Inspirational Speech by DeMarco Morgan


Tonight, at the Jackson State campus in Jackson Mississippi, we had the privilege to have DeMarco Morgan join us for the 2016 School of Journalism and Media Studies banquet, where he shared his life journey, struggles and successes. It amazes me what folks have to pass through before they achieve true success in their careers. Some of the similarities we share in this journey are literally stunning. He graduated high school in the bottom of his class… so did I. His professor told him he should look for a career outside college, maybe something dealing with labor. When I was a high school student, one of my teachers told me that it would take a miracle for me to graduate from high school.. we are both believers and share strategic values and opinions about issues of trust. He almost quit television to pursue a competitive MBA. I almost left academia to pursue an MBA in a competitive school, as well! He is gregarious and so am I!

The Good God put people in our lives for a reason. I might never hear from him again but one thing is for certain… God used him as a vessel today to send me a message and man it was received. Everything makes sense to someone. Tonight, it made sense for me. Thank you Demarco for coming down to your alma mater. Your message today was quite prophetic and won’t be forgotten. The Lord is in control.