Life Is Not Fair

We learn in Ecclesiastes 7:15 that the just perish in his justice and that the perverse prolong his days in their perversion. I’ve seen the just pay the price at the expense of the perverse many times in my life reinforcing what we learn in biblical scripture. Life is just not fair.

In all reality, the “just man” doesn’t exist — at least, this is what its written in the next paragraph down in Ecclesiastes 7:20. I would say that the perverse may have some breaks but they also pay the price for being perverse. Nothing other than God is important or relevant in its essence.

What is fairness? To me, fairness is the Lord. The one true God who died for our sins, for our inequities and chooses to love us when we don’t deserve it. God is fair, very fair. Life just isn’t. Christians, focusing your attention in the Lord is more important than trying to understand injustice.

Not just for you or me but for everyone. Don’t be discouraged by the unexpected events that may head your way because if you are alive, in this fallen word, unjust events will just happen. Be aware and don’t be disappointed.

Don’t worry. In God you will always find refuge. He will take you under His wings and create an invisible shield to protect you overtime if you truly love Him.

Just Trust.

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