The Beauty Of Mississippi Architecture


The Summer is right around the corner and the beautiful colors of Mississippi will shine even more especially in the amazing Renaissance shopping area. What amazes me about living here in the metro Jackson, Mississippi area is the unreal combination of rural and urban architecture that just surrounds  this region. The Loft building right in from of the Renaissance complex is just a tiny representation of the classy urban landscape we find around here. The buildings at Dogwood in the city of Floodwood is another excellent example of such combination.

I would like to give kudos to Mississippians for have developed such a beautiful area and environment for us all to enjoy. To a degree, the architecture found around here reminds me of the type of buildings we would see somewhere in south Italy and other places in Europe. How cool! The difference is that we also enjoy the amenities of such a great shopping mall in the area with these rare and classy buildings.

Mississippi… you got to love it. Cheers.