Human Beings Aren’t An Extension of The Machine.


Is your technology use interfering with your job responsibilities? I bet it is. I am not aware of any organization that is working hard to promote the importance of employees being self aware about their technological use in the workplace. At least, I’m not seeing any move from administration anywhere in my industry calling for human resources departments to offer professional development targeted at how employees should deal with technology addiction and conditioning. In reality, the former shouldn’t come as a surprise because we are literally approaching what I call the Human Robot Syndrome, a phase that is well described in my latest book, “Becoming a Brand: The Rise of Technomoderation.” A phase that is characterized by ridiculously high amounts of daily technological use. The masters of mankind think, “The more they work (at least in theory), the more they produce.” Why would anyone in upper management want you or I to work less, right?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that upper administration doesn’t care whether or not you move from the state of equilibrium to the human robot syndrome shortly in your career. As long as you complete your work they think… The former, by the way, is one of the main reasons why we have so much turnover in the workforce. It seems that VP’s are lacking a much needed set of skills called emotional intelligence.

How long will it take for businesses to realize that the overuse of technology isn’t the answer to our problems and in itself won’t solve the many corporate challenges that we have in the world today. Attempting to make employees aware of their technological pitfalls is part of the solution to the many challenges we experience in all levels of our lives these days, including at work. I do realize that it is difficult for many to “see” what the machine is really doing to us — unless people have experienced a technological burn out and went through the motions and steps of the homo sapiens immodicus back to the phase of equilibrium. The former is still an esoteric concept but not for too much longer I hope. Have you experienced the burnout yet?

Most people haven’t yet but I bet they will sooner than later because our brains were not made to be functioning in constant information overload mode. No healthy human being can work 16 hours a day without experiencing severe side effects. Due to an ever increasing workload and professional expectation, we are reaching levels of no return in this area.

Nobody can be a true robot in behavior and “behave” like a human being. Be aware! Human beings and the machine are polar opposites in too many instances and clearly have delineated distinctions and unique needs. Humans have families, are born of flesh and blood, need food in order to function, and can’t perform well in any field after 18 hours of work. The machine is made of perishable machinery, doesn’t need to go to Kroger for groceries, and can be “aware” for hours sometimes days on end, processing bits of information and operating complex systems. Keep in mind: Behaving like a machine is much different than literally being one.

Humans are not an extension of anything technological and technology isn’t an extension of us, either. There is a wide body of evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt, that clearly shows that technology aren’t tools nor are they extensions of men or women.