Do Not Associate With Him So That He May Be Ashamed.


Prophetic! The Lord’s voice is to be heard in peace through scripture. God is celebrating in heaven as the vessel now carries the prophesy. The seal was opened and can’t be closed anymore, ever again. God, not you… is in control. Remember: We must always be thankful to the Lord. Time is in God’s hands not ours, remember that. We proclaim peace. Why? Because Christ teaches, “May the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always in every way” (Thessalonians 3:16). The seal has been broken and shame is quickly approaching your doors. Lazy you were and punishment is your middle name. I leave, you stay. The abysm is deep and sorrow is near. “If anyone isn’t willing to work, he should not eat. For we hear that there are some among you who walk irresponsibly not working at all but interfering with the work of others. Now, we command and exhort such people, by the Lord Jesus Christ, that quietly working, they may eat their own bread… Do not associate with him” (2 Thessalonians 3:10-12).  

God protects the brethren and brings the wicked to justice in His own time. Don’t be revengeful or anxious about the future. God gets the glory! Gossip, malice, laziness, schemes, wicked hearts, and hate I see painted on life’s canvas. God will punish those who are evil doers, soon. You are going to suffer and be ashamed for your vain decisions. The good God is the Lord of the morning and night. He is out of your sight! Good night. You won’t be able to fight. Because of your iniquities. I see the wind blowing the currents of justice and you were not found anywhere near in there. “I called the Lord in my distress and He answered me” (Jonah 2:2). “You threw me into the depths, into the heart of the seas, and the current overcame me” (Jonah 2:3), “But you raised my life from the Pit, Lord my God, as my life was fading away” (Jonas 2:6-7). Goodbye iniquity. You will be judged for your transgressions.

“I am filled with power by the holy spirit of the Lord, with justice and courage, to proclaim to Jacob his rebellion and to Israel his sin” (Micah 3:8). If you have ears listen. The message has been shared and the gnashing of teeth has started. Thy will shall be done in heaven as on the earth.

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