The Lord Rescues Us From Bad Situations Sometimes

The Lord has never failed me and my family. Even during difficult times, like the ones we are currently experiencing with COVID19, God has been great to my family.

In Philippians 4:9, we are taught to celebrate God today, everyday. I celebrate you my God, my strength and my redeemer. Who am I without you? I’m nobody, that’s for sure.

My former peers at the Indiana University of Pa are passing through a very difficult time right now. I cannot believe that the enrollment for the department I used to work for back in Pennsylvania has only 6 students. What has happened to them? My God.

The Lord took me away from there. I’m thankful, actually. He has rescued me from difficult circumstances in His time not mine. How great can God be? I have no words to explain His love for the brethren.

Who are we without you? We are nobody, that’s for sure. In faith we shall walk. In trust we shall live. And only with you we stand.

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