Things Always Make Sense To Someone.

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Things always make sense to someone. What sometimes appears to be illogical, idiotic or unlikely has de facto roots in systematic reasoning. As I said, “Things always make sense to somebody.” The appointment of billionaire Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education of the United States is a clear cut example of that. Ms. DeVos’s appointment doesn’t make any sense to anyone who works in public education or have a little bit of common sense like you and me. However, her appointment will certainly make sense to many who want to destroy public education and make a buck on your child’s future. In a sense, appointing DeVos for Secretary of Education is like appointing Hitler to take care of the Jews or Lenin to save the Tzars. The whole situation doesn’t make too much sense overall but for the Trump administration and its allies and supporters… it is a dream come true. It isn’t really that complicated to understand, is it?

The facts are the following — Ms. DeVos has no working experience or any interest to advance and/or expand public education in this country. When a person campaigns to defund public education, privatize schools, and reduce accountability for educational institutions with a for-profit educational status, you can imagine what will happen to those who depend on these public funds to operate their public establishments. When Trump got elected President of the United States, I immediately shared on my social media accounts the following, “You guys just wait. This administration will destroy public education as we know it.” Why was I so sure about that then and even more convinced about it right now? Because public education is defenseless. The system has little to no defense against defunding practices initiated by “public” officials. The unions are destroyed, severely damaged and near extinction. The “body has no white blood cells” to fight back against a dangerous and contagious virus.

Don’t be fooled, folks. Let me repeat — Ms. DeVos’s vision and her clan’s stance for public education is for the enterprise to be destroyed in the name of choice and profit. What a dangerous position for anyone to advance regardless of whether one is a republican or a democrat. The long-term sociological side effects that this appointment will cause in our culture will be many. I predict the systematic rise of uncontrolled violence and disorder in this country due to lack of opportunity and political oppression. Write this down: Not every poor or lower middle class kid will have the chance to get educated. American families will end up paying more for education on average. Choice will turn into choice for the wealthy only. I bet that in 10-15 years, we will all pay a big price here in the states. The wealthy will drive bullet proof cars surrounded by first world country’s favelas. Educators will make pennies and the many will consider leaving the country for opportunity. We are going to experience, for the first time ever, mass expatriation.

History has taught us that when no hope is left for the average people, a revolution then becomes eminent. Public education gives hope to the hopeless. We kind of need it in order to control the masses. Order is directly related to chance. Remember history: The Bolsheviks only came to power because the Tzars along with the Russian upper class abused the rights and resources of the common men. Ironically, the United States is on its way to becoming a Communist country, unfortunately. When the people have nothing to lose, the powerful and wealthy loses more. Don’t believe me? Watch Dr. Zhivago. Don’t be fooled and always remember, “Things Always Make Sense To Someone.” Nothing, I repeat… nothing is an accident.





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  1. I can’t imagine that there is any other country in the world where they put someone who doesn’t support public education in charge of public education. Apparently this made sense to the 50 spineless senators who voted to confirm her.

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