The Story Of Lynn

This past Wednesday, I had the opportunity to speak with local businessman, Lynn Jones. I was very impressed by how nice, kind, and quick he was to give all glory to God for everything that he has accomplished in his life. I must admit that I was quite fascinated by the person he is and for the way his mind operates. Okay Dr. A, why are you talking about Lynn and not talking about technology in this column yet? What are you up to? You may be wondering. All right. I will reveal to you why I started this column this way if you keep this information on a low profile. Don’t tell your daddy about what you will hear in here until the next sabbath, ok?

Stop! I’m kidding. Come on. We have to have some fun in life once in a while, don’t you think? You know me. I’m different. I’m Dr. A! I’m unpredictable! I’m not Lynn Jones but I appreciate him. Anyhow, Lynn, so back to the column. Let me tell you this. One of the most fascinating and talented businessmen in Cleveland, Tennessee uses a notepad and a pen to do business in 2018. Let me say this again differently. Lynn doesn’t rely on computers much in order to make a living these days and yet, he is perhaps one of the most talented businessmen I’ve ever known in my lifetime. By the way, I’ve spoken with dozens of businessmen and can attest to you that Lynn has something very special or what I like to categorize as — gifted.

Lynn has a computer but he uses it in moderation. Good for him! I wish more people used their smartphones like he does but hey, I’m a dreamer. He lives life thinking critically about the things he cares about and uses technology to the extent that makes his life better not worse. Don’t you think that many people could learn a thing or two from Lynn Jones? I most definitely do and did. Here is the reality about all of this, are you ready? You don’t need a computer to do all the “thinking” for you in life. Being a person who thinks for him or herself is still a great practice in 2018. You don’t need to always rely on a computer, smartphone, or tablet in order to win in life. The world doesn’t operate that way even today.

Being a person who gives to the community somehow, cares for other people, who thinks critically and deeply, who is able to engage in man management are all characteristics that made great men in 1854 and will make top men in 2102. Smartphones aren’t the solution to everything and frankly, you don’t need to have any machine telling what or how you should Iive your life. Lynn is the evidence of that. In my book, Lynn Jones is a business genius. I have my own definitions of what constitute a genius in society, by the way. He fits the bill. I see evidence of TechnoModeration in him.   

I know, I know, some of you are wondering. How did you meet Lynn Jones? It was in a leadership meeting where he kindly passed a blueprint of how he thinks folks should think in order to succeed in business. I spoke with Lynn for a good 20 minutes after that leadership meeting and guess what? Nowhere in our conversation, he mentioned anything technology. Clearly, you can still make a living today without being a slave to your cell phone. Lynn isn’t s slave of his smartphone and you shouldn’t be either! Remember: Lynn isn’t an ordinary man. He knows what he is doing, ladies and gentleman.

Never, under any circumstances, convince yourself that technology is what will make you successful or invincible. It often isn’t the case. Being human and caring are often better indicators of how true success is attained anyways. The story of Lynn is evidence of that. Get away from the machine right now and go hug your wife or husband. Make humanity count. Like Lynn, make the machine work for you not the other way around.