The Lord Guides Our Steps

All of our steps are guided by the Lord. At least, the former is what we are told by God in holy scripture. “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.” Psalms 27:33. He takes delight in our journeys, all the days of our lives.

I must admit that coming to Alabama wasn’t in my career plans back when I was in graduate school. In fact, going to Mississippi or Tennessee wasn’t in my plans either but God wanted these moves to happen. I’m so happy He did. Even though much tribulation has occurred since we left the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, much resilience I was able to build.

I’m so glad…

His paths are always perfect. ““What a God you are! Your path for me has been perfect! All your promises have proven true. Who turn to hide themselves in you! You are the wrap-around God giving grace to me.” Psalm 18:30.

I’m now in quarantine due to a possible COVID19 infection; My daughter is positive for COVID19, we found out yesterday. We are taking the stance that we all have this virus now. Whatever the reason, the Lord is in control, we believe. We have faith in Him — Always.

As we wait for COVID19 test results, I reflect. My wish in 2015 was to stay in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania for life. My wife had opposite plans and prayers. I tried to cancel the interview that eventually brought my family to the south the night before at 3:30am.

God made a decision. We were going down to the great state of Mississippi. I drove down for 16 hours,l and was hired on the spot, holy cow. The rest is history.

Where is God going to take us next? Are we going to finally settle in Alabama? Only the Lord knows. In patience and in faith we wait. I still have hope that only my daughter has COVID-19. We shall see.

Our lives are a blueprint of love drawn by the creator. We don’t need to live a life of anxiety seeking the highest financial return. What we really need to do is to give up our wishes and let God work in our lives to advance the kingdom for his glory.

Everything else is meaningless, as we learn in the book of Ecclesiastes. My friends, celebrate the privilege to be alive and realize that God, not you or me, is in control.

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