Life isn’t easy and success isn’t achieved overnight.

You must appreciate the process of accomplishment and realize that a big win takes time and a lot of effort. Nothing in my life came easy To me. I’ve endured a lot in my life. I bet that you will experience the same if your goal is to win big. Between the ages of 12-19, I spent 6 hours practicing golf M-F and 10 Hours S-S. In graduate school and for the past 10 years as a college professor, I still work 60 hours a week. People are jealous of accomplishments but they often don’t take into account what it takes to get them. Be ready to work! Long hours… overtime. Wake up! Life isn’t easy. I guarantee you that it will stress you out but by understanding what it takes to win, you should appreciate the process. Failure isn’t an option. #inspiração #lifecoach #accomplishinggoals #failureisnotanoption #winbig #lifelessons #lifelessonslearned #truthhurts #truthspoken #beyourself #struggleisreal #graduated #graduateschool #competition #regalia #graduationday🎓 #graduationcap #effortisattractive #effortiseverything #enjoytheprocess #lifeisagift

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