Summer Trips — August Craft Show

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It is Summer time folks and Summer equals fun and income complementation for a 9 month faculty member, especially when he is doing a show on August 30th, 2016! I am starting to get ready for the show which means that weekly trips are eminent unless external contracts buy me out of my source of extra income over the Summer. The Magnolia State of Mind Magazine and the show itself is looking for outstanding photographs for event promotion and competition. I need to get them done! How fun.

The photograph you are seeing above is a cool shot of Ridgeland’s Renaissance shopping mall. You bet! It is a night slow photograph captures in a gorgeous evening. Not to worry — I will be posting more photographs with a similar style throughout the Summer months from different locations for you to enjoy. The beauty of photography is that it is fun, first. Second, it can be a lucrative enterprise if one is to capitalize on his efforts with good planning and media protocol.

What does that mean? Don’t start the enterprise without being ready for it, e.g., without the minimal equipment to do the work or the personality to get things done. Sign the contract during the pitch, if possible. Very few photographers can make a living doing this kind of work by giving away what they have. In fact, no professional who is good in what he do does that anyways.

So why should a professional photographer put himself in this position? Just don’t. It is right thing to do and is only fair. Anyhow… the show is coming and I am getting ready! Are you ready to see some great shots? Cheers.