Everybody Should Be Treated With Dignity

At least this is what we learn and are asked to do in the Bible…

In Proverbs 14:21 we learn that “Whoever despises his neighbor is a sinner, but blessed is he who is generous to the poor.” The message in Leviticus 25:35-37 also echos this message. Luke calls us to have a generous spirit, and many other books and passages in the holy bible.

Clearly, we have been instructed in God’s book to love and care for our neighbors and help those in need so we don’t sin but obey god. Keep in mind: “The wages of sin is death.” Romans 6:22.

Fortunate are those who choose to obey and do good, according to God’s commands. “Obey my voice, and I will be your God, and you shall be my people.” Jeremiah 7:23.

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2. It’s a Christian’s duty to care for the situation of others as much as their own circumstances, including financial.

So it’s written.

In reality, however, I’ve seen very little of the former. In America, obeying the Bible can result in groups calling bible believing Christians names like liberal socialists, communists, anti-capitalists, Not-Americans… which is literally ludicrous. I don’t know…

This is what I’ve seen in the 22 years I’ve lived in this country. I’ve seen a complete an almost complete disregard for the long-term welfare of the poor by too many wealthy people, especially by the ultra wealthy class.

What is my conclusion?

If we depend on the ultra wealthy to pass or change policies that will reduce inequality, protect the poor and the oppressed in this country, we may run the risk of living our whole lives and dying disappointed. Remember what has been written in Matthew 19:24…

“Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”

Everybody must be treated with Dignity nonetheless in my book in this economically divided world of haves and have nots.

What can we (the actual middle class) then do to help the brethren to live with dignity, with capital D? Let’s me explain how I think we can help the less fortunate to be more Dignified, especially in the United States.

1. Follow God’s commands above everything else. Turn off your TV’s, read the Bible, and be close to God.

2. Marry and have both you and your wife (or husband) working 40 hours per week. Buy (or rent) a house in one income.

3. Live small, avoid buying lots of depreciating assets, especially if they are expensive. This means no large televisions, stereos, video game consoles, cars, tablets and so on.

4. Don’t pretend to be wealthy (or appear wealthy) if you belong to the masses. The wealthy is likely to laugh at you. The poor is likely to despise you behind your back.

5. Invest in education and read books on leadership and self help. Use the public library to get these books. If you need the actual names of these books, let me know. I will be more than glad to share them.

6. Work on teaching your kid(s) ethics and how to be a respectful person in and out of the school. Raise leaders who understand who they are and the circumstances they are under.

7. If you have to spend, spend your dollars on medicine and care (or investments) instead of meaningless things like fancy clothes or shoes. They carry no long-term value, with rare exceptions.

God instructs is to care for the poor and the disenfranchised but we rarely see the former in form of corporate protocol in our society in the long run. Many policies and procedures adopted in corporate America defend the interest of the wealthy at the expense of the poor.

How demonic! Think about it.

I hope you find these seven suggestions useful and helpful for your long term Dignity sustainability. There is nothing wrong with living small, being frugal, and reject spending your money with “things” that bring you no longer term value.

Let the ultra wealthy have them all. Love God instead and don’t pretend to have much. Read extensively, invest in your kids, and take care of your health by eating at home.

Give it a try. Start today.

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