How Cruel Life is, My God

Life is cruel for many, I must say. In my 45 years of living in this world, I’ve heard too many cruel stories that has happened in people’s lives to have an opinion about it. I’ve witnessed poor Brazilian kids going from innocent boys carrying golf bags as caddies in a country club to becoming part of the red command drug cartel in Brazil, ultra wealthy families going from exuberant lifestyle to poverty, lovely couples going from love birds to vicious enemies, and of course… Good people lose a battle with cancer, just to name a few. In this post, I will share with you many other examples of how cruel life is, from what I have witnessed.

  1. Racism. What I’ve witnessed in the south of the United States is cruel — both in Mississippi and Tennessee. I’ve seen good, polite, nicely generous people being being scoffed by the few because of the color of their skin or by the way they speak. In multiple occasions, the kids at Jackson State University, where I used to work, came to my office seeking advise on how not to die when going to a nearby town. A tech buddy of my from Texas living in Tennessee told me the stories he has gone through in here, like people isolating him because he has hispanic heritage showing no remorse. Cruel.
  2. John, next door. John (fictitious name)  is one of my neighbors here in the complex in Cleveland, TN. He spent his whole life working like a maniac, where he invented nine patents to many over a billion dollars to a major corporation. He got his share of wealth too… kind of. He made a lot of money but at the cost of always being away, sometimes for months on end. At 69, he found out that his wife lived a parallel life for 40 years with somebody else and got most of his money. He went to court against her recently and lost. Without money, he had to pay for lawyers fees. Now, he lives with no house, no money, only himself. His former wife gave him too old cars, as a consolation price. Last week, he was diagnosed with cancer, the worse kind — Glioblastoma. He is on chemo right now, he lost his vision and has a big cut on his head. He had brain cancer surgery, recently. He has maybe two weeks to live. Cruel.
  3. Mia Anna Doelis. Mia (fictitious name) is an old friend of mine who has experienced something cruel, perhaps more than cruel. After her dad died when she was a teenager, her mom committed suicide a few weeks after that. She was left alone at 15! The goods news is that her aunt ended up raining her until she went to college. I witnessed this also… In fact, the physician says this in front of me and her, “Mia, just give your dream of being a doctor! The career is going to die before you become one.” It crushed this girls’s dreams. How cruel of him! She ended up becoming one. In Pittsburgh, she suffered from depression pretty bad. Midway through her residency, she had to leave the hospital. She ended up going to Portugal, of all places after that. Cruel.

The stories are so many… These three stories are just a few of them. How cruel life can be, my God… Have mercy on us.

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