The Day And The Hour? Nobody Knows

“Nobody knows the day and the hour.” Matthew 24:36. Only God. It is written, I believe it. It settles it. You should, as well.

There are things that only God knows. I like to call them divine mysteries orchestrated by the Lord. Sure, the second coming of Christ maybe near but in trueness we don’t know. Only God does.

Many events that happen to your life and mine we don’t know or planned for. I wasn’t expecting to be in a debilitating car accident two weeks ago. Yet, I was.

God’s timing is sacred and perfect. We need to respect that. We must “wait quietly.” Lamentations 3: 25-26 and trust Him.

God has moved me and my family so much in these past five years, to places like Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee — three states that I wasn’t planning to move to. My plan was to move to Florida.

But God insisted — Mississippi, against my will. I tried to cancel the interviews the night before but my computer froze three times in a row. For a Mac, the former is so unlikely. I couldn’t cancel the trip.

My time in Tennessee was a trial. A desert of dry bones. It was expensive for my family, unacceptable professionally to me, difficult for my wife and kid. I’m glad we are out.

I wish we had left that place earlier but God has other plans for me. the day and the hour? Nobody knows!

God works in mysterious ways… to advance His mission and build the kingdom. All we need to do is to trust and wait patiently. It’s difficult but not impossible.

Thanks be to God!

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