It Pays Off To Obey

I opened the seal today with no single memories of yesterday. Not a thought, nothing but an empty account, I got. Am I being mysterious? No, I’m not.

God is graceful and love us all. Not just you and me but we all. Y’all, God is just, God protects the meek and embarrass the proud. He didn’t crossed but bailed me out…

Gold, silver… knock, knock… He delivers. Stock I see! Ups and downs, highs and lows, forever riches you give me. No blows… only wows.

Wealth, fortune, and land. We got more than white cheap sand or an infertile land. My heart is beating as loud as the sound of a great African marching band.

You made me believe that I can. Before any other man. Now I can see exactly what your game plan was. All you’ve asked is for us to follow your laws.

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