Shall We Call Him Tail? MS Wildlife


Hello my name is Luis and I am a college professor! AND? I love photographing the beauty of Mississippi. Let me introduce to you Tail, the most beautiful dragonfly in Central Mississippi. Its tail, wings and overall beauty are unmatched. Its architecture and natural colors are worth photographing and talking about here in my blog. Tail reminds me of the beauty of the architecture of the Renaissance and the natural colors and shadows of the Natchez Trace, two incredible places to take photographs around here in the great state of Mississippi.

One might ask, “So professor, how do you capture these photos?” Isn’t it difficult to capture them? Let me answer these questions in parts. First question — The way to capture photos like these is to be with your camera prompt to photograph in the right place at the right time, along with the right equipment. I shoot Nikon with 2.8f nikon made glass. Does it matter which equipment you use? Yes.  Second question — Yes. Moving objects, like Tail, increase the likelihood that images get blurred. Why? Because dragonfly insects move and they fly! Wind also plays a part in the process of getting a fine photograph. In fact, wind is one of the main enemies of any photographer. Breathing is also a variable… and more.

I tell you — tail made my day already. If you have a passion for the outdoors and love nature, come to Mississippi. The photos you can get in here are simply amazing. The photograph of Tail is just a tiny fraction of what you can get around here. Thank God for the STATE OF MISSISSIPPI! Later.