God Loves Us Unconditionally When We Don’t Deserve

There is so much rain outside. Is God crying about the sins of the world? I wonder if He feels the pain of of our inequities this morning.

What is love? Perhaps love is when one likes someone else more than themselves. Love is what God has for us, it seems to me.

Pride, hate, arrogance, envy, lies and more lies humans do. God? He gives us grace when we repent. He gives us food.

It doesn’t seem fair to me. This is love, God’s true love. It’s something that can only come from above, true TRUE love.

I woke up with these words in my head this morning not to make you sad but free. To be the best that you can be, do you see?

Some go up, others go down. Some are country, others downtown. Some play the game honest, others foul. Choose love not cheap doubt.

God? He is true love. God loves us unconditionally when we don’t deserve to be loved. This is true love, its something that comes from above.

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