One Of My Favorites: Event Photography


After having photographed wildlife, architecture, portraits, landscapes,  environments… there is little doubt that event photography is certainly among my favorite photoshoots. The reason being is because event photography captures a history that can’t be undone so that the moment can be remembered and celebrated forever. There is something magical about photographing a kid smiling in a toddler party or parents crying watching their kids graduating from high school. The feeling of capturing a teenager celebrating a sweet 16 or a colleague retiring is what makes photography such a wonderful activity especially if you like to celebrate the successes and milestones achieved by people. I personally do!

_DSC4828A student graduating from college, a colleague being promoted to Deanship or the covering of a university president delivering a promising speech also provide similar feelings which makes some of us to keep moving forward and enjoying this difficult but fun process of visually capturing history by drawing with lights! Without question — One Of My Favorites: Event Photography.