Tornado Photo Shot – Mississippi

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Yes, there are tornados in Mississippi. In fact, there are a lot of them!!! And yes, sometimes they destroy beautiful grown nature along the way. Nobody can deny that. The good news about all of this tornado talk is that tornados also “create” landscapes that a photographer would simply love to photograph including the devastated scene I am showing you up above. What you are seeing is the after match of a tornado warning in central Mississippi —   Well, what was left of a forest. Thank goodness the tornado hit a forest and not a housing complex. The big tornado destroyed miles of land.

There are a number of tornado scenes like this one (well, not really “like it” as this one is kind of special) but you know what I mean. There are what I call “tornado scenery” all over the state of Mississippi for obvious reasons. These landscapes, however, create beautiful prints and are certainly worth photographing. Nature photographers, listen carefully — Come down South during Tornado season! I know… This doesn’t sound like a good advice! But as far as photography goes, it actually is! The photos you can capture during tornado season are just stunning.

Hope you enjoy this one, too. Mississippi is still beautiful even with tornados going around in April and May. Man, is June here yet?  🙂