family where one of his/her parent treated his/her aggressively with an ill spirit revengeful attitude.

Remember: Kids learn by role modeling. Albert Bandura taught us about the role that modeling has in the development of the child in his remarkable and well know social learning theory. Author Robert Greene reminds us about the connection between early childhood experiences and adult life behaviors in his renowned book, “The Laws Of Human Nature.”

My advice for you. Don’t take insults personally. Do the Lord’s Will by loving your neighbor as yourself despise of how they may behave against you. God does justice in His time. Be solid in the faith and choose to do good even when an adversary might be trying to insult you.

Pray. Peay. Pray. Be faithful and allow God to do His will.

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