First Ridgeland Baptist Church Choir


This is the First Ridgeland Baptist Church Choir, a wonderful group composed of talented singers who sing their lungs out to glorify Jesus Christ every Sunday morning at 10:00am near the capital city of Jackson, Mississippi. A group lead by Executive Pastor Derrick Cowan, a talented musician with strong leadership qualities, this fine group has performed a quite variety of classical hymns, contemporary gospel songs and even an advanced TranSyberian Orchestra performance. Photographing them has been a joy for me for almost one year.

Whenever photographers work in indoor assignments where flash photography isn’t encouraged,  capturing photographs like this become difficult even with fast lenses, vibration reduction, and gold ring glass — especially if subjects are constantly moving and the professional is taking these candid shots without a tripod. The combination of low light, no tripod, movement, and no flash can be disastrous but with good practice along with the right equipment, a great outcome can be produced.

Clarity, sharpness, low noise, expression, light, shadows, color balance, tone… So many variables one should be thinking about! At least, I do anyways. Man, photographing the great people of Mississippi has been awesome. They are some of the most genuine and nice people you could ever meet. Capturing them in action is fun. Speaking about their poses after the performance is as fun! Thank you Mississippians for letting me capture your talents on camera. It was, is and always will be appreciated.