Mississippi Dragonfly Close Up Shot


Who can deny that dragonflies are beautiful? Isn’t nature beautiful? I don’t think that anyone can deny that dragonflies are just awesome! It reminds me of a working helicopter. Do you feel the same way? Nature is awesome, isn’t it? This is precisely why I love photographing nature especially here in the South. These guys keep flying around my neighborhood which is simply fantastic. I love it.

Can you see the fly an the top of the dragonfly’s head? HAHAHA! Isn’t is crazy how in nature everything is systemic and connected. I’m not a biologist but could it be that the fly needs a substance only found in the dragonfly’s head? Maybe to survive? I don’t know.

Anyways… What a cool day to photograph and think about systemic thinking using my DSLR as the mechanism! See? being a college professor and doing systems research is exciting, especially when we talk about capturing awesome photos here in Mississippi.



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