God Takes Care Of His People.

If God is with you, who can be against you? Nobody can, I say. Don’t worry brother or sister, the good God is in control and won’t leave you alone in the darkness. Everything that happens in this life happens for a reason and there is nothing that you and me can do about it. The love that God has for us is not only contagious but literally impossible to describe. We all need the grace of God as we don’t deserve the air that we breathe and the food that we eat. Who is perfect among you? Nobody is, I scream! Life is about development, mercy and having a smile on your face. The Lord takes care of His people, that’s for sure. He puts people in your path to teach you lessons and to develop yourself for Godly service. Are you doing what God has asked you to do?

Don’t be jealous of others because God’s people complement them. Be patient because your time of glory will come. Life isn’t about getting attention all the time. Sometimes, God takes care of His people by making them live a low profile life. Nobody is perfect and sometimes, things are not what they seem. Be careful to not hold hate or discord. Most people are self-centered, egoistic and quick to temper.  Be different! Be a true Christian and chose love over hate. It is amazing what God can do in your life when you make Christ your priority not people. It is in fact shocking what comes your way when you don’t even expect or plan for it.  God will open your eyes to the beauty of this world if you ask Him to. God takes care of His people — In the morning, in the afternoon, in November or during the Summer months. Learn to trust God, live a life of no regrets, and make an effort to see the world with positive eyes. In the end, you will quickly realize that in this world, the Lord is in control not you or me.

There are a lot of ways in which God takes care of His people. In this article, I will share with you three ways God does take care of me and you.

  1. He puts extraordinary people in our paths. A caring God takes care of His people many times by showing to His children that only God is supreme. Nobody is always victorious and along your life journey… you will eventually find other people who have more talent than you. Don’t take the former to heart but as an opportunity to better learn about yourself and be humble. Only God is perfect. I am not perfect. You are not perfect either. God cares about you and me. You are to focus on Him not me and you.
  2. He humbles us by making us different. Simplicity is the name of the game, folks. As a young boy, I was trained in a polymath school where we all had to learn art, science, sports (golf and chess), and linguistics. We were trained to excel in these four areas at the highest level. I chose music and theatre, chemistry, golf/chess, and latin. Others chose dance and drawing, mathematics, soccer and greek. I know latin, you know greek; I make the first move and dominate the chess center board… you close the argument using pure Aristotelian thought.  We both complement what we do by doing what we do best. I am not better than you. You are not better than me. We, however, are better than most. I say, “synergy.” A united people can never be divided.
  3. He performs miracles when you least expect. If you are in hell, don’t stop… keep moving. There must be a very good reason for it. God takes care of His people. The miracles that the good God performs many times can’t be described or understood. Life is a miracle. This former fact, in itself, is worth celebrating the mercy and love of God. What are the odds one can get a hole in one in golf? 1 in 12500. How likely is it? Very unlikely. Do you know how tough it is to live and learn in another country whose language isn’t your own? The mannerisms, culture, values, etc… It isn’t that simple but God opens peoples’ eyes to see reality through love and care. God takes care of His people. Look, sooner or later you will experience a miracle. Ok, I say you have a 1 in 12 chance to see a miracle being performed in your life. Why 12? I don’t know let me see — Jesus had twelve disciples; There are 12 inches in a foot; There are 12 days of Christmas; In English, twelve is the largest number that has just one syllable… Thank you the#FACTsite.com. You were my miracle today. Tomorrow, I might be yours.

If God is with you, who can be against you? Nobody can, I say. God takes care of His people. It is amazing what God can do in your life when you make Christ your priority not people. God takes care of His people by putting extraordinary people in your path. He also humbles us to make us different for our own sake. He performs miracles when you least expect it. Keep your eyes wide open. God takes care of His people, all the time.

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  1. Luis, thanks. I am with you.

    1. Thank you. God is in control.

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